What Is Not Allowed After An Abortion

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What Is Not Allowed After An Abortion
What Is Not Allowed After An Abortion

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Video: What Is Not Allowed After An Abortion
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What is not allowed after an abortion

The implementation of an artificial termination of pregnancy is a great stress in the life of every woman who decides to have an abortion.

Can i drink alcohol after an abortion?
Can i drink alcohol after an abortion?

Of course, it is best to be scrupulous about your own health and protect yourself in order to avoid the consequences of an unplanned conception. If, nevertheless, conception occurred, and the woman did not have a choice, the operation was carried out, it is equally important to know what cannot be done after an abortion.

Both the physical and her mental state of a woman suffers, therefore it is very important in the period following the operation to pay as much attention to her own health as possible. Firstly, in the postoperative period a woman needs a long rest, and secondly, if the abortion was carried out late in pregnancy, then, most likely, she will need the help of a psychologist in overcoming depression. Also, a woman certainly needs to know that it is impossible to get pregnant again after an abortion without going through full rehabilitation, even if the child is desired. After such stress, a woman's body will simply not be ready for a new pregnancy yet, there is a high probability that a spontaneous abortion of the body (miscarriage) will occur.

Do's and don'ts after an abortion: practical advice

There is a list of general rules for what women cannot follow after an abortion, the points of which do not depend on the selected type of artificial termination of pregnancy.

The general rule for all women is to stop having sex for a period not less than 21 days after surgery or medical abortion. Continuing to have a sex life, a woman risks her health, since during this acute period of rehabilitation, serious complications can arise, including death. It is possible to more accurately determine how much after an abortion it is impossible to have sexual intercourse by the menstrual cycle. As soon as after the abortion the first menstruation goes and ends, they should not be confused with the discharge in the post-abortion period, you can resume sexual activity, not forgetting about the methods of protection.

Another, no less important item on the list of things that cannot be done after an abortion is lifting heavy weights. Doctors categorically forbid women after an abortion to engage in heavy physical labor, lift heavy objects and actively engage in sports for at least two weeks.

For some time after an abortion, you cannot take hot baths, go to the bathhouse or sauna, swim in the pool or in open water. To maintain hygiene standards, a woman is allowed to take a warm shower.

The rules of intimate hygiene must be followed with special attention, especially in the first days after an abortion, using a solution of boiled warm water and potassium permanganate several times a day. Underwear must be changed at least twice a day and must be made from natural materials.

How long after an abortion you can not have sex
How long after an abortion you can not have sex

For two weeks after an abortion, you should not use medicines: Aspirin, Nurofen, Ketanov and Solpadein.

Further in the list of what is not allowed after an abortion, nutrition appears. In no case should a woman follow strict and rigid diets during the recovery period, nutrition should be complete and correct, only in this way a depleted body will be able to replenish the need for vitamins and macronutrients.

In the postoperative period, it is necessary to carefully monitor the state of the body, regularly measure the pulse, blood pressure and temperature, if there are any deviations from the norm, do not postpone the visit to the doctor for later.

Since during this period the risk of inflammatory processes in the small pelvis is especially high, a woman should monitor the timely emptying of the intestines and bladder, it is absolutely impossible to endure stomach cramps.

The effect of alcohol after an abortion on a woman's body

Drinking alcohol after an abortion is strictly prohibited for at least 2 weeks after the operation. The prohibition of alcohol after abortion applies to the use of any type of artificial termination of pregnancy. The fact is that when alcohol enters into a chemical reaction with substances that make up the drugs used, the risk of serious complications after an abortion increases. It is better for a woman who smokes after an abortion to give up smoking for at least one week, which has a detrimental effect on the body of an absolutely healthy person.

The reason why you should not drink alcohol after a medical abortion is that vasodilation that occurs due to the intake of alcoholic beverages can provoke severe bleeding, which in itself is dangerous to a woman's health.

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