Harmful Food: TOP-10 Foods That Should Be Excluded From The Diet

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Harmful Food: TOP-10 Foods That Should Be Excluded From The Diet
Harmful Food: TOP-10 Foods That Should Be Excluded From The Diet

Video: Harmful Food: TOP-10 Foods That Should Be Excluded From The Diet

Video: Harmful Food: TOP-10 Foods That Should Be Excluded From The Diet
Video: Top 10 Most HARMFUL Foods People Keep EATING 2023, September

Harmful food

The list of the most harmful foods
The list of the most harmful foods

Harmful nutrition has a detrimental effect on the health of adults and children. With unhealthy nutrition, mental and physical development deteriorates, the ability to resist the effects of negative environmental factors decreases. Nutritionists are sure that it is nutrition that determines the quality and duration of a person's life. Improper and unhealthy diet leads to various diseases.

The most harmful foods

Foods that contain a lot of substitutes and dyes gradually poison the human body, while simultaneously causing addiction. People very often eat food with biological and aromatic additives, with preservatives.

Harmful products disrupt the body's metabolism, contributing to the development of cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the digestive tract. The most harmful food products shorten a person's life. Unhealthy diet is primarily associated with excessive consumption of animal fats. Such nutrition contributes to an increase in the number of obese people in various forms. When people with obesity eat a lot of fatty junk food, the function of the signaling mechanisms of the stomach, which are responsible for transmitting information about saturation to the brain, is disrupted.

Experts have identified the ten most harmful foods. The first place among harmful products is taken by lemonades and chips. Chips are a highly concentrated mixture of carbohydrates and fats, wrapped in flavor substitutes and colorants. During the cooking process, a large number of carcinogenic substances are formed in chips. And hydrogenated fats lead to an increase in the concentration of cholesterol in the blood plasma, which significantly increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Obese people should not eat chips, because two hundred grams of this product contains about 1000 kcal (half the daily calorie intake for an adult).

Lemonades are a mixture of chemicals, gases and sugar. Due to the presence of sugar and gases, such drinks can disturb the acid-base balance, which can lead to the development of various diseases. Lemonades contain aspartame (a synthetic sweetener). When consumed in large doses, aspartame contributes to the development of anxiety attacks, violence and anger, and manic depression.

Preservatives and food colors contribute to the accumulation of stable substances (xenobiotics) in the body. The accumulation of xenobiotics in cells leads to a decrease in immunity, as well as to functional disorders of the body (skin diseases, constipation, esophageal cancer).

The second place among unhealthy foods is occupied by the so-called fast food - chebureks, shawarma, french fries, hamburgers. Over the years, regular consumption of such food can lead to gastritis, constipation, colitis, heartburn.

The third place in the rating of unhealthy food products is taken by shop sausages, meat products, smoked meats. These products contain a wide variety of emulsifiers, thickeners, colorants, flavors and stabilizers.

Smoked fish and smoked meat were included in the rating of the most harmful food products due to the high content of benzopyrene, a substance formed during their processing. One piece of smoked sausage contains the same amount of phenolic compounds as the human body enters in a year when inhaled from the surrounding air.

The fourth place among unhealthy food products is shared by margarine and confectionery. In the manufacture of margarine, transgenic fats are used as the basis. Products that contain transgenic fat are very harmful to the body (cakes with cream, puff pastry products).

The fifth place in the ranking of unhealthy foods is taken by canned foods. Canned foods do not contain vitamins and enzymes. For canning, many manufacturers use genetically modified raw materials (GMOs).

Instant coffee ranks sixth. Instant coffee significantly increases the acidic environment of the stomach, which can lead to the development of gastritis, heartburn, gastric ulcer.

The sixth place was shared by waffles, chocolate bars, marshmallows, gummies, and gum. These products include chemical additives, genetically modified foods, flavors and colors.

Ketchup and mayonnaise are in the eighth place in the ranking of the most harmful food products. Mayonnaise contains carcinogenic trans fats. Mayonnaise in plastic packaging is especially harmful. Vinegar, which is usually added to mayonnaise, sucks carcinogens out of plastic. Ketchups, dressings and sauces contain flavor substitutes and colors.

Mayonnaise and ketchup are ranked 8th in the ranking of the most unhealthy foods
Mayonnaise and ketchup are ranked 8th in the ranking of the most unhealthy foods

Yoghurts, ice cream and milk share the ninth place among unhealthy foods. During the manufacturing process, antioxidants, stabilizers, flavors and thickeners are added to these products. All these components slow down the body's metabolism.

The specialists gave the tenth place to shop vegetables and fruits. Even natural and healthy foods can become harmful if they were grown, for example, near a factory or a highway. For quick ripening and long storage, store-bought vegetables and fruits are often treated with monosodium glutamate. When poisoning with sodium glutamate, headache, vasospasm, metabolic disorders appear.

Dangerous diets

Not only harmful nutrition has a negative effect on the human body, but also the long-term deprivation of the body of some type of food (dangerous diets). So, there are long-term dangerous diets in which a person eats mainly only carbohydrates or only proteins.

With such dangerous diets, the food ingredients vital for it do not enter the human body, and an excess of other food components is created, which the human body uses for other purposes.

Protein diets are especially dangerous. With such unhealthy diets, you can lose weight, but it can cause significant damage to the kidneys. With proper nutrition, proteins are used to build body tissues, and carbohydrates provide energy for these processes. If carbohydrates do not enter the body in the required amount, then proteins or fats are used as an energy source. If proteins are used as a source of energy, then poisonous toxic products accumulate in the body. After a protein diet, the body begins to strenuously store energy material, depositing reserves in the form of fat.

With a harmful diet with a lack of proteins, immunity decreases, the skin ages prematurely, nails and hair become brittle and dull. With a lack of fat in the body, metabolism is disturbed.

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