How To Get Through The Summer Heat

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How To Get Through The Summer Heat
How To Get Through The Summer Heat

Video: How To Get Through The Summer Heat

Video: How To Get Through The Summer Heat
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How to get through the summer heat

How to get through the summer heat
How to get through the summer heat

The long-awaited summer brings with it, besides the sun, warmth and joy, one problem - how to survive the summer heat with the least loss of health. Of course, now there are air conditioners that help to cope with this task, but they help, not solve it. In fact, the air conditioner itself can become a rather serious problem, and not only in the case of a long absence of cleaning.

When a person is in a room where the air is cooled to 25 ° C, and then goes out in the summer heat of 35-40 ° C, his body is under serious stress. If this happens several times a day, the body's compensatory capabilities are depleted, and the person becomes ill. Few things are more unpleasant than a coryza in the heat of summer. How to deal with the summer heat without air conditioning? It's actually not that difficult. Long ago, certain rules were worked out, familiar to the southerners from childhood, following which greatly facilitates the situation.

  • In a room where direct sunlight hits the windows, you need to curtain the windows. It does not have to be blackout curtains, blinds or straw mats, which have long been used for this purpose in the south, are ideal;
  • Place open containers of water in each room. The water evaporating will not only cool the room a little, but will also prevent the skin from drying out. Overdrying of the skin is known to lead to early aging;
  • Ever since school physics lessons, we remember that cold air goes down, and hot air rises. On unbearably hot nights, move to sleep on the floor, opting for a mattress before bed;
  • Often, at least twice a day, take a cool (but not ice-cold!) Shower;
  • Drink plenty of water. Not liquids at all, but pure water, preferably without gas. Remember that tea, coffee, sugary drinks and beer are not a substitute for water in the summer heat;
  • Avoid exposure to the sun, if unavoidable, wear a light hat, skin should also be protected from burns with light clothing;
  • Clothing should not be tight, and in no case synthetic. Air must circulate freely between the body and clothing;
  • Rest in the summer heat
    Rest in the summer heat

    Don't eat heavy foods. Fresh vegetable salads, lean meat or fish, dairy products and fruits - this is the basis of a diet in the summer heat;

  • In the summer heat, give up alcoholic drinks, they greatly increase stress on the body.

For those who have children, it is important to remember that despite the fact that outwardly they can more easily endure the summer heat, their heat exchange is still insufficient, which means that they are more vulnerable to it. Make sure that children walk with their heads covered, drink enough water, and do not overheat.

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