Contraceptive After Abortion

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Contraceptive After Abortion
Contraceptive After Abortion

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Video: Contraceptive After Abortion
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Contraceptive after abortion

Many women do not know what kind of birth control to drink after an abortion.

How to find birth control pills after an abortion
How to find birth control pills after an abortion

After all, abortion is a huge stress for any woman, both physically and psychologically. Termination of pregnancy has a very painful effect on the general condition of the body. Therefore, pregnancy after an abortion is contraindicated, since after the operation the mucous membrane of the uterine cavity is very thinned and damaged. But already from the first days after the procedure, a new cycle is launched in the female reproductive system, which is aimed at reproduction. During this period, ovulation and the process of egg maturation are restored. A woman can become pregnant again within 10-14 days after an abortion. And this is extremely undesirable, because the body must fully recover. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right contraceptive after abortion for adequate and effective contraception.

What contraceptives after abortion can be used

Creams, suppositories, pills are considered effective contraceptives after an abortion. These drugs should only be used when needed. The components of the funds destroy sperm directly in the vagina, thereby preventing fertilization.

Such post-abortion birth control is an excellent option to protect against unwanted pregnancy after abortion.

Barrier contraception can also be used after an abortion. These are various caps, contraceptive sponges, diaphragms and condoms. With proper use, the reliability of such contraceptives after abortion is almost one hundred percent. However, diaphragms and caps must be strictly sized. They must be very tight, otherwise the funds will not be effective enough.

Most women still prefer hormones after an abortion. In terms of their effectiveness, hormonal drugs exceed all known methods of contraception. The composition of such tablets includes synthetic hormones - analogs of the female sex hormones.

The contraceptive effect of such drugs is explained by their minimal effect on the concentration of their own hormones. This influence leads to the fact that the mature egg does not leave the ovary.

After an abortion, you can drink monophasic, two-phase and three-phase contraceptives. As part of monophasic drugs, the same dose of hormones for the entire period of the monthly cycle. The packaging of such drugs includes 21 tablets of the same color. From the first day of menstruation, you should drink one tablet. Reception of hormonal contraceptives after abortion should be started from the first to the seventh day after the interruption. After taking all the pills, you need to take a break for a week. Post-abortion monophasic birth control pills are very reliable. They are well tolerated and have a pronounced therapeutic effect in some gynecological pathologies.

Preparations of two-phase and three-phase types uniquely combine contraceptive reliability and maximum similarity with the natural hormonal state of a woman. The package of two-phase preparations contains 21 tablets of two colors, and in the three-phase type preparations - 21 tablets of three colors.

Progestin-only drugs can be used instead of hormonal birth control after an abortion. The composition of such funds includes microdoses of synthetic gestagens. They have no hormonal estrogenic component. Such contraceptive pills after abortion usually give a minimum number of complications for the liver, cardiovascular system, and blood clotting.

Progestin-only contraceptives after abortion should be taken daily and regularly (one tablet, from the first day of menstruation). The course of taking contraceptives is six to twelve months or more. Progestin-only pills are a fairly safe method of contraception. However, before using drugs of this type, it is imperative to consult a gynecologist.

Side effects of birth control pills after abortion

The main disadvantage of birth control pills is the side effect on the body. At the beginning of the intake, spotting spotting may appear. After the organism adapts to the new drug, the discharge usually disappears.

Estrogens, which are found in hormonal agents, can contribute to fluid retention, swelling of the lower extremities, bloating, high blood pressure, and migraine-like headaches.

Progestins can cause nervousness, irritability, and weight gain.

Sometimes, when taking birth control after an abortion, dark age spots appear on the skin, reminiscent of the age spots characteristic of pregnancy. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Sometimes, bleeding may occur when taking contraceptives. Bleeding can be both breakthrough and spotting. Spotting discharge usually occurs in the first months of taking drugs. During this period, microdoses of hormones do not yet have time to accumulate in the female body. That is, they are still not enough to cause a delay in menstruation.

You can drink hormonal pills after an abortion
You can drink hormonal pills after an abortion

However, contraceptives after an abortion can be drunk, despite the appearance of spotting.

Modern oral contraceptives prevent the development of oncological diseases of the genital area. The severity and nature of the side effect depends on the individual characteristics of the female body. They help regulate the cycle, cleanse the skin of the face. Of the combined contraceptives, Femoden, Regulon, Silest are most often used.

Regulon after an abortion

Regulon can be drunk after an abortion. Regulon is one of the contraceptive hormonal drugs that can be used both after an abortion and for disorders of the menstrual cycle, as well as for severe premenstrual syndrome. When taking this contraceptive after an abortion, the condition of the skin improves, the number of acne vulgaris decreases, and the menstrual cycle normalizes.

Regulon should be taken after an abortion regularly, at the same time, for 24 days. If the intake is delayed for more than 12 hours, the next time you take it, you must drink two tablets at once. The contraceptive effect can be achieved only with prolonged and regular use of the drug.

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