Pain In The Left Side - Possible Causes

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Pain In The Left Side - Possible Causes
Pain In The Left Side - Possible Causes

Video: Pain In The Left Side - Possible Causes

Video: Pain In The Left Side - Possible Causes
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Pain in the left side - possible causes

Why the left side hurts under the ribs
Why the left side hurts under the ribs

What does the pain in the left side say? This is a rather large area in which muscles, segments of the intestine, spleen, pancreas, stomach, and organs of the genitourinary system are located. Therefore, pain in the left side can signal a variety of ailments, from kidney inflammation to herniated discs. Let us examine in more detail the possible causes of the onset of pain and accompanying symptoms.

Pain in the left side in the lumbar region

If the cause of the discomfort is associated with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, then the patient may experience two types of pain - aching and acute. Localization of pain impulses - lower back, back side of the side.

Aching, dull and pulling pain in the left side indicates a chronic disease (most often spondyloarthrosis), it usually worsens when the position of the body does not change for a long time - at night, after sleep, after prolonged sitting.

A sharp pain in the left side in the lower back indicates an acute course of the disease, this may be a sign of a lumbago and even a herniated disc. This symptom occurs after a temperature drop, intense massage, hypothermia, it increases with movement, coughing, deep breathing.

The left side hurts under the ribs

Pain in the hypochondrium can indicate a number of diseases associated with the cardiovascular system, pathology of the lungs, abdominal organs, trauma, and neurological problems.

If the left side of the abdomen hurts for cardiac reasons, it can be a symptom of serious diseases such as coronary artery disease, cardioneurosis, pericarditis, or myocarditis. With ischemic heart disease, as a rule, retrosternal pain occurs after exertion and stress, combined with pain in the back, arm, and lower jaw. The attack may be accompanied by shortness of breath, a feeling of interruptions in the heartbeat, and a rapid pulse. In severe cases, coronary artery disease can lead to cardiac arrest. The harbingers of such a situation, along with the usual pain in the left side, can be psychological lability and fear of death. The disease is reliably diagnosed by ECG. In chronic heart failure, the sensation when the left side hurts under the ribs, combined with swelling of the lower extremities and specific shortness of breath,because of which a person takes a forced sitting position.

If the reason that the left side hurts under the ribs is the pathology of the lungs, then in most cases we are talking about pneumonia. The symptomatology is combined with acute fever and chills, it is aggravated by coughing and breathing, the cough is usually dry, and the phlegm leaves in small quantities and with a characteristic rusty color. In addition, shortness of breath, weakness, fatigue, sweating at night or with any even the smallest physical activity indicate pneumonia. Changes in the lung tissue are diagnosed using x-rays.

With pathological mobility of the abdominal organs, when the left side hurts under the ribs, they are partially displaced into the chest through a natural or pathological opening in the diaphragm. The so-called diaphragmatic hernia occurs. Symptoms will depend on which organs are displaced. For example, if it is the esophagus, then not only the left side of the abdomen hurts, but also heartburn, belching, shortness of breath occur. Their intensity depends on the abundance of food. On an empty stomach, the discomfort disappears altogether. Sometimes vomiting brings relief. The most characteristic indicator is "gurgling and rumbling" in the chest. To clarify the diagnosis, an x-ray is performed using a contrast agent.

Traumatic pain in the left side occurs due to soft tissue bruises, falls, rib fractures, cracks. Its origin does not raise unnecessary questions among patients. For traumatic pain, an X-ray is taken to rule out or confirm cracks and fractures in the ribs.

The left side of the abdomen hurts with neuropathology, for example, with intercostal neuralgia. This phenomenon is caused by irritation of the nerve fibers, which increases with high physical activity. The feeling when the left side hurts under the ribs occurs with sudden movements, coughing, sneezing, palpation of parts of the body along the chest and is accompanied by muscle contractions or twitching, intense sweating, sometimes the skin in the area of damage to the nerve fibers loses sensitivity. With osteochondrosis, the pain is shrouded in nature, in addition, numbness and discomfort are felt when the arms are moved. With lumbar osteochondrosis, the discomfort increases when walking, bending.

The left side hurts below - what is the reason

When the patient claims that the left side is in pain in the lower abdomen, he usually means the area from the costal soul to the pubic bones of the pelvis, namely, the place where the internal organs are concentrated. Unpleasant sensations in this area can be associated with pathology of the large or small intestine, kidneys and urinary tract, genital area, as well as injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system.

With pathologies of the small intestine, pain in the left side is concentrated in the navel. In addition, bloating and swelling of the abdomen, as well as spastic contractions, may indicate the disease. If the pain is associated with the work of the large intestine, then its cause may be dysbiosis, colitis, inflammatory diseases of the rectum and adjacent organs, hemorrhoids, venous congestion in the pelvic organs, etc. Symptoms depend on the specific disease.

A woman's left side of the abdomen hurts
A woman's left side of the abdomen hurts

Kidney disease is characterized by local and general symptoms. Pain in the left side exactly corresponds to the location of the kidney, while bulging in the lumbar region may be observed, and the skin over the projection of the kidneys may turn red. Usually, you can observe changes in urine - darkening, the appearance of bloody blotches, etc., as well as frequent urge to urinate, discomfort or burning when trying to go to the toilet. In addition, general weakness and fatigue, poor appetite, headache, swelling of the eyelids in the morning, high blood pressure, and pale skin may also indicate kidney disease.

If the reason that the left side hurts at the bottom lies in diseases of the genital area, other symptoms that depend on the nature of the disease join the unpleasant sensations. Discomfort in women is caused by inflammatory processes in the fallopian tubes and ovaries, ectopic pregnancy. In men, this may be due to vesiculitis, prostatitis, epididymitis, orchitis, etc. As a rule, these diseases of an inflammatory nature are accompanied by an increase in temperature.

We hope that the recommendations described by us will help you understand the origin of pain in the left side and consult a specialist in a timely manner. Remember, in order to make an accurate diagnosis, in most cases it is necessary not only to determine where it hurts, but also to do a number of tests. These recommendations cannot be the basis for self-medication - only a doctor can establish the exact cause of pain and prescribe adequate treatment.

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