Charging For Children With Music

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Charging For Children With Music
Charging For Children With Music

Video: Charging For Children With Music

Video: Charging For Children With Music
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Charging for children with music

Exercise for toddlers - music, poetry, exercise
Exercise for toddlers - music, poetry, exercise

Raising a healthy baby is one of the main tasks of parents. For this, it is important not only proper nutrition, but also sufficient physical activity, which will ensure the development of the child.

The need for morning exercises for children to music and its positive effect on the growing body is confirmed by all pediatricians. In the course of the conducted research, it was found that it contributes to an increase in the general level of the body's functional capabilities, the development of strength, endurance, agility, speed, and improvement of motor skills. Exercise allows you to prepare for the upcoming physical activity during the day, even a small morning complex improves blood circulation and speeds up metabolism.

However, not all children like to do morning exercises, preferring them to lie in bed longer or watch a cartoon. Well-chosen exercise music for babies will increase the attractiveness and interest in exercise, since it can help you set not only the right rhythm, but also the right mood.

The influence of music on the human body

The healing potential of music has been known to mankind for a long time, and the psychophysiological reactions arising under its influence have been widely studied. Exercising for babies with music allows you not only to use it to organize classes, but also to increase the effect of exercise on the body.

Music is not just a specific combination of harmonies, sounds and rhythms. The colossal health potential inherent in music affects the intensity of metabolic processes, the tone of the brain, blood circulation, psyche, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Sound waves affect both the receptors of the skin and the brain. This reaction is due to the work of the autonomic nervous system. When choosing music for charging for babies, it is necessary to take into account what affects a person:

  • Sound volume;
  • Duration of exposure to sound vibrations;
  • Noise level.

Do not underestimate the influence of music on the normalization of the rhythm of breathing, pulse, blood pressure, and properly selected music allows physiological processes to proceed more efficiently.

Music pleasant to the ear stimulates mental activity, enhances attention, activates the work of the central nervous system, and increases efficiency. That is why you should not approach the choice of music for charging for babies superficially, relying only on a suitable rhythm. Depending on how the selected songs or instrumental compositions will be liked by the child, it also depends on whether they will help to do exercises.

Any physical exercise performed to music that he likes and evokes a response will bring joy to the child, which means that he will not only have a desire, but also the need to return to this emotional state again.

Basic principles of charging for babies with music

Charging for children with music is best done in compliance with simple rules that will help the child gain self-confidence and instill a love of an active lifestyle:

  • Since the purpose of morning exercises is not muscle development, but to wake up from sleep, parents should concentrate their attention on raising the mood. The complex should be aimed at developing flexibility, coordination of fine motor skills and mobility;
  • It must be remembered that a child, even with a strong desire, cannot always perform the exercises correctly, so you should not demand this from him, but it is better to motivate him with kindness and support;
  • Exercising for children with music will have a positive effect only when done daily;
  • You should not demand from the baby immediately accuracy and precision in the exercise. Quite often, some of them can present certain difficulties, so it will take time to adapt and develop the necessary skills;
  • To be successful in raising an active and healthy baby, exercise must be done daily, and it must gradually become part of the child's lifestyle.

It is better to do exercises for kids with music with them. At the same time, both the personal example of the parents and the attention that the child will definitely understand as a manifestation of love is important. Thus, the baby will quickly develop the habit of doing daily morning exercises and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Another important point of cooperation may be the choice of music for charging. You should not impose your musical preferences or use the first musical compositions found on the Internet. Most often, children enjoy simple, familiar songs or light marching music. It is also a good opportunity to teach the child tolerance and the ability to listen to the opinions of other people.

Typical exercise exercises for children with music

In order to raise a healthy baby, you must also remember to follow the correct daily regimen, which is most consistent with the biological rhythm. This not only brings good rest, but also makes your morning waking up easy.

Charging is recommended before breakfast, after rinsing your mouth. Its duration should not exceed 10-15 minutes. If the weather is warm and dry, it is best to exercise outdoors. In the cold season, it should be carried out in a well-ventilated area.

Usually, any set of exercises for children with music begins with a small warm-up, which can include walking, raising your arms up and bending. After that, you need to perform warm-up exercises, for which you can use jogging in place, walking on heels and tiptoes, on the outer and inner sides of the feet.

We carry out exercises for kids to music
We carry out exercises for kids to music

This has an impact on the formation of correct posture, which occurs precisely in childhood.

After that, exercises continue to exercise aimed at strengthening the muscles of the arms, shoulder girdle, back and legs. It is necessary to finish the complex with exercises to calm breathing, then you can carry out water procedures - wiping or pouring cold water. This will help to strengthen the immune system.

In addition to music, which makes the morning complex more attractive, exercises can be diversified with game situations, fun wrestling or competitions. Also, to carry out exercises for children with music, you can use a variety of sports equipment - balls and gymnastic equipment. This will make it possible to make a game out of monotonous morning activities that children of any age usually like, which means that it will instill a healthy lifestyle as easily and naturally as possible.

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