Gender Education Of Children

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Gender Education Of Children
Gender Education Of Children

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Video: Gender Education Of Children
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Gender education of children

Principles of modern gender education of preschool children
Principles of modern gender education of preschool children

The family is the place where the child develops the first idea about the relationship between people, about the place of each person in this world. The child's model of behavior and his subsequent life scenario are seriously influenced by the relationships that have developed in the family. Gender upbringing of children should contribute to the formation of their understanding of the role of women and men in the family and in society. Under the influence of educators and parents, the child forms a certain model of behavior, which he will adhere to in society. For gender education of children today, parents can use system-vector analysis. It will help you understand your child and see what exactly is happening if it is difficult for him to identify his gender.

Gender education of preschool children

The further successful formation of the personality depends on the correct gender education of preschool children.

Psychologists have conducted a number of studies and have shown that women and men do not always perceive their own gender correctly. Only the correct gender upbringing of children contributes to the formation of individual sociocultural and psychological characteristics inherent in his gender. And in the future, such children most often become exemplary family men. They know how to constructively interact with the opposite sex, treat him with respect.

Gender education is best applied at the earliest age of four. At this age, the child already correctly perceives his gender, he understands the main differences between boys and girls.

Gender education for preschool children should be introduced gradually. It is best to carry out such education in a playful way.

When raising a boy, parents, trying to instill in him masculine qualities, sometimes make mistakes. Sometimes too strict requirements are imposed on the child. Adults teach a child to be a man, not to cry. This method of education can lead to negative consequences. The child tries to meet the required qualities, while becoming aggressive, irritable, sometimes behaving defiantly. Parents need to understand that boys 'psyche is much more vulnerable than girls'. This means that they also need affection, parental love and approval.

You should also not overprotect the child. A boy who was brought up in hothouse conditions turns into an unadapted and dependent man. A mother should not show her authority to her son. She should be tender and fragile for him. And then the boy, like a real man, will have a desire to take care of her and protect her.

From an early age, the girl tries to be like her mother in everything. Problems in the gender upbringing of children can begin at a time when girls begin to defend their independence in front of others and cease to conform to generally accepted stereotypes of obedience and female meekness. At this time, the child's psyche is most vulnerable. He has a general depression, self-doubt, internal conflicts.

When dealing with girls, parents should remember that they are very vulnerable and touchy. Therefore, it is necessary to educate the girl so that from the very beginning she has a trusting and warm relationship with her parents.

In gender upbringing of children, parents should become an example of femininity for a girl, and an example of masculinity for boys.

The importance of gender-role parenting

In the process of sex-role education, children learn to distinguish between the patterns of behavior of a woman and a man, and then extend the acquired experience to new life situations, and finally follow the appropriate rules.

Difficulties in gender-role parenting
Difficulties in gender-role parenting

If the upbringing of boys should be aimed at developing their desire for achievement, a practical approach to the implementation of their plans, then girls can better perceive their gender through the prism of relationships with others.

Fathers deal with gender education of children in different ways. There are fathers who spare no effort and free time for their child, as they are aware of their role in his mental and physical development. The teacher fathers play the role of the absolute monarch. However, in any case, the upbringing of the father is necessary for both the daughter and the son.

Sex-role education of children in the family shows that women and men, despite their different roles, need each other and should take care and help each other. In a family, adults and children mutually influence each other. This system also has its own contradictions, but they can compensate and balance each other. At the stage of formation, such contradictions induce the child to search behavior, to his own activity. Sex-role behavior of children is formed with close interaction of psychological, biological factors, as well as the social environment in which the child grows up.

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