How To Feed A Baby At 2 Months

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How To Feed A Baby At 2 Months
How To Feed A Baby At 2 Months

Video: How To Feed A Baby At 2 Months

Video: How To Feed A Baby At 2 Months
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How to feed a baby at 2 months

As well as for a one-month-old baby, the only food for a baby in the second month of life should be mother's milk.

How to feed a baby at 2 months, if there is no milk - tips, reviews, recommendations
How to feed a baby at 2 months, if there is no milk - tips, reviews, recommendations

Baby 2 months: what to feed

Breast milk fully satisfies the nutritional needs of a two-month-old person. By this age of the child, the mother is already fully accustomed to her new role and acquires the skills of breastfeeding. Those who wish can observe the age-specific feeding regime, and those who prefer to adhere to the latest trends can choose the on-demand feeding regime, that is, there should be as many attachments as the child "requests", but not less than six times a day.

When determining the daily amount of milk that the baby should receive, his body weight should be multiplied by 0.2. Modern research suggests that breast milk also satisfies your baby's water needs. In general, if a child is active and cheerful, looks cheerful and gains weight normally, this means that the amount of milk he receives is sufficient.

If something distracts your baby while feeding, it makes sense to change the environment or eliminate the distraction. If the child is obviously hungry, but distracts himself from eating, and the measures taken do not help, the issue of possible hyperexcitability and adequate response measures should be discussed with the pediatrician.

Sometimes a wet diaper test is done to make sure the baby is getting enough nutrition. Its essence is in counting daily urination. For a day, you need to replace the usual and comfortable diapers with textiles and calculate how many times the baby peed per day. At the same time, you need to choose the exact time of testing - say, from 9.00 to 9.00 tomorrow. If the testing period coincides with the cold season, one day of walking in the fresh air will need to be canceled so as not to catch a cold.

If, when determining the number of daily urinations by counting clothes soaked by a child, there are 12 or more times, then the diet is normal. If their number is from 8 to 10, then there are still small problems, but they do not pose any serious threat to health. If there are 6 or less wet "diapers", the baby systematically does not eat up, and the situation needs correction - how and what to feed the baby at 2 months.

Mom's nutrition during breastfeeding should be balanced and without drastic innovations, since the baby's digestive system is not yet ready for them. Experts recommend lactating women not to overeat, but to eat in small portions, but at the same time at least after 2.5-3 hours.

The ideal meal plan is when the mother eats immediately after the baby is finished feeding. By the end of the second month of life, the child's weight gain should be 800 g, and his height should increase by 2.5 cm.

How to feed a baby at 2 months if there is no milk

When the child does not have enough milk, he often reads to be capricious. In fact, even a woman who has never had children of her own is able to breastfeed someone else's baby. A true lack of milk occurs in only 3% of women. For everyone else, specialists can help in the formation or resumption of lactation.

If breastfeeding is really impossible for objective reasons, they resort to using adapted milk formulas. As far as practically feasible, they are so close in composition to human milk.

Cow's milk, which is the basis of milk formulas for healthy children, can be considered relatively similar in characteristics to breast milk. Nevertheless, it differs significantly from the original in many respects. In particular, in terms of valuable fatty acids, carbohydrates and vitamins, its composition is inferior to human milk, and in terms of microelements and proteins it exceeds.

In order for the main protein of cow's milk - casein - to also act gently on the digestive system of the child, like whey proteins in breast milk, it is subjected to serious processing. As a result, the very adapted milk formulas are made on its basis, which help to optimally solve the question of how to feed a baby at 2 months.

Milk fat in formula for artificial feeding is completely or partially replaced by vegetable fats, and lactose acts as the main carbohydrate component. Also, in the manufacture of adapted milk mixtures, their mineral and vitamin composition is corrected, sometimes they are enriched with valuable amino acids.

Formulas for artificial feeding are produced in a ready-to-eat form and in the form of a dry concentrate. Also, milk formulas can be made on the basis of fresh or sour milk.

Is it possible to feed a baby at 2 months with something other than a mixture
Is it possible to feed a baby at 2 months with something other than a mixture

For a two-month-old baby, it is preferable to choose the most adapted formulas, mainly made on the basis of fresh milk. It is also worth discussing with the pediatrician the possibility of using the Nanny formula, made from goat's milk and the composition that is closest to mother's milk. There are also special formulas on the market for children with certain health characteristics. The final decision on how to feed a baby at 2 months should be carried out under the supervision of a pediatrician.

How to feed a baby at 2 months, except for the mixture

At the age of two months, the baby's body is not ready for any other food, except for breast milk. Every effort should be made to maintain lactation. If all attempts are in vain, with the help of a pediatrician, they decide what to feed the baby at 2 months. It is the selected adapted milk formula and water that will become the main and only diet for the child for the next few months.

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