Adaptovit - Instructions For The Use Of The Drink, Reviews, Price, Analogues

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Adaptovit - Instructions For The Use Of The Drink, Reviews, Price, Analogues
Adaptovit - Instructions For The Use Of The Drink, Reviews, Price, Analogues

Video: Adaptovit - Instructions For The Use Of The Drink, Reviews, Price, Analogues

Video: Adaptovit - Instructions For The Use Of The Drink, Reviews, Price, Analogues
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Adaptovit: instructions for use and reviews

  1. 1. Release form and composition
  2. 2. Pharmacological properties
  3. 3. Indications for use
  4. 4. Contraindications
  5. 5. Method of application and dosage
  6. 6. Side effects
  7. 7. Overdose
  8. 8. Special instructions
  9. 9. Drug interactions
  10. 10. Analogs
  11. 11. Terms and conditions of storage
  12. 12. Terms of dispensing from pharmacies
  13. 13. Reviews
  14. 14. Price in pharmacies

Latin name: Adaptovit

Active ingredient: ginseng root + Manchurian aralia + Chinese magnolia vine + prickly Eleutherococcus + Safflower Leuzea (radix ginseng + aralia mandshurica + schisandra chinensis + eleutherococcus senticosus + rhaponticum carthamoides)

Producer: LLC Corporation "Siberian Health" (Russia)

Description and photo update: 2019-19-08

Oral solution Adaptovit
Oral solution Adaptovit

Adaptovit is a biologically active food additive (BAA), a source of panaxosides and organic acids.

Release form and composition

The dosage form of Adaptovit is a solution (in bottles with a dropper, 1.5–100 ml each).

Active ingredients (as aqueous extract):

  • Chinese schisandra seeds;
  • roots of the Manchu aralia;
  • Leuzea roots;
  • roots of Eleutherococcus;
  • rhizomes and roots of Rhodiola rosea.

Additional components: sodium benzoate, distilled water, ethyl alcohol (mass fraction - not more than 1.5%).

Pharmacological properties

Adaptovit has a multivitamin, metabolic and tonic effect. It has a complex effect on the body, significantly enhancing its adaptive mechanisms. The preparation contains phytoadaptogens in specially selected dosages, which provide an extensive therapeutic effect without side reactions. The dietary supplement increases the intensity of heart contractions, normalizes blood pressure, stimulates regeneration processes, improves metabolism and cerebral circulation, reduces the risk of developing vascular thrombosis, increases immunity, vitality, ensures efficiency and stress resistance.

Indications for use

According to the instructions, Adaptovit is prescribed as a source of panaxosides and organic acids.


  • hypertension stage III-IV;
  • insomnia;
  • severe atherosclerosis;
  • cardiac disorders;
  • increased nervous irritability;
  • reception in the evening;
  • period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • hypersensitivity to the components of the dietary supplement.

Instructions for use of Adaptovit: method and dosage

Drink Adaptovit is taken orally, along with food.

The recommended scheme for the use of dietary supplements for adults: 2 times a day (morning and afternoon), 1 drop. A single dose should be dissolved in a teaspoon of liquid.

Duration of use is 14-30 days.

Side effects

When applied, the development of allergic reactions is possible.


There are no reports of Adaptovit overdose cases.

special instructions

Drink Adaptovit is not a medicine.

Drug interactions

There is no information on interactions with other medicinal products.


Analogs of Adaptovit are: Aralia tincture, Leuzea liquid extract, Ginseng tincture, Rhodiola liquid extract.

Terms and conditions of storage

Store at room temperature. Keep out of the reach of children.

Expiration date - 1 year.

Terms of dispensing from pharmacies

Available without a prescription.

Reviews about Adapt

The effectiveness of this dietary supplement has been confirmed by studies of many research institutes (Novosibirsk Medical Institute, Siberian Medical University, Research Institute of Cardiology of Tomsk, Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sports), in which athletes and patients of different age groups took part. According to reviews, Adaptovit increases the body's performance and resistance to infections. It gives especially good results when used in frequently ill children suffering from persistent acute respiratory infections. Children become more balanced and learnable, their irritability disappears and the frequency of headaches decreases.

Adaptovit is used in the complex treatment of atopic dermatitis, which makes it possible to achieve a stable remission for 5 months. In the treatment of pediatric patients with bronchial asthma, there is an improvement in bronchial conduction and overall well-being. Sleep is also normalized, and asthenoneurotic complaints disappear.

The effect of Adaptovit manifests itself in different ways in different patients: some notice a surge of strength and energy immediately after the start of the intake, while in others the effect is observed only after a week: headaches disappear, a feeling of fatigue, drowsiness and weakness, mood rises, blood pressure normalizes.

Price for Adaptovit in pharmacies

The approximate price for Adaptovit in 3 ml vials is 158 rubles, and in 10 ml vials - 410 rubles.

Maria Kulkes
Maria Kulkes

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Education: First Moscow State Medical University named after I. M. Sechenov, specialty "General Medicine".

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