Exercises With An Expander

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Exercises With An Expander
Exercises With An Expander

Video: Exercises With An Expander

Video: Exercises With An Expander
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Exercises with an expander

At its core, the expander is a shock absorber. A compact sports equipment increases the load on certain muscle groups, simply opposing the efforts of the trainee. Exercises with an expander are predominantly isolating, that is, they are designed for one or another muscle group.

Exercises with an expander for different muscle groups

Features of performing exercises with an expander
Features of performing exercises with an expander

Expanders are made from all kinds of elastic materials and can have various shapes - be tape, spring or tubular. They work in tension or compression, and, depending on the area of impact, are divided into:

  • Carpal;
  • Shoulder;
  • Pectoral;
  • Skier leg expander;
  • For the adductors of the thigh;
  • For twisting, bending certain joints and bending.

Hand grips provide compression. When choosing such a projectile, you need to make sure that it was impossible to do more than 10-12 repetitions at a time with it at the initial stage. In the future, the load can be gradually increased.

Before starting a workout using any resistance bands, a warm-up is imperative. Rubbing the affected area also gives a good effect.

Exercises with an expander for hands begin to be performed with a stronger limb. It is squeezed so that the arms are connected. The squeezes are repeated 10-12 times, and then the hand is changed. Perform 3 approaches, after which the hands need to be relaxed.

Tubular resistance bands for other zones - legs, buttocks, torso and arms - are chosen depending on the duration of their acquaintance with such shells: yellow resistance bands are designed for beginners, green ones - for "advanced users", those who have been practicing for a long time use red ones, and for blue resistance bands are produced by professionals.

Before you start doing exercises with an expander for the press, a more serious load is needed. You can jump rope, do push-ups and pull up on the horizontal bar. The exercises themselves are performed in a sitting position, when one end of the expander is fixed at the level of the feet. Exercises for the abdominal muscles - twisting - are repeated 15 times in 2-3 approaches. Between approaches, you need to take breaks for 2-3 minutes.

Shoulder and chest resistance bands work in tension and are structures of two handles and elastic bands between them. In the process of training with such devices, the number of approaches is first increased, and then the tension of the harnesses.

Exercises with an expander for the back, arms and torso are performed while standing. Hands with an expander are raised up, and then spread across the sides parallel to the floor.

For the second exercise, the expander is wound behind the back, and then the arms are simultaneously flexed and extended at the elbows.

The third exercise with an expander from this group is to lower the right hand to the thigh, bend the left to the shoulder. Rhythmically straighten the left hand, pulling the expander, and return to the starting position. 10-12 reps, 2-3 sets with small breaks. Then repeat with the other hand.

A set of exercises with an expander for different muscle groups
A set of exercises with an expander for different muscle groups

The fourth exercise is an expander behind your back, arms extended forward. At the same time, we bend one arm at the elbow, and set the other to the side. We return to the starting position and repeat from the second hand.

Resistance bands for internal thigh muscles work in both compression and tension. Exercises with a leg expander begin from a prone position, arms extended behind the head, legs bent at the knees, feet on the floor. The compression expander is between the knees; it is necessary to perform about 50 rhythmic squeezes and unclenches in 3 sets.

Exercise with a stretching expander is performed with a butterfly expander, lying down and passing the feet into the handles of the projectile. The legs are lifted up, then simultaneously spread apart and returned to their original position. All movements are suitable for trainees with different levels of physical fitness and are performed with an adequate level of tension of the expander in each case.

Exercises with an expander for men

Exercises with an expander for a strong half of humanity may well, if necessary, replace exercises on simulators and help build muscle mass. When dealing with such a device, it is important to observe the principle of increasing the load, and try to perform all movements smoothly.

Exercises with an expander for men do not fundamentally differ from the "women", except for the level of resistance. At the same time, they are proven to be effective and give about the same results as exercises with weights, practically eliminating any injury during the session.

Thus, an old, proven, compact and affordable expander will help you keep your own body in shape efficiently and inexpensively.

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