Umbilical Cord For Newborns

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Umbilical Cord For Newborns
Umbilical Cord For Newborns

Video: Umbilical Cord For Newborns

Video: Umbilical Cord For Newborns
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Umbilical cord for newborns

One of the most common pathologies in newborns and infants is an umbilical hernia. In most cases, it tends to close on its own.

Do newborns need an umbilical cord
Do newborns need an umbilical cord

This usually happens before the baby reaches the age of three.

Our grandmothers treated an umbilical hernia by applying a copper penny to the navel, mothers sealed our navel area with adhesive plaster. And now in pharmacies there are umbilical bands for newborns. How effective is this new remedy? Let's talk about this.

Umbilical braces for newborns: a fashion statement or a necessity?

Nowadays, everyone knows that special dressings - bandages are used to prevent and treat hernias. And how effective is the bandage for umbilical hernia of newborns? What it is? And how to use it correctly?

The umbilical cord for newborns is a soft elastic belt with a small pad - a hernial stopper. The materials from which it is made have hypoallergenic properties, are easily erased, and wear-resistant.

Such bandages provide gentle compression (pressure) in the area of the hernial protrusion and prevent the development of a hernia, also contribute to the early closure of the umbilical ring, and in addition prevent the occurrence of infringement.

The newborn bandage can only be used after the umbilical wound has completely healed.

All this is stated by the manufacturers of bandages. But many doctors disagree with them and believe that wearing a bandage for an umbilical hernia is absolutely unnecessary.

They explain this by the following points:

  • Umbilical hernias in infants, even large ones, are almost never impaired;
  • As the child grows and the abdominal muscles strengthen, the hernia closes on its own;
  • In most cases, a hernial protrusion in the navel does not bother the baby in any way and is more of a cosmetic defect than a disease;
  • Instead of an umbilical band for newborns, it is better to lay the baby on his stomach more often, give him a massage and engage in physical therapy with him.

    How does a bandage help with umbilical hernia of newborns
    How does a bandage help with umbilical hernia of newborns

    This will not only strengthen the abdominal muscles, but also the entire muscular system, and will have a beneficial effect on the overall development of the child.

Umbilical band for newborns: reviews

On the Internet you can find many reviews about the use of a bandage for umbilical hernia in newborns. Most mothers complain about this orthopedic product. They say that due to the rather large bulge of the abdomen in children of the first months of life, the bandage constantly slides off the navel and practically does not render its therapeutic or preventive functions. In addition, it does not allow air to pass through well, and the skin under it is often irritated and wet.

Many pediatricians are also unhappy with this product. In their opinion, the umbilical band for newborns has no effect on the speedy closure of the umbilical ring. As practice shows, an umbilical hernia closes faster in children who receive massage and exercise therapy, which are more often spread on their stomachs than in those who are wearing umbilical bandages.

Is it worth using an umbilical band or not? It's up to you! But first you should consult a pediatric surgeon!

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