Cleansing The Body With Rice

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Cleansing The Body With Rice
Cleansing The Body With Rice

Video: Cleansing The Body With Rice

Video: Cleansing The Body With Rice
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Cleansing the body with rice

Cleansing the body with rice - reviews and recommendations
Cleansing the body with rice - reviews and recommendations

Recently, more and more people are convinced of the undoubted benefits of healing the body through cleansing. There are many ways to rid your body of toxins and toxins: fasting, washing or dubbing. Among them, one of the most popular and affordable methods is cleansing the body with rice. The effect is achieved due to the unique adsorbing properties of this product.

Tibetan body cleansing with rice

As you know, in the countries of the East, the staple food is rice, which has earned the title of the most balanced and healthy food for a reason. The basics of proper nutrition, health and longevity are based on it. Even ancient Tibetan lamas used rice as a medicine and used it to cleanse the body.

When using this specially prepared product:

  • Skin problems disappear;
  • General health, metabolism improves;
  • The body is cleansed and rejuvenated;
  • Edema decreases, weight decreases;
  • The work of the kidneys and liver is normalized;
  • Salts are removed from the joints and urinary tract;
  • Ease and freedom of movement appears.

Reviews about the cleansing of the body with rice from doctors indicate that the method has practically no contraindications. However, despite its safety, it is not recommended to use this method more often than once a year. The fact is that along with toxins and toxins, potassium is also excreted from the body.

Therefore, during the period of cleansing the body with rice, it is necessary to eat foods containing this trace element (dried apricots, figs, raisins, potatoes) in order to primarily support the work of the heart muscle. Adhering to a rice diet takes 1-2 months to achieve the desired effect.

The method of Tibetan body cleansing with rice involves the use of brown varieties. You can also use regular rice, but not oblong, but round. The essence of this method is that the rice fiber has a crystalline structure. To enhance the cleaning properties of cereals, it must be pre-soaked in order to remove starch and sticky substances. Such rice is no longer digested in the stomach and intestines, but plays the role of an adsorbent in the body, absorbing toxins, toxins, harmful salts and cholesterol.

To prepare rice for cleansing the body, you will need five glasses, which can be numbered for convenience. Then proceed as follows:

  • Day one: pour 2-3 tablespoons of rice into glass No. 1 and pour cold water into the cereal;
  • Day two: rinse the rice from glass # 1 well under running water, and then add fresh liquid. After that, cereal is also poured into glass No. 2 and filled with cold water;
  • Day three: the rice in the first two glasses is rinsed with running water and poured fresh. A glass No. 3 with cereals is being prepared;
  • Day four: cereals are washed in vessels No. 1-3, filled with fresh water, glass No. 4 is prepared;
  • Day five: all manipulations with glasses No. 1-4 are repeated, croup is poured into vessel No. 5;
  • Day six: rice porridge is prepared from the soaked grain in glass No. 1 without salt, sugar and oil. And then a new portion of cereal is poured into the vacated vessel.

If there is no gastritis or stomach ulcer, then the soaked grain can not be boiled, but eaten raw. Or pour boiling water over the cereal and let it brew for 15-20 minutes. In this case, according to reviews, the cleansing of the body with rice is more effective. It is also recommended during this period to adhere to a salt-free diet, to give up alcohol, fatty foods, smoked meats and pickles.

Cleansing the body of salts with rice

To normalize metabolism, get rid of pathological and inorganic deposits in joints, blood vessels and body tissues, reduce edema, you must adhere to a rice diet for two months. To do this, it is also necessary to pre-wash the component that promotes the formation of mucus from the cereal. Then the grains become porous and absorb toxins well.

To cleanse the body of salts with rice, you need to take about three kilograms of cereal and pour it into a 10-liter saucepan. The grain should be washed daily under running water for half an hour. The procedure is repeated for seven days, until the liquid no longer becomes cloudy when the rice is washed. After that, the cereals are well dried and poured into a paper bag.

Technology of Tibetan body cleansing with rice
Technology of Tibetan body cleansing with rice

Cooked rice is boiled for breakfast in boiling water in small portions. The liquid can be changed once or twice during cooking. Then the cooked rice is washed again with warm water. It must be consumed immediately on an empty stomach. After that, you cannot eat or drink anything for four hours. You can eat a couple of apples an hour before eating rice, which also contribute to the elimination of salts.

About a month after the beginning of cleansing the body with rice, the release of toxins begins. This will be seen in the visibly cloudy urine. Quite often, in the third week of treatment, a person begins to experience weakness and dizziness, and aching joint pains may appear. This is because, along with harmful substances, useful minerals are also excreted from the body. To compensate for their lack, it is recommended to introduce more vegetables and fruits, nuts, potatoes, honey into the diet.

Cleansing the body with rice is carried out taking into account age and health. This cleaning is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and people with heart disease. Before using this technique, it is imperative to consult a doctor.

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