How To Keep Your Eyesight At The Computer

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How To Keep Your Eyesight At The Computer
How To Keep Your Eyesight At The Computer

Video: How To Keep Your Eyesight At The Computer

Video: How To Keep Your Eyesight At The Computer
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How to keep your eyesight at the computer

How to preserve eyesight while working at a computer
How to preserve eyesight while working at a computer

The computer has become so firmly established in our life that millions of people today cannot imagine their existence without an iron "friend", spending a huge amount of time in front of the monitor, devoting it to both work and leisure. Such a "sedentary" lifestyle negatively affects our health in general, leading not only to poor posture, muscle weakening, weight gain, but also to visual impairment.

How to maintain vision while working at a computer?

In modern medicine, there is even a term - "computer visual syndrome" associated with a weakening of vision in a person who is forced to spend a lot of time at the monitor.

Signs of the syndrome: dryness, burning in the eyes, pain, fatigue, decreased visual acuity. Of course, it is impossible to completely exclude the computer from modern life, and it is not necessary - but in order for the "computer syndrome" not to affect your eyes so that you would have to wear glasses while working at the computer, you must follow a few simple rules. So how to preserve the vision of an office worker?

  • Do not spend more than 2 hours in front of the monitor without interruption in work. It is enough to get distracted from the computer for only 7-10 minutes by looking out the window, chatting with colleagues. At the same time, do not check your mail or play flash games - there will be no benefit from such a timeout for your eyes;
  • Keep the screen clean. The presence of spots, dust on the computer screen forces the gaze to focus more carefully on the subject, which leads to rapid eye fatigue;
  • At least once a day, do gymnastics for the eyes - move your gaze from the closest to the most distant object in the room, make cross movements of the pupil: up-down, left-right. When a feeling of heaviness in the eyes appears, close the eyelids and massage them in a circular motion for 3-5 minutes;
  • Monitor your posture - a lowered back and shoulders reduce the distance between the pupil and the monitor;
  • Protect your eyesight
    Protect your eyesight

    Organize the right lighting in the room - it is best if the light from the lamp falls from the left, and its brightness matches the intensity of the screen glow;

  • Ventilate the room with office equipment more often.

How to maintain vision? If you adhere to these simple rules, then the forced hours of work in the office will not be able to spoil your eyes. Going headlong into work and moving up the career ladder, do not forget about the importance of your health. And then any career peak will be within your reach.

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