Children's Behavior In Public Places

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Children's Behavior In Public Places
Children's Behavior In Public Places

Video: Children's Behavior In Public Places

Video: Children's Behavior In Public Places
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Children's behavior in public places

Code of conduct for children in public transport
Code of conduct for children in public transport

The natural entry of a child into society largely depends on his behavior and cultural skills: it is much easier for a well-educated person to join a team, to establish relationships with others, to win the respect and recognition of adults and peers. Therefore, teaching the rules of child behavior in society is one of the key tasks of raising children.

Rules of conduct for children in public places

In public places, be it theater, museum, zoo or transport, children constantly bump into other people. Due to the observance of the simple rules of the child's behavior in society, the skills of the culture of behavior are formed.

First of all, the baby must remember that in public places they speak softly, in no case should you shout, if only there is a good reason for this. This is especially true for museums and theaters. The child must clearly understand the purpose of coming to this or that cultural institution. For this, the house is discussed in advance how to behave in such places. But conversations alone are not enough, there must be a whole system of influence so that the child gradually learns the correct behavior. For example, it is necessary to take a son or daughter to the theater from an early age, then, thanks to the prompts of their parents, they will quickly learn good habits.

The second rule of behavior for children in public places says that it is indecent to rustle candy wrappers, eat or drink something in the theater during a performance. For this there is a buffet and an intermission. It is necessary to explain to the child why, for example, in the cinema you can drink Coca-Cola and eat popcorn, but not in the theater. The kid should hear from an adult in detail and several times about the requirements that are imposed on visitors in the theater.

Finally, the third rule of behavior for children in public places is about how to behave in museums and exhibitions. It is necessary to explain to the child that it is forbidden to enter with ice cream or drinks, and it is also forbidden to touch the exhibits with your hands. During the tour, you must carefully listen to the guide. To interest the child, you can tell him about the upcoming exhibition in advance and form his need to get acquainted with the exhibits personally. In this case, it will be easier for the baby to control his behavior.

Children's behavior on public transport

Particular attention should be paid to the behavior of children in public transport, since many schoolchildren and adolescents neglect the elementary rules of courtesy on buses, trolleybuses and subways. Accepted norms of behavior in public transport:

  • When entering the transport, it is necessary to let women with children or elderly people through;
  • No need to stand at the entrance and block the passage for passengers preparing to exit;
  • It is always necessary to give way to the disabled, the elderly, women with children and pregnant women;
  • Moving in a crowd of passengers, you cannot help yourself with your elbows, it is better to ask in your voice, and not to push;
  • Teaching the rules of child behavior in society
    Teaching the rules of child behavior in society

    When sneezing or coughing, cover your mouth with your hands or a handkerchief;

  • Do not drink or eat in public transport, as you can accidentally stain the clothes of a neighboring passenger or the seat of the carriage;
  • While in the salon, you don't need to talk or laugh loudly.

These rules are very simple and accessible to everyone. It is a good idea to accompany them with words such as "Thank you", "Be kind", "Thank you" and "Please".

Teaching children to behave in public places, like any other educational action, requires pedagogical efforts from parents, educators and teachers. The child does not know the rules, so they need to be explained to him, and more than once. And do not forget that children imitate adults in everything, which means that only their own positive example can teach a child a culture of behavior.

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