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Back Exercises
Back Exercises

Video: Back Exercises

Video: Back Exercises
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Back exercises

Having made the decision to lose weight, many people face the problem of losing weight in the back area.

In order to understand how to lose weight in the back, you need to know that it consists of three main muscles that determine its appearance - the lumbar, lats and trapezius.

Practical tips for doing back exercises
Practical tips for doing back exercises

Central to the formation of the back are the latissimus muscles, which begin at the back of the armpits and run down to the waist. They visually increase the width of the shoulders, give the back a powerful tapered appearance and narrow the waist. That is why most men tend to pump these particular muscles, while women should pump them up moderately, otherwise the figure may acquire a not very feminine silhouette. The simplest exercises for losing weight back, aimed at building the broadest muscles, is a dumbbell row in an incline to the chest. The latissimus pull-up muscles on the horizontal bar also develop well.

To pump up the trapezius muscles, which begin at the base of the skull, diverge towards the shoulders and down between the shoulder blades, the best back exercises are dumbbell steps. To pump up the muscles of the lower back, the strengthening of which reduces the risk of developing osteochondrosis, displacement of the vertebrae and pinching of the nerves, will help various forward bends with a load.

To help unload the spine after a hard day's work will help the usual marching step for several minutes a day, and the best prevention of various diseases of the spine are considered daily sagging for several minutes a day on the bar or horizontal bar.

Many exercises for the back are traumatic, therefore, when choosing a complex for exercising at home, it is better to consult with an experienced trainer and in no case overload the spine. Overdoing it a little with training or performing exercises for losing weight in the back incorrectly, you can pinch the roots of the spinal nerves, get a herniated disc, osteochondrosis, spondylolisthesis and many other negative consequences.

For those who want to achieve not only weight loss of the back, but also the development of its muscles, it is necessary to start training with a light load, even if they seem light and there is a desire to lift the bar more heavily. After all, initially you need to strengthen the entire musculo-ligamentous apparatus, which protects the spine from damage, and only then to pump muscles.

How to lose weight in the back: practical advice

Effective back weight loss can be achieved only with a combination of three main components - balanced nutrition, sports and beauty care. Proper nutrition always helps to lose weight, improve health and improve the functioning of the body as a whole. Various body scrubs and oils, baths, saunas and massages will also help you lose weight and tighten your skin. It is good to lose weight and tighten the skin of the back, along with exercises for the back for weight loss, swimming in the pool will also help.

Along with exercise, healthy eating and cosmetic procedures, you should try to keep your back in an even position as often as possible and monitor your posture, which can also be corrected if it is bent with special sets of exercises.

Each workout should start with a little warm-up and stretching of the spine to reduce the level of injury that can be obtained during the exercise of the back exercises.

In cases where there are any back problems, it is necessary to consult a doctor before proceeding with exercises for the back for weight loss.

Many people lead a sedentary lifestyle due to computer work, which can lead to pain in the lumbar spine and spine. To get rid of such negative consequences, it is enough to perform, in a sitting or standing position, stretching upward and slightly to the sides in a sitting or standing position several times a day. At home, bending forward can help to get rid of back pain, during which you need to reach your heels with your fingers, while you cannot bend your knees. It is enough to perform this exercise 20 times over 3-4 minutes to maintain the mobility of the spine and get rid of pain. Another effective back exercise is a full body stretch that requires you to lie on the floor. In this case, the lumbar region should be completely adjacent to the floor,you need to stretch your toes forward, stretch your arms behind your head and stretch yourself well.

Performing short-term full-body gymnastics daily, which will include back exercises, will help you recharge and feel refreshed throughout the day, and, in addition to exercise, will help you lose weight.

How to lose weight in the back: exercise

There are a great many different sets of exercises for the back for weight loss, the action of which is aimed both at stretching and preventing diseases of the spine, and at pumping up the back muscles and developing correct posture.

You can do such exercises both in specialized gyms and at home. For those who do not know how to lose weight in the back and want to do it on their own at home, it is advisable to take a few lessons from an experienced trainer, because the spine and back are areas of increased trauma. If a person chooses yoga asanas as exercises for the back, then at home, even with the use of video lessons, it is better not to risk it, but to train for several months with a master who will teach you how to correctly perform various twists and stretches for the spine, as well as the correct breathing, which helps speed up the process of losing weight.

It is necessary to start training at home with a slight stretch, which can be such exercises for the back as:

  • Back exercises can be based on yoga asanas
    Back exercises can be based on yoga asanas

    Starting position - lying on your stomach, arms bent at the elbows and palms on the floor at chest level. It is necessary, resting your hands on the floor and stretching your straight legs with outstretched socks forward, to bend in the spine, aligning your shoulders as much as possible, while trying to reach the heels with the top of your head;

  • Starting position - sitting on your knees, the buttocks sit on the heels, the body lies forward on the bent legs, the head rests with its forehead on the floor, the arms are relaxed and lie along the legs. After lying down for a while in this very comfortable position, you need to stretch your arms forward and, pushing off the floor, pull the spine along its entire length;
  • Starting position - standing facing the wall at a distance of 30 cm, arms extended up, legs straight. The outstretched arms rest against the wall, while there is no need to strive to come closer to the wall, the legs are in place, then you must try to touch the wall with your chest and chin. Such an exercise for the back allows you to stretch the vertebrae of all departments;
  • Starting position - straight legs are shoulder-width apart, the body bends forward. It is necessary to try to reach the ankle of the left leg with your right hand, and roll your right arm and back back, the same exercise is performed on the right leg.

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