How Old Can You Use Tampons

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How Old Can You Use Tampons
How Old Can You Use Tampons

Video: How Old Can You Use Tampons

Video: How Old Can You Use Tampons
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How old can you use tampons

As soon as a young girl has her first menstruation, she immediately has a huge number of questions: "What is better than tampons or pads?", "How to insert a tampon correctly?", "How old can you use tampons?" All these questions are natural, but girls are sometimes embarrassed to ask them. We will try to tell you in detail about tampons.

How old can you use tampons?
How old can you use tampons?

What are hygiene tampons?

Modern hygienic tampons are made from natural materials that absorb moisture well. Once inserted into the vagina, they begin to absorb spotting and vaginal secretions. In this case, the tampons swell and do not allow blood to "leak" out and stain linen and clothes.

How old can you use tampons?

This question mostly arises in young girls. They worry that early use of hygienic tampons could lead to pain or even damage to the hymen. However, gynecologists say that using tampons, provided that they are correctly sized and carefully inserted, can begin with the onset of the girl's first menstruation. The procedure for installing and removing a tampon is absolutely safe and harmless to the health of a young girl.

The hymen has a hole through which menstrual blood flows out. The size of this hole at the time of the onset of menstruation is at least one and a half centimeters. Most tampons are even slightly smaller in diameter. Therefore, it is almost impossible to damage the hymen when using tampons.

Which hygiene tampons to choose?

It is very important to be responsible when choosing tampons for first use. Teenage girls should give preference to tampons "mini", and only as a last resort, you can use tampons "normal". But the size "maxi" should be abandoned.

For virgins, it is more convenient to use tampons with an applicator that allows them to be easily inserted into the vagina. And then the use of the applicator makes this procedure more hygienic.

Can the tampon interfere with movement or fall out?

We have found out how old you can use tampons. Now let's find the answer to another question that also often worries teenage girls.

Discomfort from the inserted tampon can indeed occur, but only if it was not inserted correctly. Unpleasant sensations in the vagina can also occur in the case of an incorrectly selected tampon diameter. Therefore, if you plan to use tampons, then it is advisable to consult with your gynecologist first. The doctor will not only tell you which tampons to use, but will also explain in detail the procedure for inserting and removing them. In addition, there are some contraindications for using tampons.

But there is no need to fear that the tampon may spontaneously fall out of the vagina. The inserted tampon fits snugly enough to the vaginal walls. And as it is saturated with menstrual flow, it swells and cannot budge on its own.

How to use tampons correctly?

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before unpacking the tampon.

Tampons versus pads: which is better?
Tampons versus pads: which is better?

Try not to worry and relax your perineal muscles as much as possible. The vagina is positioned at a slight angle towards the lumbar region. In this regard, the tampon should be inserted in the same direction. It is very convenient to insert a tampon while sitting on a bidet or toilet, slightly tilting the body forward and spreading your legs wide apart. If you didn't manage to insert the tampon correctly the first time, don't be upset. Very quickly, you will learn to do this without the slightest effort.

To remove the tampon, gently pull on the draw cord. But if suddenly it broke off, then do not panic. Wash your hands thoroughly, lie on the bed, spread your legs apart and gently pull the tampon out of your vagina with your fingers. Such situations are extremely rare, mainly in those cases when a teenage girl begins to pull on the lace with great force or makes a sharp jerk for it.

Which is better: tampons or pads?

We answered most of the questions adolescent girls have regarding the use of tampons, including such an important one as "How old can tampons be used?" But there is one more answer, which is also interesting for young girls: "What to give preference to - pads or tampons?"

Gynecologists advise women, and even more so teenage girls, to constantly use tampons. This is due to the fact that when using them, there is a risk of developing toxic-infectious shock. Therefore, use sanitary tampons whenever necessary, such as at the beach, swimming in the sea or the pool, and give your preference to pads the rest of the time.

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