Russian Diet - Menu, Reviews, Results, Tips

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Russian Diet - Menu, Reviews, Results, Tips
Russian Diet - Menu, Reviews, Results, Tips

Video: Russian Diet - Menu, Reviews, Results, Tips

Video: Russian Diet - Menu, Reviews, Results, Tips
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Russian diet

The diet was developed by Russian nutritionists taking into account our food traditions.

In addition to gradual weight loss, "Russian diet" contributes to the formation of healthy eating habits based on all available products. Among other things, the principle of fractional nutrition is used (food four to five times a day in small portions).

In the traditions of Russian cuisine, dietary methods of cooking dishes are steaming, baking, stewing in the oven, boiling. This is how it is recommended to prepare food during the "Russian diet".

For the period of the diet (and preferably after leaving it), it is worth increasing physical activity: this will speed up the metabolism and allow you to consolidate the result.

Russian diet: basic principles
Russian diet: basic principles

Advantages of the "Russian diet"

"Russian diet" allows you to get rid of 7-10 kg of excess weight within two months. Nutritionists consider this not too high rate of weight loss to be optimal, ensuring gradual adaptation to the new diet and the absence of the skin sagging effect.

The diet makes it possible to establish metabolism, improve the general condition of the body, get rid of insomnia, chronic fatigue and problems associated with poor digestion.

In two months of the diet, the correct eating habits are formed, therefore, after its end, the lost weight does not return, the result is fixed for a long time. However, this diet can be adhered to as long as you like, even if all your life, it does not have a negative effect on the body.

The advantages of the "Russian diet" include the usual diet for the majority of Russians, the absence of expensive exotic products in it.

Disadvantages and contraindications of the "Russian diet"

The only drawback of the "Russian diet" is the slow pace of weight loss. Experts attribute this to advantages rather than disadvantages, but not everyone has the patience and organization to control their nutrition for two months.

People with chronic diseases should make a menu with the "Russian diet" taking into account the recommendations of the attending physician.

What foods are allowed?

  • Lean meat, chicken, turkey.
  • A fish.
  • Eggs.
  • Vegetables, mushrooms.
  • Fruits, dried fruits.
  • Low fat milk and lactic acid products.
  • Porridge.
  • Bran bread.
  • Vegetable oil.
  • Natural honey in small quantities.
  • Freshly squeezed juices, fruit drink, compote, tea, clean still water.

What foods are prohibited?

  • Sugar and all foods containing it.
  • Fatty, fried, spicy, smoked and pickled foods.
  • Canned food.
  • Fast food, convenience foods.
  • Baking and pasta.
  • Industrial sauces.
  • Seasonings.
  • Alcoholic drinks.

Russian diet menu

Sample menu of the "Russian diet" for seven days:

First day

First breakfast: 100 g of fish, 50 g of canned green peas, sauerkraut, boiled carrots, tea.

Second breakfast: 100 g of cottage cheese, 2 apples.

Lunch: a portion of vegetarian borscht, vegetable stew, 200 ml of compote.

Dinner: 100 g of fish, 2 boiled potatoes, tea.

Second day

First breakfast: white cabbage and onion salad, seasoned with sunflower oil, tea.

Second breakfast: 200 ml of kefir.

Lunch: boiled carrots, 150 g of beef, 200 ml of compote.

Dinner: stewed beans, 100 g of fish, fruit of your choice.

The third day

First breakfast: a slice of bran bread, 200 ml of kefir.

Second breakfast: salad of sweet pepper, tomato, cucumber, lettuce and herbs, seasoned with vegetable oil, tea.

Lunch: 100 g of pork, sauerkraut, apple or pear.

Dinner: vegetable soup, grated carrots, seasoned with sour cream.

Fourth day

First breakfast: a slice of grain bread, a soft-boiled egg, tea.

Second breakfast: buckwheat porridge on water, 2 plums.

Lunch: 150 g chicken breast, 2 apples.

Dinner: vinaigrette, seasoned with sunflower oil, 200 ml of fruit juice.

The fifth day

First breakfast: 100 g of cottage cheese, tea.

Second breakfast: 2-3 fruits to choose from.

Lunch: 100 g boiled pork, fresh cabbage salad with onions, seasoned with vegetable oil, 200 ml of vegetable juice.

Dinner: 100 g of fish, tomato, a handful of berries.

Sixth day

First breakfast: 100 g of turkey, sauerkraut, tea.

Second breakfast: 100 g of cottage cheese, 200 ml of compote.

Lunch: mushroom soup, a slice of rye bread, an apple.

Dinner: beets with prunes, seasoned with vegetable oil, 100 g of veal, tea.

Seventh day

First breakfast: buckwheat porridge on the water, 1 tsp. honey, tea.

Second breakfast: pear and apple.

Lunch: 100 g of fish, tomato, cucumber, 200 ml of fruit juice.

Dinner: 150 g turkey, 2 jacket potatoes, 200 ml of compote.

Useful Tips

Advice 1. It is recommended to drink at least four glasses of pure water daily, it is advisable to drink the first glass on an empty stomach, while it is better to warm the water.

Tip 2. Despite the fact that coffee can hardly be attributed to traditional Russian drinks, it is allowed to use it with this diet.

Diet characteristic final grade
Duration: 2 months

3.5 out of 5

"Russian diet" is based on traditional Russian cuisine dishes and is designed for a long period of time, which allows you to develop the right approach to nutrition and new eating habits, as well as normalize metabolism.

Recommended frequency: once a year
Weight loss rate:
Variety of products:

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