Rating Of The Most Harmful Foods

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Rating Of The Most Harmful Foods
Rating Of The Most Harmful Foods

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Video: Rating Of The Most Harmful Foods
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Rating of the most harmful foods

Chips Trigger Cancer
Chips Trigger Cancer

Abuse of any food is harmful to health, even the most useful of them. However, there is a category of products that do not bring any benefits at all, under no circumstances and no matter in what quantities. This is a notoriously unhealthy food that should be avoided if you want to stay healthy. A reasonable question is why such food products are produced? It's simple: they are very cheap to manufacture, moreover, they are very tasty, and therefore their production is very profitable, since the costs are low, and sales are guaranteed. Unfortunately, the realities of our society are such that profit is a more significant factor than people's health, and therefore everyone must take care of themselves and their children on their own, and for this you need to know the enemy by sight. So, a small rating of the most harmful food products - remember what exactly you cannot buy for yourself,and even more so for children.

1 place. Chips

It is unlikely that George Crum, a chef by profession and inventor of chips, wanted people to be evil, having invented frying potatoes in oil, cut into thin slices. Legend has it that he wanted to please the restaurant's overly demanding customer, and he did. However, the current product, called chips, bears only a distant resemblance to what was served to the fussy table in August 1853. It may well be that if he had remained a natural potato, fried in good vegetable oil, no one would have stuttered about its harmfulness, except for very strict supporters of healthy lifestyle. Be that as it may, but modern chips are much closer to pesticides than to products. In particular, they have an unacceptably high level of carcinogens - substances that provoke cancer.

2nd place. Sweet sparkling water

Sweet soda, loved by everyone since childhood, is a terribly harmful product. Again, if we were talking about carbonated water containing natural syrup, as it was at the very beginning, it would not have made it into the rating of the most harmful products. Nowadays soda is a hellish, fully synthetic blend of chemicals, diluted with water and carbonated. Dyes, preservatives, sweeteners irritate the digestive tract, impair digestion and lead to metabolic disorders. Characteristically, sweet carbonated water is unable to quench your thirst. The chemicals are selected in such a way that the more you drink, the more you crave the sweet poison. Thus, the combination of sweet soda with chips can be called the most killer meal, a bomb planted under your health.

3rd place. Energetic drinks

Energizers, or energotonics, are also related to carbonated water, but here the situation is aggravated by the addition of high doses of caffeine or other stimulants, which hits the blood vessels, heart and nervous system. Why do power engineers take only the third place, you may ask? It's simple - just because they are slightly less popular than the first two leaders. It is sad that their popularity is growing every year, especially among young people. After all, how are the energy companies positioned? It’s not scary that you don’t get enough sleep due to the fact that you don’t have the willpower to detach from the computer, energy will always help you. The list of diseases that can lead to the constant use of energy tonics exceeds the possible volume of this article, and therefore will be omitted.

4th place. Mayonnaise

It is difficult to say how beneficial natural mayonnaise is, originally made from vegetable oil rubbed with raw egg yolks. Most likely not very useful. But the current industrial sauce made from cheap fat, emulsifiers, thickeners, flavor enhancers, colors, stabilizers and other improvers of the inedible is unconditionally unhealthy. The basis of such a sauce is fat, but you must admit that the diet of a modern person does not need to introduce additional fat too much? There is nothing to say about chemicals, they are simply inedible things that we habitually eat. Low-fat mayonnaise is not a solution to the problem, it just reduces the proportion of fat in favor of the proportion of chemical additives, that's all.

Industrial mayonnaise is made from cheap fat
Industrial mayonnaise is made from cheap fat

5th place. Jelly Bean

Any candy is not a useful product, and they can be safely excluded from any diet without fear of losing something important for health. We eat sweets not for good, but for pleasure. However, in the case of gummies, the pleasure can be prohibitive. There are practically no natural ingredients, if refined sugar is not included in these. All the rest are wonders of the chemical industry and food design. Beautiful, attractive, tasty - and absolutely, completely inedible, plus it sticks to the teeth, contributing to the development of caries. To make matters worse, these candies are usually bought for children.

6th place. Sausages

Alas and ah, so we got to the saddest point - everyone's favorite boiled, boiled-smoked sausages and sausages. Jokes about toilet paper, from which boiled sausage is made, have long been outdated, since paper is clearly more expensive than the ingredients from which modern sausage products are made. In the composition of current sausages, meat accounts for an average of 20-25% at best, and we are talking about meat imported from abroad in frozen briquettes. Everything else is a protein-fat emulsion, genetically modified soybeans, and, of course, abundant chemical improvers, where without them. For those who harbor illusions about a mysterious protein-fat emulsion, we inform you: this is nothing more than crushed and mashed meat waste, that is, skin, bones, etc. There is at least someonewho considers this infernal mixture harmless to health?

7th place. Snacks

Snack translated from English means "appetizer", but nowadays snacks mean all sorts of industrially made snacks and snacks, such as crackers with different tastes, starch rings and other junk food so loved by teenagers. The reason that experts in healthy nutrition shy away from them like the plague is still the same - pure chemistry, no impurities. When such unnatural foods enter the digestive tract, the body simply does not know what to do with them - they are impossible to digest, difficult to neutralize and remove. We manage to cope with some part of the poison, the rest is “scattered around the corners”, that is, disposed of as needed. If this happens all the time, then the body gives up exhausted.

8th place. Confectionery

Here a disclaimer - this refers to industrially manufactured confectionery. The difference between them and a cake baked at home is enormous. In this case, it is not only about chemical food additives, although one cannot do without them. The point is also in the huge amount of fat that these products contain, and this is not butter or vegetable oil, but nothing more than transgenic fats, which have been convincingly proven to be harmful to health. In addition to fats, such cookies, pastries and cakes are godlessly oversweetened. Huge sugar content, toxic fat plus chemicals - are you sure you want to eat these cookies?

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