Raising A Child 5 Years Old

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Raising A Child 5 Years Old
Raising A Child 5 Years Old

Video: Raising A Child 5 Years Old

Video: Raising A Child 5 Years Old
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Raising a child 5 years old

Raising a 5-year-old child has some peculiarities.

Development and education of a child 5 years old
Development and education of a child 5 years old

First of all, at this age, the baby develops a certain stereotype of behavior. The child already knows and can do a lot, but his memory is still very scattered. Parents are constantly forced to remind him that he must wash his hands, brush his teeth in the morning, remove toys, make the bed, etc. Actually, parents here must have great patience and gradually develop these consistent actions in the baby.

Often, such reminders are accompanied by a child's unwillingness to perform certain actions, which entails arguments and bickering. This does not mean at all that your child has too stubborn character, it is just that at this age, wrangling and stubbornness is characteristic of almost all children.

In raising a child of 5-6 years old, one should also take into account the difference in views on the life of adults and children. Adults are able to compare the act itself and the consequences that it may entail, while children live in the present moment and are not able to analyze situations. It is this difference in life positions that often leads to confrontation between adults and children.

Raising a 5-year-old child: communication

When raising a child of 5-7 years old, it is imperative to take into account the peculiarities of his behavior in society. At this age, the baby is already quite adapted, and the society is his family, a group in the kindergarten and friends with whom he walks in the yard or on the playground.

A 5-year-old kid is not afraid to make contact, express his desires, ask or thank for something, knows how to share toys with friends. This is what is called sociability.

Sometimes you can observe that some children of this age show aggression towards others. Parents should definitely pay attention to this and try to find out the reason. You should talk to the baby and try to explain to him that fighting is bad.

However, this situation does not apply to the question of when it is necessary to give someone back. It is very important to teach a child to fight back, especially a boy.

Raising a 5-year-old child: punishment and encouragement

It is rare when raising a child of 5-6 years old can do without punishment. Although the psychological and physical impact on the child is condemned by modern society, unfortunately, no worthy alternative to these methods has yet been invented. The child should be punished correctly. Never scold him for pranks. In this case, you will have to repeatedly explain to the baby that his act causes people inconvenience and may have undesirable consequences. And only if your baby, after several such explanations, did not obey you, then you can resort to punishment.

The punishment itself can be both psychological and physical.

Psychological punishment can be attributed to the unwillingness to communicate with the child when he asks you. This can be explained as follows: "You are not listening to me, so why should I listen to you?" As a rule, this is a very effective method and the child seeks to make contact on his own.

The second version of psychological punishment used in the upbringing of a 5-7 year old child may be a ban or restriction of watching cartoons or playing games on the computer.

Physical methods of punishment include restricting the child's freedom (putting the baby in a corner) or corporal punishment (rods, belt). It should be noted that the latter form of corporal punishment should be used extremely rarely and only in exceptional cases.

Sometimes the child can be too pampered due to distracted attention and fatigue. In this case, you cannot punish the baby, but you should review the daily routine and give him more time to rest.

Raising a child will not bring a positive effect if the punishment is inadequate to the act, or the process of punishment itself is wrong. In no case should the punishment be postponed. The child very quickly forgets his actions and subsequently simply cannot understand why he is being punished.

What are the difficulties of raising a child 5-7 years old
What are the difficulties of raising a child 5-7 years old

Also, do not throw around empty threats, otherwise very quickly your child will stop reacting to them at all.

Very often children are punished for lying. But this is not entirely correct. Children have a very developed fantasy and sometimes they simply confuse reality and fiction. It is difficult for adults to understand their children due to the fact that the burden of problems makes them think down to earth. Under no circumstances tell your child that he is a liar, just tell him that he is fantasizing or making up. If you see that the child is deceiving you on purpose, then you need to explain to him, using an accessible example, the consequences of lying.

Raising a 5-7 year old child cannot do without rewards. These can be the usual words of praise for the child or various gifts for good behavior. However, psychologists do not recommend rewarding children with too chic gifts. Various accessories for drawing, sculpting, construction sets, puzzles, etc. are perfect.

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