Pills After Abortion: What And When To Take?

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Pills After Abortion: What And When To Take?
Pills After Abortion: What And When To Take?

Video: Pills After Abortion: What And When To Take?

Video: Pills After Abortion: What And When To Take?
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Pills after abortion

Do I need to drink antibiotics after an abortion
Do I need to drink antibiotics after an abortion

It is difficult for a woman who has undergone an artificial termination of pregnancy (abortion) to quickly restore her psychological and physiological health. Whatever heights medicine reaches, intrusion into the natural processes of nature always entails negative consequences. Therefore, abortion is still a source of various complications and diseases. To prevent them, doctors prescribe the necessary medications for women after an abortion.

Every woman has an individual rehabilitation process after an abortion, just like any organism is individual. Therefore, we will immediately make a reservation that only a specialist can prescribe pills after an abortion. In no case should you self-medicate. What helped one woman, another may not only be useless, but also cause serious harm to her body.

Antibiotics after abortion

When performing an abortion, i.e. invasion of the uterine cavity, violation of the integrity of its covering, there is always a threat of penetration of microbes that can cause various inflammatory diseases. There is a risk of developing endometritis, parametritis, pelvioperitonitis. To prevent such complications, a woman is prescribed antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs after an abortion. The course of treatment includes antibiotics, sulfa and antifungal drugs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition, it can be supplemented with other medications such as hormonal contraceptives or vitamins.

The use of oral contraceptives allows a woman's body to recover faster, because normalizes hormones. But most importantly, these pills after an abortion protect a woman from the onset of a new one, undesirable for her at this stage of pregnancy.

Vitamins are prescribed to maintain the immunity of the body weakened by abortion.

Antibiotics after an abortion are prescribed to prevent the development of various infectious and inflammatory complications, as well as to treat diseases that have already appeared as a result of abortion.

Antibiotics after abortion are prescribed only by the attending physician and under his constant supervision. The course of treatment is usually 7 days. When prescribing antibiotics, preference is given to drugs of the aminoglycoside series - netromycin, gentamicin. Perhaps the use of amoxicillin, metronidazole. But, we repeat, only a doctor can prescribe antibacterial drugs after an abortion, choose the right dosage. Do not self-medicate, because almost all antibiotics, especially aminoglycosides, have a whole list of side effects. In addition, antibiotics affect the hormonal balance, due to which the effectiveness of the hormonal contraceptives used is weakened, and unwanted pregnancy can occur.

When using antibiotics prescribed by your doctor, strictly adhere to the dosage regimen and do not try to cancel or prolong them yourself.

Post-abortion contraceptive drugs

To fully restore the health of a woman who has undergone an artificial termination of pregnancy, it is necessary to take measures to prevent the onset of a new pregnancy in the near future.

The damaged reproductive system of a woman after an abortion is restored rather quickly. Therefore, the possibility of repeated pregnancy arises. To prevent a new pregnancy and therefore a new abortion, your doctor may recommend the necessary contraceptive measures.

The most common post-abortion contraceptive is oral, i.e. tablets containing synthetic analogs of female sex hormones. They should be taken no later than a week after the abortion, but it is best to take the first pill on the evening of the day of surgery.

The barrier method of prevention is also effective. This includes the use of condoms, vaginal suppositories, gels and ointments containing spermicides, i.e. substances that have a detrimental effect on sperm and deprive them of their ability to move.

Anti-inflammatory drugs after abortion
Anti-inflammatory drugs after abortion

General strengthening drugs after abortion

Post-abortion pills also include vitamin complexes. They are aimed at restoring the immune system of a woman's body that has suffered a serious trauma as a result of an abortion. In addition, a number of contraceptives and antibiotics sometimes have a negative effect on a fragile body.

Therefore, depending on the woman's health status, vitamin therapy is carried out in conjunction with the use of all essential drugs after abortion (anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics and hormonal contraceptives). The psychological stress received by a woman during an abortion also requires treatment, for which specially created vitamin-mineral complexes rich in B vitamins are used. The course of vitamin therapy usually lasts from one to three months.

The use of drugs after an abortion requires a well-grounded approach that takes into account all the nuances of the state of the woman's body. You cannot use them at your own discretion or on the advice of close relatives, friends, so as not to harm your health. It is also unsafe to be guided by the insert instructions. the body of every woman, like her disease, is individual. Therefore, before taking pills after an abortion, contact an antenatal clinic.

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