Raising A Child 6 Years Old

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Raising A Child 6 Years Old
Raising A Child 6 Years Old

Video: Raising A Child 6 Years Old

Video: Raising A Child 6 Years Old
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Raising a child 6 years old

The correct approaches to raising a child 6-7 years old
The correct approaches to raising a child 6-7 years old

The behavior of a 6-year-old child is fundamentally different from that of younger children. The child already perfectly understands and has well mastered the social norms and rules of behavior in society, he becomes less impulsive, learns to restrain aggression and defend his point of view in front of adults and peers.

When raising a child of 6-7 years old, parents should take into account that at this age, relationships with peers are especially important for a child, therefore, everything possible must be done to ensure that he has his own circle of friends with constant friends. Along with friends, a 6-year-old child shows a genuine interest in the opposite sex, the baby can carefully hide it, or, conversely, very actively show his sympathies. Parents should support the child during this period and explain to him in an accessible form what the concept of relationships between men and women is, why they are important, and how to build them correctly.

The essence of raising children 6 years old also lies in the fact that, without using the old, but far from effective method for children "carrot and carrot", parents could find the right approach to the baby, become for him people whom he can trust.

It is very important that the preschooler is not bored with his parents, at this age you can share your experience with him, visit various exhibitions, museums and theaters together, since at the age of 6 the child is already able to perceive complex information.

Raising a child 6 years old: psychology

From a psychological point of view, the age of 6-7 years is considered a period when a child gradually begins to move away from his parents and wants to spend more and more time with his peers. Parents should not show jealousy, prohibit the child from communicating with friends, complain about his unwillingness to spend time with them, since all these manipulations of the child's consciousness will only cause a feeling of guilt in the child, which in the future can give rise to many complexes.

At the age of 6-7 years, the psychological development of the child undergoes progressive changes, his physical capabilities and mental abilities expand more and more. Intellectual learning is becoming the leading activity in the upbringing of a 6-year-old child. The psychology of the preschooler is also undergoing some pressure from the parents, who are beginning to actively prepare him for the upcoming first trip to school. The requirements for the baby are sharply increasing, he can no longer do what he wants all day, parents are actively developing attention and perseverance in their children. However, do not forget that games are still very important for a child, therefore, 1-2 hours a day he needs to provide time for entertainment, give him the opportunity to choose his own activities for leisure.

It is best to use various educational games for raising a child of 6 years old, which will allow him to playfully acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for school, moreover, the arbitrariness and controllability of his behavior will continue to form in the game.

Learning is directly affected by the child's readiness for school, which does not mean knowledge of the alphabet and numbers, but motivational readiness, in other words, the child's desire to learn and acquire new knowledge (cognitive motivation). Every child has a tremendous potential by nature - the ability to learn and acquire new knowledge; it is very important to do everything possible in order not to lose it. Many parents who are raising a child for 6 years in the last year before school begin to intensively prepare for it with their baby. It is very important that preparation for school does not turn into a tedious duty imposed by parents: such an approach will completely cut down the entire intellectual potential of the child, he will not want to go to school, and later he will be too lazy to study. By bringing creative elements into boring activities and playing them in the form of a game, parents will achieve brilliant results, and preparing for school will turn into a wonderful time together.

If it was decided to send the child to specialized courses for preparing for school, then the parents should choose a bright and interesting teacher for the child, with whom he will not be bored to study. It is better not to prepare for school at all than to instill in the child an aversion to learning with boring tasks and boring teachers.

Also, while raising a child of 6 years old, parents can tell their children about their positive school experience so that they have a positive opinion about the school in advance.

Raising a child 6-7 years old: practical advice

When raising a child of 6 years old, it is very important for parents to listen to his reasoning and inventions, to discuss with him topics or events that concern him, to listen to his opinion. The more a child trusts his parents, the easier it will be for him to communicate with other people.

Together with your child, you can create various crafts, learn to use tools and implements, draw, sculpt or cook food - any of these processes, if desired, can be turned into an exciting game.

When raising a child of 6 years old, parents, first of all, want to invest in the character of their child such positive qualities as conscientiousness, responsibility and a sense of duty, which can be developed by following simple rules, namely:

  • All family members (including parents) put things in their places, turn off the computer at the signal of mom (or dad), etc.;
  • The child should have not very difficult chores around the house, cleaning the plates from the table after lunch, watering the plants in the house, wiping dust from the surface of furniture is perfect;

    Raising a child 6 years old - psychology and age-related changes
    Raising a child 6 years old - psychology and age-related changes
  • For every small victory of a child, work completed to the end, or a responsible attitude to business, deserved praise should always follow;
  • The child should always have the right to choose, to extort from him to perform any business in an orderly tone, the alternative choice approach is much more effective. For example, a child can be explained that if he does not help his mother to clean the house, they will not be able to go for a walk, or it will not be very long, and if he helps, they will spend the saved time on rest.

No less important is the reaction of parents who are raising a child of 6 years old to the mistakes and misdeeds of their child. The child's bad behavior should be punished with a one-time reprimand, in which he will be clearly explained what his mistake is, after which there should be no return to this topic. A further reminder of the misconduct will make the child feel guilty, and mothers who love to be "offended" to be more convincing with their own children should know that this behavior is erroneous: not every child will be able to draw the right conclusions from the current situation.

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