Weight Loss Conspiracy

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Weight Loss Conspiracy
Weight Loss Conspiracy

Video: Weight Loss Conspiracy

Video: Weight Loss Conspiracy
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Weight loss conspiracy

Types of weight loss conspiracies
Types of weight loss conspiracies

Being overweight is a rather serious problem that is not so easy to deal with. Usually, the fight against excess weight begins with various low-calorie diets, of which a lot has been developed today. As a rule, after the end of the diet, weight quickly returns, which prompts to look for other methods of losing weight.

Weight loss conspiracies are usually remembered when all the easy ways have been tried, but the desired result has not been achieved. Most of the Russian conspiracies, believed to have magical powers, appeared in pagan times. Today, they are frowned upon by representatives of Christianity, who believe that one should not resort to using magic words with supernatural power.

How to apply a weight loss conspiracy

The action of the conspiracy is always aimed at providing quick help to a person, regardless of whether it concerns diseases or such economic matters as the destruction of bedbugs. Often the conspiracy is accompanied by rituals and ceremonies.

It used to be believed that any of the spells, including a weight loss conspiracy, could only be done by select people endowed with a certain strength and strong character - healers, sorcerers, whisperers and sorcerers. It was they who knew the necessary words that could not be changed. Spells were passed down from generation to generation, and their effectiveness was mainly based on the placebo effect - a person's faith in the power of the spoken words.

Today, weight loss conspiracies can be found in the corresponding collections, in most cases they no longer turn to special people for the spell, but carry out the ceremony on their own. You can choose any of your favorite weight loss plots, which are read over a woolen thread, with a lit candle, entering the house, etc. With all the variety of rituals, in most cases they speak from excess weight with the waning moon, since it is this lunar phase that contributes to cleansing.

Weight loss conspiracies

A conspiracy of water for weight loss is quite common today. There are several different versions of conspiracies, which are also pronounced on the waning moon, and after the ceremony they drink water or wash themselves with it.

According to reviews, the most effective conspiracy for weight loss is considered to be a conspiracy of melt or consecrated water. This is associated with the structure of the water itself, which is as similar as possible to the water found in the cells of our body. It is believed that water molecules can quickly convey the necessary "information".

Despite the fact that, from a scientific point of view, the effect of any plots of water on weight loss has not been confirmed by any research, there is a lot of evidence that water can change its structure depending on its environment - temperature, voice timbre and information received.

It is believed that melt water itself contributes to both weight loss and maintenance. In this case, you can use conspiracies from books or come up with your own, most suitable for the emotional state, a conspiracy for weight loss. Sometimes it is advised to just read a prayer, ending with a request for help in getting rid of excess weight.

Using the properties of "memory of water", it can be talked about to lose weight, while you must follow some recommendations:

How to apply a weight loss conspiracy
How to apply a weight loss conspiracy
  • Do not store and spark water in metal or ceramic containers. A glass beaker or cup is best suited for this purpose;
  • You need to read the weight loss conspiracy on an empty stomach, repeating the prepared text up to 9 times;
  • All charmed water must be used. You can drink it, or you can wet a cloth in it and wipe the body, and then thank for your help.

Slimming Affirmations

Today, affirmations are quite popular - positive attitudes that affect the subconscious. Affirmations for weight loss differ from traditional Russian conspiracies in that they must be repeated many times, gradually filling your consciousness with these thoughts. At the heart of affirmations is the understanding that all thoughts are material. Many esoteric authors speak about this. However, this method gained its greatest popularity after the publication of a series of books on healing by Louise Hay.

Metaphysical teacher and pastor Louise Hay was able to recover from cancer using affirmations, after which she came to the understanding that positive attitudes can not only heal any disease, but also change your life, since it is thoughts that actively influence the world around us. Her books and lectures are based on the fact that emotional causes underlie any physical problem.

In order to properly use affirmations for weight loss, you need to understand that the world is like a mirror, and everything that surrounds us is just a reflection of the inner world. According to Louise Hay, life changes should be based on three components, namely:

  • Positive attitudes;
  • Self-love;
  • Perception and visualization.

At the heart of most health problems, and, therefore, overweight, is the rejection of oneself with all its individual characteristics, character and shortcomings. All internal energy must be directed not towards denying oneself, but towards maintaining. According to reviews, weight loss conspiracies will be effective if you accept yourself with excess weight, starting to gradually visualize a more slender silhouette. However, the author of the method believes that the most important thing is to learn to be happy, after which the attitude of the people around will definitely change.

Weight loss affirmations can be used by those suggested by Louise Hay, or you can come up with your own. It is important that they are in the present tense and not contain denial. It is believed that positive attitudes should be repeated at least 300 times a day.

You can listen to affirmations, read them, sing them, or speak to yourself. It is necessary to do this with concentration and emotion, time and place do not really matter. According to reviews, weight loss conspiracies will be most effective if used in various meditation and relaxation techniques.

When deciding to lose weight, it must be remembered that weight normalization occurs when the diet changes. Losing weight too quickly on low-calorie diets usually leads to subsequent weight gain, and using conspiracies and affirmations without changing diet and physical activity can also bring more frustration than the desired result. Therefore, you should not rely solely on weight loss conspiracies, but rather pay attention to healthy and nutritious nutrition, which will help not only lose weight, but also significantly improve health.

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