What Is Included In The Concept Of A Healthy Lifestyle

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What Is Included In The Concept Of A Healthy Lifestyle
What Is Included In The Concept Of A Healthy Lifestyle

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Video: What Is Included In The Concept Of A Healthy Lifestyle
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What is included in the concept of a healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle
Healthy lifestyle

In the twenty-first century, a healthy lifestyle has finally come into fashion. Now the state of health is partly associated with the general level of a person's culture. Of course, everyone gets sick from time to time, but taking care of your health is a sign of a responsible attitude to the life of your own and those of your loved ones.

What does this concept include - a healthy lifestyle, and is there really a single template that would say that this path is correct, but this is not? Of course, there is no such template, just as there is no single correct way, if only because all people are different, not only metabolism, age, gender, but also living conditions differ. Nevertheless, the body of all people is governed by general laws, which allows us to derive regularities that are valid for all people without exception.

Rejection of bad habits

Here, perhaps, everything is clear and without explanation. Bad habits destroy health, and there is no reason for them to exist. Physiologists say it takes 60 days to form a habit. Therefore, those who think about a healthy lifestyle need to stock up on willpower and patience for this period, and wean themselves from smoking, alcohol abuse and everything else that inevitably worsens life.

Rule number one: bad habits must be replaced with good ones.

Full night rest

The main thing the body needs is recovery from work. The human body has everything it needs to independently eliminate minor and even major breakdowns, provided that it is given rest. The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for such "repair", its activity can be represented in the form of a repair team, which rushes on demand to wherever the main master, the brain, calls it. But this "team" works exclusively at night, during deep sleep. She wakes up as the sun disappears, and turns on completely at about 22.00 - provided that the person is sound asleep at this time. Now we need to remember how often modern people do not get enough sleep, and okay still, when because of something important.

The second rule of a healthy lifestyle is to provide the body with proper sleep at night, and preferably in accordance with the biological clock.

Proper nutrition

Man is what he eats - the ancients said, and if we talk about the body, they were absolutely right. The substances that were obtained from food are used to build the tissues of the body, the quality of the food - the same will be the body. For many hundreds, or even thousands of years, the threat of hunger hung over humanity. People have more or less solved this problem, but it turned out that low-quality, chemical-rich food is no less harmful to health. Surprisingly, at the same time, many people have access to information about which foods are healthy and which are harmful, and at the same time continue to make choices in favor of harmful ones. The body forgives this for some time due to its protective forces, and therefore it seems that nothing bad is happening. Sooner or later, the immunity is depleted in the constant struggle with poisons, and then the person falls ill.

Good nutrition isn't just about the right foods. It is also a measured eating regimen. This regularity is very important, it allows digestion to absorb nutrients in the best possible way and remove unnecessary ones. The correct diet ensures the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract without interruption, however, in the age of quick snacks, a hasty morning without breakfast, with lunch on the go and a hearty dinner from time to time, there is no need to talk about regularity. Hence the sad statistics: diseases of the digestive system occupy the first place in the list of common diseases. Everyone himself can work out a regimen of food intake, depending on his living conditions, gastroenterologists believe that it is not too important what it will be, it is important that it be constant.

So, rule number three: proper nutrition, which means a balanced diet, made up of healthy foods, and eating in a certain mode.

Exercise stress

Physical activity is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle
Physical activity is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle

Physical inactivity is not a disease, but a condition that inevitably leads to disease. This term is translated as "sedentary", and a sedentary lifestyle, alas, is also a sign of our time. People get tired during the day, although they spend too much time sitting: in transport, at the workplace, at home watching TV and a computer, during business and friendly meetings. But man was created by nature as an active, mobile creature. In particular, movement is necessary for the normal functioning of the heart, because otherwise the heart muscle becomes weak and flabby, just like the muscles of the skeleton. Blood circulation is impaired, and all organs, without exception, suffer from this, because the blood washes all organs.

A sedentary lifestyle impairs the work of the heart and blood vessels, leads to metabolic disorders such as osteochondrosis and obesity, promotes the development of insomnia and reduces immunity. To combat physical inactivity, it is not enough to visit a gym or fitness club two or three times a week. Physical activity should be daily. The most useful type of physical activity from the point of view of human health was recognized as ordinary walking - in order to walk, you do not need material costs, you do not need special equipment, you do not need to allocate special time, you just need to walk. Even in the frantic pace of life of the inhabitants of megalopolises, you can find an opportunity to walk every day, and you need to try to do this whenever possible - the fourth rule.


It may seem strange, but communication is also included in the concept of a healthy lifestyle, because a person is not only a body. Psycho-emotional well-being is just as important as physical health, they are inextricably linked to each other. The well-known expression that "all diseases are from the nerves", although somewhat exaggerated, still contains a rational grain. Man is a social being, and he needs high-quality communication. High-quality communication means communication that creates a favorable psycho-emotional mood. Good friends and understanding loved ones are successfully replacing psychotherapy, helping to overcome adversity and stress, ultimately preserving both mental and physical health. Communication with like-minded people is irreplaceable - conversations,which a person leads on work issues and communication with random people are unable to compensate for the lack of emotions in the absence of friendly communication for a long time. Christianity attributes despondency to grave sins, and doctors insist that psychosomatic diseases, that is, diseases caused by mental instability, constitute almost the majority of all diseases in general.

Therefore, the fifth rule of a healthy lifestyle is: be sure to spend time with friends and family. In such a society, even an infrequent late feast, which includes a violation of all four of the above rules of a healthy lifestyle, will not bring anything but health benefits.

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