Oregano - Useful Properties, Nutritional Value, Vitamins

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Oregano - Useful Properties, Nutritional Value, Vitamins
Oregano - Useful Properties, Nutritional Value, Vitamins

Video: Oregano - Useful Properties, Nutritional Value, Vitamins

Video: Oregano - Useful Properties, Nutritional Value, Vitamins
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  1. 1. Description of the grass
  2. 2. The chemical composition of the herb
  3. 3. Pharmacological properties
  4. 4. Application of properties in medicine
  5. 5. Contraindications to use

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Oregano is a herbaceous perennial plant belonging to the Lipoceae family.

Oregano herb description

The plant often has the form of a half-shrub and a creeping, branched rhizome. Stems are reddish in height from 30 to 90 cm, soft-hairy, erect, tetrahedral, often branched at the base.

The leaves of the plant are ovoid, oblong, from 2 to 4 cm long, petiolar, opposite, entire, dark green in color with translucent yellow dots - the essential oil glands. Below they are of a lighter shade, softly pubescent with short hairs.

Oregano blooms with small, lilac-pink flowers collected in a complex semi-umbrella, sitting in the axils of bracts. Flowers at the top of the stem form a spreading corymbose panicle.

The fruits of the plant are four nuts, each 0.5 mm long, round-ovoid.

The plant has a pleasant aroma.

Found on the territory of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia (except for the Far North). It grows as shrubs in steppe meadows and dry meadows.

The chemical composition of the herb oregano

Flowers and dry herb of oregano contain an essential oil, which contains phenols (carvacrol and thymol), aromatic alcohol. The plant also contains free alcohols, tannins, bitricyclic sexviterpenes, bitter substances, flavonoids and ascorbic acid.

The seeds of the plant contain oily oil.

Pharmacological properties of oregano

The beneficial properties of oregano include a sedative, analgesic, diaphoretic, lactogenic, expectorant, diuretic and analgesic effect. Preparations based on this plant improve the secretion of the bronchial and digestive glands, increase the tone of the intestines and increase its peristalsis.

Application of the properties of oregano in medicine

In scientific medicine, the sedative beneficial property of oregano is widely used. It is used for neuroses, for nervous disorders as a sedative, for insomnia. Also, the properties of oregano are used for intestinal atony, flatulence, enterocolitis, antacid and hypogastritis.

The plant is used as an expectorant for bronchiectasis and bronchitis, and as a means to improve appetite.

Preparations based on the herb oregano are prescribed for hemorrhoids, jaundice, pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, migraine, cholecystitis, for biliary dyskinesia, and also as an antihelminthic agent.

For female diseases, especially in the postpartum period, the hemostatic property of oregano is used. It is used to improve lactation, with painful periods and to alleviate the condition during menopause.

Oregano herb
Oregano herb

The infusion of the plant is taken for chronic pharyngitis, whooping cough, sore throat, chronic tonsillitis. The infusion is often used for inhalation.

Excessive sweating causes strong herbal tea.

Outwardly, the plant is used for rickets and allergies in children (take baths). With suppuration, furunculosis, some skin diseases and inflammation of the lymph nodes, lotions are made from the plant.

Contraindications to the use of oregano

Preparations based on oregano are contraindicated during pregnancy, as they have an abortive effect

Also, oregano is contraindicated in hypertension, in severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, in chronic gastritis (hyperacid form).

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