Charging For Children 5 Years And Older

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Charging For Children 5 Years And Older
Charging For Children 5 Years And Older

Video: Charging For Children 5 Years And Older

Video: Charging For Children 5 Years And Older
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Charging for children 5 years and older

Benefits of charging for children 5 years and older
Benefits of charging for children 5 years and older

The benefits of morning exercises for a developing body are great. It contributes to the harmonious growth and development of the child. Morning exercises for children 5 years old should be done daily 15-30 minutes before or 1-1.5 hours after eating in a well-ventilated area. The duration of the lessons usually does not exceed 15 minutes.

In the summertime, morning exercises are best done outdoors. Parents should bring exercise mats while sitting or lying down. Jogging for short distances can be added to standard exercises. It is better to choose clothes for classes made of natural materials and without tight elastic bands. If classes are held at home, then you need to put on cotton socks on your feet, if outside - cloth shoes or leather shoes.

It is better to do exercises for children 5 years old with rhythmic music, which will not only help the baby to awaken from sleep, but also cheer up. At the end of the exercise, the child can be invited to dance a little impromptu, which can increase his interest in morning exercises. His favorite cartoon songs are ideal for musical accompaniment. In this case, it is best to select music for classes with your baby. Children 10 years old can already do charging on their own.

Charging for kids 5 and over: practical tips

In order for a child to be healthy, it is necessary to instill in him a love of a healthy lifestyle from early childhood. You can start doing morning exercises with your child from the moment he starts walking. Parents can help them do simple exercises like pull-ups, squats, and jumping in place by supporting their arms.

At the age of 4-5 years, the child can already perform the charging elements on his own, the exercises should not be too heavy, and the duration of morning exercises should not exceed 7-8 minutes, whereas, for example, charging for children 10 years old can be up to 20 minutes.

Parents should do exercises with their child. Only by their own example can they develop the habit of doing morning exercises in the baby. Such a joint pastime will have a positive impact on the relationship between parents and children. It is important to remember that exercise is just a way to "turn on" the body after waking up, and not a full-fledged workout - fixing the load is out of the question, the exercises should be easy to do, and the child should feel comfortable and enjoy the exercise. The benefits of charging for children 6 years of age and older are usually visible after a few sessions - the child becomes more cheerful, sleep and appetite normalize, health and mood improve, many note that schoolchildren have improved academic performance.

Exercising for children 7 years and older is necessary for the versatile development of the child, the formation of a strong-willed character, leadership qualities, its action is aimed at developing endurance. As a result, many parents are watching their children become more organized and responsible.

Charging for children from 5 years old: practical advice
Charging for children from 5 years old: practical advice

Another indisputable fact that speaks about the benefits of charging for children 5 years of age and older is the correct breathing developed during the exercise. During classes, the child should not hold his breath, and the rhythmic movements performed at the same time in time with breathing allow to increase the depth of inhalation. Due to this, the supply of oxygen to the brain improves, as a result of which the child's well-being improves, his memory becomes more flexible, concentration of attention improves, and in general he becomes more conscious.

In most cases, there are no contraindications to doing morning exercises. Sometimes you can add exercises to the complex that are necessary to correct a particular disease. Exercising for children 6 years of age and older contributes to the formation of correct posture and the development of the child's musculoskeletal system, which is especially necessary when the workload associated with schooling increases.

Exercise for kids 5 and older: exercise

So, going directly to the exercises performed while charging, it should be noted that charging for children 5 years old will be very different from charging for older children:

  • Exercising for preschoolers often takes place in a playful way;
  • Exercises must be performed under parental supervision;
  • The morning routine should only consist of simple and easy exercises.

It is still too early to talk about the use of additional sports equipment, while the exercises performed while charging for children of 9 years old can already be done using weights of half a kilogram. In addition, at this age, the child is already ready to independently perform the morning complex.

Exercising for children 5-6 years old can be presented to the kid in the form of the game "Sports Zoo", in which the animals are preparing for the sports Olympiad. At first, parents offer the child to jump together with bunnies or squirrels, then walk on all fours like a bear cub, stretch out on toes with raised arms like a giraffe, and so on. By including imagination, simple physical exercises turn into an exciting game. The main thing to remember is that the duration of charging for children 5 years old should not exceed 7-8 minutes a day.

Charging for children of 7 years old is carried out on average 10 minutes a day. It should start with a short warm-up, for which head rotations, pull-ups with outstretched arms up and to the sides, squats and jumps are suitable. After the warm-up, jogging follows on the spot or, if the size of the room allows, around the perimeter, after which you can do various exercises with the child to strengthen the muscles of the legs, arms, back and abs.

The charging time for children 8 years old increases to 12-15 minutes. You can safely add stretching to the exercises familiar to the child, if you wish, you can make a bridge and other gymnastic elements. A morning jog in the fresh air, which is especially relevant when there is a dog in the house, may well act as a charge for children 8 years old.

Charging for children 9 years old lasts for 15-20 minutes, the number of repetitions of the exercises increases, and the exercises themselves become more varied and complex. In addition, at this age, the child is already quite capable of doing morning exercises on his own. Children who are accustomed to morning exercises from an early age will conscientiously perform all exercises, independently select new elements for themselves and increase the charging time. Parents who, despite the child's age, still want to do exercises together, should take into account that girls at this age are more attracted to various dance elements, and boys will more willingly perform elements of boxing or karate.

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