Educational Games For 7 Years

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Educational Games For 7 Years
Educational Games For 7 Years

Video: Educational Games For 7 Years

Video: Educational Games For 7 Years
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Educational games for 7 years

7 years is a special age. In fact, a child must leave a carefree childhood and become a full-fledged member of the human community. It is assumed that the baby should become a first grader and begin to do a certain job.

Educational games for 7 years old - how to combine play with learning
Educational games for 7 years old - how to combine play with learning

But this does not mean that the child needs to give up children's play, stop being interested in games and entertainment. Educational games become an ideal option at the age of 7-8. They both enrich the inner world of the child and entertain him.

Rules for educational games at 7 years old

The main rule for all fun games at 7 years old is safety. The game must be absolutely harmless to the health and psychological state of the child. Make sure that outdoor games are played on suitable sites so that all equipment is in good working order. As for the psychological aspect of the game, pay attention to the inclinations of children, their characters, relationships.

The competitive moment is very important for a properly organized developmental game at the age of 7. However, try to make sure that losing children do not feel inferior. Children should play any educational games for 7 years in a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Most often, such classes can be held in long-day groups, at home holidays, in children's health institutions.

It is desirable that the guys can tune in to the game. Therefore, school lessons must end at least an hour before it starts. The developmental games themselves at the age of 7-8 can be both individual and collective. Adults or peers can play with the child. All of these options are acceptable. Better to combine several types of games.

Remember that educational games are primarily fun activities for children. Set consistent goals for yourself and your child, but don't worry too much about the result. The main thing is to support in children the desire for development, cognitive activity and a good mood. Educational games can easily cope with this task.

Educational verbal games at the age of 7-8

The speech of a seven-year-old is still imperfect. Pay special attention to developing these abilities. After all, the ability to speak correctly will ensure both good performance in school and university, and stable work in the modern market. Indeed, the ability to present material beautifully, to listen to the interlocutor, to find compelling arguments, often becomes the basis for moving up the career ladder. Developing verbal games at the age of 7 will help to increase vocabulary, improve articulation, diction, phonemic hearing, and they also contribute to the formation of logical thinking processes. Try to play with your child the games "Name as many objects by the letter …", "Cities", "Who says what", "Name five fruits (vegetables, animals, trees)".

At the age of 7, children have a vivid imagination and good imagination. Try to discuss with your child the properties of certain objects, including imaginary ones. Play the Free Association game. You might be surprised at the results. In adults, all associations are fairly standard and traditional. Children, on the other hand, think without such patterns, more freely. The purpose of verbal developmental games at age 7 is in part to support the child's creativity. Reading poetry with intonation, different voices, with theatrical facial expressions and gestures will help with this.

Educational games "at the table"

Improving fine motor skills of the hand remains a global challenge for educational games at the age of 7-8. For these purposes, modeling from dough and plasticine, origami, application, drawing are perfect. There are many play kits on the market for kids to help develop creativity and fine motor skills. For example, girls will always be interested in bead sets to create original jewelry. Boys can be offered construction, modeling, and similar activities.

Role-playing games for younger students

By imitating adults, children learn most of the practical skills, assimilate social roles and norms. Children can play educational games for 7 years according to certain scenarios themselves, with adults, and simply under the supervision of adults. The themes of such games are always relevant: "Family", "School", "Hospital", "Shop". Often, children draw inspiration for their games from the TV programs they watch, cartoons, and books they read. Make sure children watch and read age-appropriate books.

Modern educational games for 7-8 year olds
Modern educational games for 7-8 year olds

Computer educational games at the age of 7

On the Internet and in stores with computer disks, you can find many different educational games for 7 years. It can be mini-games for the development of logic, reaction, memory, imagination. In addition, there are also long story games with recognizable characters that teach the child many skills and introduce a large amount of information.

Computer educational games at the age of 7 will be useful only to a small extent. They should devote no more than 20-30 minutes per day. Choose those games that seem to you the most entertaining and useful. For example, there are games aimed at fixing the alphabet, there are those that teach a foreign language or the skills of fast typing on the keyboard.

Children of different temperaments will be happy to play educational games for 7 years old. But only on condition of the correct choice of the game and its good organization. Think over your child's leisure time. His entire future family life and career depends on what exactly will be invested in a child of preschool and school age.

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