Exercise In The Gym

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Exercise In The Gym
Exercise In The Gym

Video: Exercise In The Gym

Video: Exercise In The Gym
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Exercise in the gym

After the decision has been made to change your life for the better and bring your figure to the ideal standard, usually everyone rushes to get a gym membership.

The best gym exercises
The best gym exercises

However, to create a dream body, it is important not only to sign up for a club, buy a new tracksuit and comfortable shoes, but also to choose the right basic exercises in the gym, which will form a solid foundation for a new beautiful body.

How to choose a basic set of exercises in the gym

You need to start training only after a clear definition of the set of exercises, which includes a set of specific exercises that are aimed at working with specific muscle groups.

Without such a system that regulates the load on the required muscles, it may be that one muscle group is overtrained while other muscles are not receiving the required load.

The key to successful training is setting a clear goal. This can be a change in weight in one direction or another, or a desire to put your figure in order. It is quite difficult to independently choose the necessary set of exercises in the gym without experience, so it is better to rely on a trustworthy trainer who will help you understand the intricacies and advise the most suitable exercise regimen.

In the choice of exercises for training on simulators, not only initial weight, physical fitness, but also gender matter. Exercises in the gym for girls, aimed at working out a specific muscle group, are different from training for men. The main differences are intensity, exercise variation, and weight.

Proper nutrition during exercise

In addition to a properly selected set of exercises in the gym, nutrition plays an important role, which will contribute to the faster achievement of the intended goal.

In a nutritious diet, a balance must be struck between the essential food components: fats, proteins, carbohydrates and fiber. In order to lose weight, you need to reduce your calorie intake, and to gain muscle mass, on the contrary, increase it. Proteins are most important for the growth of muscle mass, which must be supplied to the body in sufficient quantities.

The basic nutritional guidelines for effective workouts include:

  • Consumption of the amount of calories necessary for muscle growth;
  • Compliance with the optimal ratio of nutrients supplied with food;
  • Exclusion from the diet of foods containing large amounts of harmful fats and carbohydrates, replacing them with more useful analogues;
  • Compliance with the correct diet, consisting in fractional food intake during the day (optimally - 5 times a day);
  • Elimination of high-calorie snacks.

Basic set of exercises in the gym

For a warm-up, it is recommended to do a cardio exercise such as a bicycle, treadmill, or elliptical trainer for 5-10 minutes. After warming up, you can start exercising in the gym.

It is recommended to perform 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions of each exercise:

  • Deadlift in a power rack - for the lower back;
  • Leg curl on the simulator - for the hips;
  • Press up on the simulator - for the shoulders;
  • Dumbbell press lying on a horizontal bench - for the chest;
  • Hyperextension - for the lower back;
  • Exercise machine curls for biceps - for biceps;
  • Push-ups on the simulator - for triceps;
  • Hack squats - for quads;
  • Incline crunches - for the press.

It is recommended to keep a pause of 5 seconds between exercises in the gym, and up to 30 seconds between sets. You can walk, restoring your breathing, but you must not allow the body to cool down. Cool down after training.

As in any other activity, having made the decision to bring your figure into an attractive form, you should observe the regularity of the exercises and adhere to the recommended dietary rules.

Exercises in the gym for girls

Many girls are afraid to work out in the gym because they don't want to look masculine.

However, properly selected strength training helps to increase muscle mass by reducing reserve fat, the excess of which usually spoils the female figure. Also, the muscle corset created through training allows you to look more fit and athletic.

Before doing exercises in the gym for girls, you should develop a training plan. For beginners, it is best to do lightweight developmental exercises for all muscle groups for several weeks in order to understand the technique of performing the exercises, which will help to avoid injury.

If the goal of visiting the gym is to lose weight, a special program should be developed. The best results are obtained with classes three times a week. During rest, the muscles have time to recover. If your body is well prepared for exercise, you can do aerobic exercise on rest days to speed up your performance. This will allow you to quickly lose weight and get the desired shape.

Exercise mistakes in the gym for beginners

Quite often, doing exercises in the gym for beginners seems difficult, and the question arises whether it is not better to exercise at home on your own. If the basic complex is developed, then you can study at home, but the gym is more preferable, since in addition to more comfortable conditions and psychological support provided by like-minded people, there are a number of other advantages:

  • Access to a variety of machines that you can try to target targeted muscle groups;
  • Support from a coach who can promptly suggest what can be improved in a complex to achieve a result;
  • The opportunity to exchange experiences with other members of the club.

When doing exercises in the gym for beginners, mistakes in technique and dynamics very often occur. If it is almost impossible to make a mistake in the cardio room, then when performing strength exercises, the help of a trainer is very often necessary, since it is important not to take the maximum weight, but to use the right muscle groups.

Gym - exercises for beginners
Gym - exercises for beginners

Also, often an important part of the information received at the first trainings is quickly forgotten, therefore, it is still better for beginners to practice under the guidance of an experienced trainer who can correct the exercise technique in time.

So, when performing a press on the chest, which strengthens the pectoral muscles, quite often, instead of connecting the shoulder blades, beginners spread the shoulder blades and stretch their shoulders after their arms with their elbows down. Instead of contracting, it stretches the pectoral muscles.

When pulling with a narrow grip to the waist to strengthen the muscles of the back, the elbows are pulled to the side, which stretches the muscles of the back instead of contracting them.

When performing the exercise in the gym - vertical pull to the chest with a wide grip to strengthen the muscles of the back, beginners hold the bar asymmetrically, which can lead to damage to the spine.

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