Pimples On The Labia

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Pimples On The Labia
Pimples On The Labia

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Video: Pimples On The Labia
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Pimples on the labia

Sexually transmitted disease is one of the causes of acne on the labia
Sexually transmitted disease is one of the causes of acne on the labia

Pimples on the labia are a very unpleasant and delicate problem that is not customary to discuss with anyone other than a doctor. In some cases, women are simply embarrassed to plan a visit to the clinic for such an intimate occasion. However, you should not delay with a consultation with a specialist: a rash on the external genitals of a woman may indicate not only non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, but also the beginning of the development of a serious infectious disease.

Acne on the labia: causes and types

A rash on the labia may look like white, raised pimples with purulent exudate. When the purulent head matures, such acne, as a rule, quickly disappears - however, there may be various reasons for the appearance of white acne on the labia. These include:

  • Microtrauma resulting from hair removal in the bikini area. Rashes that occur for this reason pass on the second or third day and do not pose a particular danger to a woman;
  • Synthetic underwear. Clothes made from unnatural fabrics do not allow moisture or air to pass through, thereby causing irritation in the genital area. Overly tight underwear has a similar effect on the skin;
  • Overheating or hypothermia. The critical temperature (both low and high) causes circulatory disorders, as a result of which the local immunity, unable to cope with the causative agents of pustular diseases, provides acne with the possibility of uncontrolled reproduction;
  • Venereal diseases. Large abscesses located in the mucous membranes of the labia minora can be caused by sexually transmitted diseases, for example, the human papillomavirus.

Internal pimples on the labia do not cause pain, but are palpable. They may be the result of the following violations:

  • Dilated sebaceous glands. This condition is a physiological feature of a woman and does not pose any threat. Subcutaneous acne on the labia caused by this cause can independently decrease or increase in volume, without causing concern to its owner and without requiring treatment;
  • Fatty cysts. The consequence of the appearance of "wen" on the genitals of women is the clogging of the sebaceous glands on the skin as a result of an increase in the density of secretions. If fatty cysts are non-inflamed, these formations are not dangerous. Otherwise, they require surgical removal.
  • Weak immunity. Subcutaneous acne both on the labia minora and on the labia majora can occur due to the active division of aggressive protective cells. Against the background of impaired immune processes, the target of attack of these cells is their own body.

When acne appears on the labia of a red hue, you should pay attention to their size and soreness on palpation. If the formations are small and do not cause pain, they may be one of the types of acne localized on the woman's genitals. A significant amount of inflammation can be caused by factors such as:

  • Endocrine diseases and hormonal disruptions. This cause of acne on the labia is often found in women in the climacteric period and in adolescents;
  • Frequent lack of sleep, stress, malfunctioning of the nervous system.

Another type of acne localized on the labia is watery. If the watery formations have a pointed apex with a dense structure, these are most likely papillomas. The nature of the formation of papillomas may be a decrease in immunity or infection with the human papillomavirus.

Compliance with the rules of intimate hygiene is the basis of the treatment of acne on the labia
Compliance with the rules of intimate hygiene is the basis of the treatment of acne on the labia

Bursting and fluid-secreting bubbles can be caused by the herpes virus, which is dangerous not only for its owner, but also for her sexual partner.

Treatment of acne on the labia

Treatment of acne on the labia must be carried out after confirmation of the diagnosis by a specialist. Despite the seeming harmlessness, a rash on the labia often indicates the presence of a serious illness in a woman. It is necessary to go for a consultation with a dermatovenerologist or gynecologist, without delay, in the following cases:

  • The intensity of the rash remains unchanged for two weeks;
  • The rash is watery;
  • A woman is worried about swelling, severe itching or peeling of the labia;
  • Pimples on the labia appeared after unprotected sexual contact;
  • Against the background of the rash, there is a deterioration in the general condition of the woman, an increase in lymph nodes, an increase in body temperature;
  • Non-healing open wounds are present in the genital area.

Further treatment of acne on the labia will depend on the etiology of the disease, based on strict adherence to the rules of personal hygiene, the use of antiseptic agents, and in some cases - antiallergic, hormonal drugs and antibiotics.

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