Educational Games For Children 12 Years Old

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Educational Games For Children 12 Years Old
Educational Games For Children 12 Years Old

Video: Educational Games For Children 12 Years Old

Video: Educational Games For Children 12 Years Old
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Educational games for children 12 years old

A child at the age of 12 is subject to regular stress and has a certain range of responsibilities at school, at home and in extracurricular activities.

Educational games for 12 years - develop memory and train attention
Educational games for 12 years - develop memory and train attention

He obviously needs a lot of rest. Thus, educational games for 12 years are inferior to entertainment games.

Fun and educational games for 12 years

Educational games for 12 years are a collection of rather complex entertainment. Moreover, they are not only interesting, but also very useful for children. In the process of such games, children learn to take leading positions in the team, build their own strategy, achieve certain results and keep them.

Educational games for 12 years old can be divided into several main groups:

  • Active and agile, athletic;
  • Didactic, desktop;
  • Computer;
  • Brain teaser;
  • Team.

Outdoor games for 12 years old include football, hockey, volleyball, basketball, other ball games, badminton, tennis, towns and others. Active entertainment is no less important at this age than intellectual.

Team educational games for 12 years have a lot in common with sports, but their main task is to develop communication skills (for example, "Broken Phone"). For a home environment, calm didactic and board games are perfect. Such games are often designed for several participants: "Monopoly", "Sea Battle" and others.

Logic educational games for children 12 years old are becoming more and more difficult. Children of this age love big puzzles, intricate puzzles. The task of adults is to reward the teenager for his interests and successes. At the age of twelve, children are very fond of exciting computer games - quests, strategies, arcades, shooters. In this matter, adults should ensure that games are appropriate for the child's age, as well as regulate the time spent at the computer.

The most interesting educational games for 10-12 years old

Many children's games have been tested by time and by many generations of children. Some educational games for 10-12 years have become legends. One of them is "Cossacks-robbers". The first mention of the game appeared in the literature of the 20s of the 20th century, and its rules were published in 1984. The name of the game reflects the fact that in Tsarist Russia, protection from robbers could only be found among the Cossacks. It is better to play "Cossacks-robbers" in the summer, when a variety of playgrounds can be used for the game.

The legendary "Zarnitsa" cannot even be called a game in full. This is a certain scenario, a story that is relived each time and never repeats itself. Zarnitsa is both a battle and an exciting competition. Modern children love Zarnitsa no less than previous generations, while the game itself has retained its adventurous character and has lost its ideological undertones.

A fascinating computer game about a young detective Nancy Drew was released in 1998 based on the popular book. The quest consists of three parts and develops ingenuity, patience and perseverance, as well as logical thinking. This exciting game can be played not only using the disc, but also online.

In the summertime, with a large crowd of children, it is a good idea to play the old Russian game "Log". Despite the seeming simplicity, it is quite fun and is invariably liked by children. To play, you need a long and thick log that is stable on the ground. Children are divided into two teams, and each one overcomes a log one after another. The "strangers" drop out. The winner is the team that remains in the numerical advantage.

Spending leisure time near the reservoir in the summer, be sure to invite your child to play "Pancakes". Everyone knows that for the game you need flat stones, which should be thrown into the water so that they bounce off its surface several times.

The most interesting computer game is the quest "Alchemy". The goal of the game is to overcome many difficulties of the dungeon, to help the robot find a soul.

The educational game “Pilgrim” for 12 years is not only exciting and interesting, but also incredibly valuable. The aim of the game is to teach children about Christian values, the concepts of kindness and humanism. Pilgrim consists of nine stages:

  • Stumbling block;
  • Temptations;
  • Red ball;
  • Bustle fairs;
  • Mutual assistance;
  • Intelligence;
  • Quacks;
  • Ambushes;
  • Eternal doom.

Children are preliminarily divided into groups of five. The adult leader - the Teacher of Wisdom - allows the groups to play in turn, each 10 minutes after the previous one. The concept of the game is that for many years daredevils go to the Ancient Forest for the Order of Wisdom, but return without it, as they make mistakes. Participants of the game are invited to try to get this valuable artifact.

A detailed scenario of "Pilgrim" is available online, but it should be noted that this is one of the wisest educational games for 12 years. Children learn to reflect, make decisions and take responsibility for them, come to the rescue and resist temptation. The game is interactive and more like a theatrical performance with a unique storyline. At the end of the game, all together - adults and children - analyze their own actions and those of their comrades, which also contributes to the development of analytical thinking.

Logic and computer educational games for children 12 years old
Logic and computer educational games for children 12 years old

Always beloved by children of twelve years old, a fun and exciting game "I am a star". The more participants declare their desire to play, the better. The children are offered to write in advance on the cards the names of their idols - heroes of books and cartoons, fairy-tale characters, historical figures, actors (the theme of the game should be the same). The cards are attached to the back with pins. The player himself does not see which character he got, but with the help of questions that should be asked to the rest of the participants, guess it.

Questions should be structured in such a way that they can only be answered with the words "yes" and "no". The game develops horizons and vocabulary, quick-wittedness and ingenuity, teaches you to think logically and structure information.

These and other educational games for 12 years old help children develop the qualities necessary for later adult life.

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