How To Lose Weight In The Chest - Methods, Exercises At Home

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How To Lose Weight In The Chest - Methods, Exercises At Home
How To Lose Weight In The Chest - Methods, Exercises At Home

Video: How To Lose Weight In The Chest - Methods, Exercises At Home

Video: How To Lose Weight In The Chest - Methods, Exercises At Home
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How to lose weight in your chest

Beautiful and toned breasts are certainly every woman's dream, but large breasts are sometimes a big problem, as they cause a lot of inconvenience.

How to lose weight in the chest - tips and tricks
How to lose weight in the chest - tips and tricks

Firstly, because of the large breasts it is quite difficult to keep their back straight, therefore, many owners of large breasts have problems with the spine in the form of a stoop, crooked posture, scoliosis, osteochondrosis and back pain, and secondly, often, large breasts are a consequence overweight and visually makes a woman even larger, thirdly, the increased attention of the male part of the population does not always give pleasure to owners of breasts 4 and larger, they often experience directly proportional emotions.

In addition, large breasts greatly complicates the choice of outerwear, especially for short and thin owners of large breasts, who find it very difficult to find clothes in size. For these reasons, many women are interested in how to lose weight in their breasts so that it, having decreased in size, has an attractive appearance and does not sag. Women's breasts are 90% fat, so when losing weight, in any case, she also loses weight in volume.

There are various ways to lose weight in the chest - it can be diet, surgery, doing a set of exercises for the chest, massages, compresses and aromatherapy.

Often, after losing weight the whole body, the breasts become saggy, if the woman does not play sports. Only a few women manage to noticeably lose weight and at the same time keep the breast parameters unchanged.

How to lose weight in the chest: methods

Losing weight in the breast occurs due to the reduction of body fat in it, which can be achieved by following a diet aimed at breaking down fats. Each lost kilogram of excess weight takes away only 20 grams from the weight of the chest, the same amount is added when gaining 1 kg. In order for breast loss to be carried out without prejudice to its appearance, with the help of a diet, you can lose weight by no more than 1% of the initial weight per week. Sitting on a rigid, low-carbon diet or mono diet is not a good idea for the long term. The choice should fall on a balanced and proper diet, observing the rules of which, the weight will go no worse than with strict diets.

It is important to realize that losing weight in the breasts, one way or another, leads to the appearance of stretch marks and sagging skin, therefore, having chosen a diet as a way to deal with large breasts, it is necessary to carry out a massage, the action of which will be aimed at improving metabolism and restoring blood circulation. Alternative medicine - compresses - can also help cope with stretch marks. The recipe for making an effective compress for weight loss of the breast is as follows:

In half a liter of boiling water, add 50 grams of chopped poppy heads, which simmer for 15 minutes over low heat. The hot broth is filtered and cooled, after which gauze is soaked in it and applied to the chest. Such a compress for weight loss of the breast should be applied several times a day for a week

Another equally effective way for those who are interested in how to keep their breasts elastic while losing weight is aromatherapy with a specially prepared mixture of oils. In order to prepare it, you need to mix 25 ml of jojoba oil, 4 drops of limette oil, 5 ml of grape seed oil and 2 drops of rose oil. The resulting mixture is rubbed in a circular motion into the skin of the chest every day for a month. According to reviews of those who were interested in how to lose weight in the chest, weight loss in this part of the body was observed towards the end of the aromatherapy course, while the chest remained elastic, and stretch marks did not appear. This result is possible because grape seeds contain substances that can maintain skin tone and make it elastic, jojoba oil is quickly absorbed and effectively fights stretch marks, limetta oil smoothes the skin,and rose oil gives it extra firmness.

The easiest way to visually shrink your breasts is to wear the right clothes. Bras with a round cup, and those that are closed in the armpit area, as well as T-shirts, dresses, blouses, sweaters or jackets in dark tones that have accents on the shoulders or belt, will also visually reduce the chest by an entire size.

The most radical method for those who are interested in how to lose weight in the breast is plastic surgery - mammoplasty. Unlike other methods, this method of getting rid of several sizes is not cheap and is not suitable for everyone, since it has a number of contraindications for use. In addition, after surgery, rough scars and scars can remain on the chest that do not go away for a long time.

Breast Slimming Exercises and Massages

In order for the breast to look neat after losing weight, it is still necessary to perform exercises to maintain it. Push-ups, dumbbell workouts, pilates, yoga, aerobics, and many other techniques can help those trying to lose weight on their breasts. Any fitness for the breast after losing weight is able to improve the shape of the breast, lift it and tone it. Do not engage in chest exercises too actively - the effect may be the opposite, measure is important in everything, so 3 workouts per week for 15-20 minutes will be quite enough for the chest to be in shape after losing weight.

The most effective exercises for those who want to know how to lose weight in the chest are as follows:

  • Raising dumbbells to the sides. Two small 1.5-2 kg dumbbells must be lifted to the sides and forward three times 15-20 times;
  • Elbow reduction. It is necessary to sit on a chair without a back, spread your arms to the sides and try to bring them closer with your elbows to each other, while springing. At 8-10, the movement should be felt as the muscles of the chest tighten. Breast slimming exercise is performed 20 times;
  • Pushups. Those with weak arms perform knee push-ups.

    Breast slimming methods
    Breast slimming methods

    Those who are worried about how to lose weight in the chest should perform push-ups with a narrow setting of the arms, since it is this type of push-up that puts a load on the inner region of the pectoral muscles. To complicate the exercise, you can perform push-ups on the fingers.

Those who are worried about how to maintain their breasts while losing weight will be interested in such a way to maintain the elasticity of this part of the body, such as massage. Contraindications to the use of massage for those who wish to know how to lose weight in the chest are the presence of hypertension and recent liposuction. The massage can be performed independently at home, but it is better to go to a professional massage therapist for several sessions, who will show you how to do it correctly, so as not to damage the mammary gland due to inexperience.

Initially, the breast is lubricated with a special cream, after which the masseur strokes the lateral parts of the breast with slight pressure and massages its central part. This is followed by a series of light tapping of the chest with the pads of the fingers, and then the tapping is carried out by the ribs of the palms. Next, the chest is kneaded and pulled up so that it takes on a beautiful shape.

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