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Slimming Disc
Slimming Disc

Video: Slimming Disc

Video: Slimming Disc
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Slimming disc

The Slimming Disc is an affordable home exercise machine that works to strengthen your waist, hips, abdomen, and burn excess calories.

Slimming disc - feedback on the results
Slimming disc - feedback on the results

Its indisputable advantage is its high efficiency, the ability to train people of any age, as well as the fact that a significant effect can be achieved in a fairly short time of training.

The health disc for weight loss was very popular 20-30 years ago, it could be found in almost every Soviet family. Over the years, he gained popularity again. Today it can be purchased under various brands and is still one of the simplest and most effective home exercise equipment.

The effect of exercise on the health disc for weight loss

Slimming disc "Fitness" or "Grace", which is two rotating circles connected by an axis with a washer, is quite compact and very easy to use. Due to the fact that the design allows for rotational movements, there is a beneficial effect on the figure, as well as on the internal organs. Many people note the health-improving effect for the body as a whole when doing exercises on the disc.

One of the main advantages of a slimming disc according to reviews is the ability to safely for health and quickly get rid of excess weight. It is believed that in half an hour of training on a health disc for weight loss, you can burn up to 250 kilocalories. Of course, the best results can be achieved only with proper nutrition, in which the intake of carbohydrates and fats will be reduced, and the maximum amount of the nutritious diet will be fruits and vegetables.

In addition, performing exercises on a weight loss disk, according to reviews, you can:

  • Form the waist-hip line;
  • Improve blood circulation throughout the body, as well as posture, gait and overall silhouette;
  • Increase body flexibility;
  • Strengthen the muscles of the most problematic female areas - buttocks, abdomen and legs;
  • Improve the mobility of the lumbar spine;
  • Restore the work of the vestibular apparatus;
  • Improve movement coordination;
  • Warm up muscles before training;
  • Relax and relieve tension, fatigue and stress accumulated during the day.

Modern slimming discs have a special relief surface, which, like an acupressure massage, additionally affects the entire body. It is known that the impact on the foot, in which a large number of vital points are located, stimulates the work of most internal organs and improves the functioning of the body as a whole, increasing vigor and improving well-being.

The rules for doing exercises on the disc for weight loss

In order to increase the effectiveness of the training being carried out, it is recommended to follow certain rules:

  • Before starting the exercises, you should drink a glass of warm water;
  • The intensity of the load and the duration of the exercise should be optimally selected so that the exercise on the weight loss disk will bring maximum benefit;
  • Before starting classes, you need to make sure that the disc is installed on a flat and non-slippery surface, and there are objects nearby that you can lean on in case dizziness occurs or the coordination of movements is simply disturbed;
  • During classes, you can not make sudden movements of the head so as not to provoke the development of headaches and dizziness. At the beginning of classes, all movements should be done as smoothly and at a slow pace as possible.

How to get the most out of your health disc for weight loss

The slimming disc, as the only simulator used, is not suitable for serious buttocks and hips reshaping, since muscle reshaping can only be done with strength exercises with significant resistance. Therefore, in order to increase the effectiveness of classes, in addition to exercises on the disk, it is necessary to do strength exercises for the press - leg raises, twisting, "bicycle" and "scissors".

For an adult, to improve tone and general muscle strengthening, training on a disc for weight loss is considered optimal according to reviews for 15-20 minutes a day. However, fat burning starts with about 20-30 minutes of continuous exercise. To avoid overexerting one muscle group, exercise on the machine can be combined with yoga or Pilates. It should also be remembered that one of the necessary conditions for obtaining the desired result is the regularity of classes.

Elderly people can also exercise on the disk, but with caution, since in people over 60 years of age, rotational exercises can cause cerebral circulation disorders.

Slimming disc exercises

While the health disc is primarily designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles, other muscle groups can be targeted with this machine. To do this, you can do the following exercises:

  • A slimming disc exercise to strengthen the abdominals and forearms. To perform the exercise, you need to stand on the disk, raise your hands horizontally to the floor, and then bend them at the elbow joint. Bending your knees, you should make circular movements with your hips from side to side, keeping your elbows at shoulder height;
  • Exercise aimed at strengthening the muscles of the thighs and abs. To perform this exercise, place the disc on a chair and sit on it. Hands must be raised and the elbows must be in line with the shoulders. Without changing the position of the elbows, you should move your hips in different directions;
  • An exercise aimed at strengthening the muscles of the lower trunk. This will require two slimming discs, which are placed 10-15 cm apart.

    Slimming disc - tips and effective exercises
    Slimming disc - tips and effective exercises

    Straight legs should be placed in the center of the simulators, arms should be bent at the elbows. To perform the exercise, you should move your feet towards each other, then from each other. You can also direct the feet alternately to the right and then to the left, while fixing the upper body;

  • Exercise aimed at strengthening the abdominal and calf muscles. It also uses two discs at the same time. In this case, the legs should be bent at the knees, and the arms should be slightly bent to the level of the waist. The movements of the feet should be directed in opposite directions;
  • Slimming disc exercises to strengthen the muscles of the arms and torso. To perform the disc, you should take it in your hands at chest level and, using an effort, press on it simultaneously from both sides. Perform rotational movements with your hands in opposite directions. You can also strengthen your torso and arms using two discs. To do this, they are placed on the floor at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other. The position is the same as for doing push-ups. In this case, the hands are placed in the center of the discs. It is necessary to press the body against the floor simultaneously with the rotation of the brushes inward, and then straighten the arms, twisting the brushes outward.

The health disc for weight loss is also recommended for those who lead a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle. A few minutes of training on the simulator during a break is enough to relieve tension accumulated in the spine and muscles.

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