6 Effective Exercises To Relax Your Back Muscles

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6 Effective Exercises To Relax Your Back Muscles
6 Effective Exercises To Relax Your Back Muscles

Video: 6 Effective Exercises To Relax Your Back Muscles

Video: 6 Effective Exercises To Relax Your Back Muscles
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6 effective exercises to relax your back muscles

Many modern citizens work in offices. Despite the fact that office work cannot be considered physically stressful, the need to maintain the same (far from always correct) body position for a long time does not have the best effect on the health of the musculoskeletal system. Most office workers sooner or later begin to complain of headaches, back pain and fatigue.

The cause of the ailments is the constant tension of the back muscles and the inability to relax them. The problem can be solved by organizing regular sports, but, unfortunately, not everyone succeeds. However, if you wish, you can do without visiting the gym: there are several simple exercises available for people of any level of athletic training. They do not require the use of special simulators, but they are quite capable of providing relaxation of the back muscles and giving the body the rest necessary to recuperate after a working day.

Relaxing your back muscles: effective exercises
Relaxing your back muscles: effective exercises

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Lie on your back (the surface under the body should be flat and firm) and lie down a little with your arms outstretched and relaxed. Then perform a slow twist: turn the upper body and arms to one side, and the pelvis and legs bent at the knees to the other. Return to starting position. Repeat the movements 8-10 times in each direction. Try not to strain or rush.

Lying stone

Place a small rug on the floor and place a chair on the edge of it with the seat facing the fabric. Lie on a mat on your back, bend your legs and place your shins on the seat of a chair. In this case, the hips should be located perpendicular to the floor. Maintain this position for 3-4 minutes. Then make several swings up and down with outstretched arms (you can use both hands at once or alternately), trying to reach with the back of your hands to the floor behind your head.

Exercise helps improve blood flow throughout the body and gives the muscles of the back and neck a break from the stresses of sedentary work.

Flexible snake

Lie on your stomach. Place your hands at shoulder level. Slowly lift your upper body using your palms. At the same time, the toes should rest on the floor. Hold for a few seconds, feeling the tension of the muscles of the abdomen and legs, then return to the starting position without waiting for the unpleasant sensations. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

Such movements tend to slightly stretch the spine and help to compensate for the stress that the intervertebral discs experience during the day if you constantly sit in an uncomfortable position.


The position characteristic of the fetus during intrauterine development is not without reason considered one of the most comfortable and physiologically correct. It is also useful for an adult who wants to quickly relax, rest and restore peace of mind.

Lie on your back, bend your legs and pull them with your hands to your stomach, clasping your palms under your knees. Lie there for a minute. Return to the starting position, then do the exercise lying on your side (first on one, then on the other). Repeat the movements several times.


To complete the exercise, you will need a sofa or chair with a soft back. To relax your back muscles and slightly stretch the spine, you need to go behind the chair from the back, bend over it and for several minutes hang with your toes on the floor and your lower abdomen on the back of the chair. In this case, the body should be bent at a right angle, and the arms should be folded over the chest.

Braiding the legs

Lie on your back. Bend your legs so your feet rest on the floor. Grasp your right leg with your hands and turn it, bringing the lower leg under the knee bend of the left leg. Slowly pull your legs with your hands to your stomach until the lower leg of your left leg is horizontal in the air. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise 8-10 times for each leg.

Constant tension of the back muscles is fraught with the development of their spasm, which can persist for years. This situation leads to pinching of blood vessels and nerve fibers; internal organs and the brain begin to suffer from a lack of nutrients and oxygen.

Exercises to relax the muscles of the back do not require much effort and time. Accustomed to doing them daily, you can avoid the appearance of many health problems, such as chronic migraine, intercostal neuralgia, decreased vision, etc. In combination with water procedures, these activities allow you to maintain physical activity, work capacity and good mood for a long time.

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