Stress Relief: Effective Techniques And Exercises

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Stress Relief: Effective Techniques And Exercises
Stress Relief: Effective Techniques And Exercises

Video: Stress Relief: Effective Techniques And Exercises

Video: Stress Relief: Effective Techniques And Exercises
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Relieve stress

Relaxation exercises to relieve stress
Relaxation exercises to relieve stress

The general non-specific reaction of the body to a physical or psychological impact that violates its homeostasis is called stress. In medicine, two forms of this reaction are distinguished - positive and negative, which, when exposed to the body, have common nonspecific features. According to statistics, nowadays every second person living in big and noisy cities needs different ways to relieve stress.

For the first time the term "stress" was used by Hans Selye, who initially described it as a general adaptation syndrome (OSA). He also identified 3 main stages through which a person under the influence of OSA passes, namely:

  • The beginning is the reaction of anxiety - there is a mobilization of the adaptive capabilities of a person, which are limited;
  • Then comes the stage of resistance;
  • Upon completion, the stage of depletion of the body begins.

Initially, stress was considered as a negative and destructive phenomenon, then the term "positive stress" was introduced into circulation, which, on the contrary, leads to an increase in mood, which in turn has a positive effect on health, immunity and mood of a person.

Stress Relief Techniques

Usually, stress relief in a person is associated with the use of special drugs - antidepressants, but in fact, you can get rid of this condition with simpler actions. These stress relievers include:

  • Laughter therapy;
  • Creative activities;
  • Communication with people;
  • Any kind of physical activity;
  • Aromatherapy;
  • Healthy sleep;
  • Soothing music;
  • Yoga;
  • Meditation;
  • Self-affirmation.

The practice developed by yogis - laughter therapy - helps to cope with OSA. The creators claim that laughing for a few minutes every day can not only get rid of bad mood and depression, but also from many diseases. Watching comedies, reading humorous stories, and interacting with positive people are effective ways to relieve psychological stress.

Creative activities - whether it be drawing, playing musical instruments, singing, practicing decoupage or papier-mâché techniques, also effectively help fight this condition.

The emergence of irritability and feelings of anxiety often push a person into seclusion. The desire to retire and separate from the outside world, in particular from the immediate environment, is all a product of depression. When faced with such a situation, the best option for relieving psychological stress and getting rid of such oppressive feelings is to establish social contacts. By reaching out to friends and family members, telling them about their problems and receiving support from others, a person stops feeling lonely, is distracted and reacts less painfully to stressful situations.

Some people, especially those in the stages of resistance and exhaustion, require psychological counseling. Usually, during such sessions, clients are provided with emergency psychological assistance, prescribed medication, and are recommended to independently practice the above methods of stress relief.

For those who, for some reason, cannot overpower themselves and go in for sports, creativity or building social contacts, there is another way of relaxation - music to relieve stress. These can be compositions of various musical directions - encouraging, relaxing, not straining melodies - the main thing is that they are not in a minor scale and do not remind of sad events. In some cases, with constant emotional restraint, psychologists recommend, on the contrary, listening to sad music or watching a sad movie, which makes it possible for emotions to come out through tears.

We do not always have an impact on the environment and can avoid stressful situations. But what is happening inside can and must be corrected. To weaken the negative effects of stress, reduce the load on the psyche and support the body in an emotionally difficult period, we recommend taking the vitamin-mineral complex "Velnatal".

It contains omega-3 fatty acids, which increase the amount of serotonin (the hormone of happiness), C vitamins, which reduce the production of stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline), and B vitamins, which improve the cardiovascular system and prevent the development of depression.

In "Velnatal" there are useful microelements: selenium, iodine and iron, etc. They will strengthen the body, give strength and energy for intense everyday life and outdoor activities without stress!

Exercises to relieve stress

A person faces annoying environmental factors on a daily basis, not everyone can resist them staunchly and not succumb to their influence. Psychologists say that regular relaxation, relaxation and exercise are ideal ways to relieve stress. Yoga is a great way to increase resistance and improve concentration on the positive aspects of life. Asanas or postures taken during exercise in conjunction with correct breathing help to relax, release and harmonize the body and mind of a person, and also relieve anxiety, irritation, depression and anxiety.

At home, after a light warm-up, you can try the following stress-relieving exercises:

  • Starting position - lying on your back, arms extended along the body, legs raised up and down behind the head, heels are connected, socks are pulled to the floor. It is necessary to stay in this position from 2 to 5 minutes, depending on physical capabilities, then the legs slowly lower to the floor. It is very important to breathe evenly, calmly and deeply;
  • Starting position - kneeling, hands are fixed on the heels, the pelvis stretches up and forward, the head is thrown back. You need to stay in this position for 2-3 minutes, breathing should be deep and even - this way you can achieve relaxation of the whole body, which is very important for relieving stress;
  • Starting position - lying on your stomach, legs bent at the knees, hands fixed on the ankles. The upper body and lower legs are pulled upward, arching the spine, as in the bridge pose. In this position, without forgetting to breathe correctly, you need to stay for 3-5 minutes;
  • Starting position - lying on your back, legs raised up at an angle of 90 °. Then the torso is lifted, and the hands support the lower back, resting on the elbows - this is the well-known "birch". It is important to keep your torso perpendicular to the floor, rest your chin on your chest, and breathe slowly and deeply.
Various methods for relieving psychological stress
Various methods for relieving psychological stress

For greater efficiency, such exercises are recommended to be combined with calm music to relieve stress and aromatherapy, after a light workout, you can try to meditate a little.

Long-distance jogging also helps to cope with depression perfectly - there is an opinion that, regularly running 3-5 km, you can get rid of this condition forever. In general, any physical activity, be it aerobics or basketball, cleaning the house, swimming or cycling, promotes the release of endorphins and other neural chemicals in the body, which are hormones of happiness, joy, and pleasure. With regular exercise, you can naturally relieve mental stress.

Nowadays, almost all people fall under the influence of stress on a daily basis, regardless of age and lifestyle. Those who are less resistant to such situations fall into depressions that can last for years, feel unhappy and exhausted. However, you should not despair, because there are many effective methods for relieving stress - these are laughter therapy and aromatherapy, exercise, a variety of hobbies and creative pursuits, meditation, social networking and many others.

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