Educational Toys From 6 Months

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Educational Toys From 6 Months
Educational Toys From 6 Months

Video: Educational Toys From 6 Months

Video: Educational Toys From 6 Months
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Educational toys from 6 months

Educational games for a child from 6 months should be selected based on what he already knows at this age. In most cases, with normal development, by six months, the baby can confidently roll over from the abdomen to the back and vice versa and sit without support.

Educational toys from 6 months - we make ourselves from scrap materials
Educational toys from 6 months - we make ourselves from scrap materials

After 6 months, he continues to develop rapidly - in just a few months, his movements become more and more accurate. He becomes able to reach and collect even small items. In addition, baby's wake time is constantly increasing and should be filled with age-appropriate educational games for 6 months.

Educational games for a baby 6 months

For the development of speech during this period, both psychologists and speech therapists are strongly advised to devote sufficient time to the development of fine motor skills, since it is under the influence of impulses that come from the fingers that the speech regions of the brain are formed.

One of the best educational toys from 6 months is considered to be a pyramid. At first, it will be difficult for the child to fold it himself, and he will begin by removing the rings from the rod. Mom, on the other hand, must put them back on, and the correct order must be followed - from large to small. You can diversify the game by the fact that the mother will voice the colors of the pyramid, which will help the baby to further study them. You can also find in the relevant literature or come up with poems and nursery rhymes that can accompany actions. Or you can just comment on the child's actions: “Olenka took off the ring. Olenka took off another ring. Olya took off all the rings! And for boys, you can make a homemade machine with the help of improvised tools and rings.

Another good educational toy from 6 months is the whirligig. Almost all kids like this toy, and they can play with it for a long time. First, the baby will touch, examine and twirl it in his hands. Then he will watch with delight how she turns. At this age, most of all they like large toys that make sounds during movement, and animals, as a rule, horses move inside the body.

The greatest delight in children is when they manage to run the whirligig on their own. To do this, you first need to help the child with this several times, while you should not forget that together with the child you need to rejoice at each of his new skills and even small achievements.

If the whirligig still seems to be a rather difficult educational toy for a 6-month-old child, you can offer him a tumbler. As a rule, a toy swaying from side to side pleases the baby, developing his observation, attention and coordination of movements.

Also, babies at this age are attracted by everything that can be unbuttoned and buttoned. Developmental toys from 6 months with Velcro are best suited for this. These can be children's books made of special material. For this purpose, an unnecessary bag is also suitable, which is not a pity to give to the baby. If the advantage of a children's book is bright pictures and the ability to flip through the pages, which will contribute to the development of hand motility, then the value of the bag lies in the fact that various medium-sized toys can be put into it for the baby, which he will take out with interest and put back.

One of the good educational games for a child from 6 months old is the "Tunnel" game. It is suitable for children for training muscles, improving coordination, practicing new and improving existing movements. It requires a large box with a walk-through. To attract the child's attention, you need to sit opposite the exit and call the baby or put a toy at the exit. The main thing is to make sure that the baby is not frightened inside the box until he gets comfortable with the new game. To help him, you can change with the baby - as a rule, meeting a mother crawling through the tunnel gives the child great joy, which teaches him to show his emotions.

You can also consolidate motor skills with the help of "Catch-up". This educational game for a 6 month old baby allows you to develop cognitive abilities and senses and practice synchronization of movements. In order for the game to be interesting, let your baby catch up with you more often. And to play with the whole family, you can use various obstacles - large soft toys and cushions. They will also come in handy in order to teach the baby to overcome obstacles, which will also contribute to the development of motor skills.

How to choose an educational toy for a child from 6 months

To organize educational games for a child of 6 months, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive toys. Simple and versatile toys are best suited for this. At this age, children are very attracted to the kitchen. Therefore, a set of plastic utensils with which you can try to imitate your mother in cooking dinner will be a good choice for a child of this age.

Many children prefer real kitchen items to toy sets. Suitable for this purpose:

  • Plastic spoons, cups and plates. Also, children are usually attracted by yogurt cups, which can be folded into one another like a pyramid;
  • Wooden spoons that are fun to knock;
  • Plastic bottles - they can be either empty or filled with water or cereals;
  • A set of multi-colored kitchen sponges that children often use as their first construction set;
  • Lidded plastic jars that can hold a few lumps of sugar or some cereal, which turns them into a noise instrument.

With this approach, the kid, who often switches his attention, can take quite a long time, offering him various options for uncomplicated kitchen boils.

For girls from 6 months old, educational games can be organized using homemade dolls. In addition to the fact that in this case you can be sure that they are made of environmentally friendly materials, such dolls are always more attractive to children, since they can be endowed with any qualities.

How to properly organize educational games with a child of 6 months
How to properly organize educational games with a child of 6 months

Also, rag dolls and toys that are worn on the hand are suitable for communicating with the child and teaching him. Such educational toys from 6 months old can be bought in a children's store, or you can make it yourself using old gloves, colored shreds and buttons. With the help of such toys, attention, memory and creative thinking are developed. While the baby is following the movements, he improves the existing motor skills, and also trains the muscles of the neck when he turns the head.

Parents should be aware that simple actions such as trying to remove and put on socks or squeeze and unclench a sponge are also necessary for the baby to develop. Therefore, it is important at this age to limit his movements solely for safety reasons.

Since play is an important part of the development of children, the selection of games and toys must be approached responsibly. Using their diversity and creativity, the child will be able to receive all-round development.

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