Favorite Diet - Menu, Reviews, Results, Tips

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Favorite Diet - Menu, Reviews, Results, Tips
Favorite Diet - Menu, Reviews, Results, Tips

Video: Favorite Diet - Menu, Reviews, Results, Tips

Video: Favorite Diet - Menu, Reviews, Results, Tips
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Favorite diet

The Favorite Diet has become popular due to its effectiveness and ease of adherence.

The duration of the diet is 7 days: 3 days of drinking, 1 fruit, 1 vegetable, 1 protein and 1 combined (day of withdrawal from the diet).

Diet of the "Favorite diet" by day:

  • drinking day. Only liquid food is allowed (soups, broths, compotes, juices). Freshly squeezed juices are diluted 50/50 with water to reduce calories. It is recommended to consume a minimum of salt to avoid edema and reduce the burden on the kidneys. You must drink at least 2 liters of clean still water;
  • vegetable day. Any vegetables are allowed, raw (better), boiled and stewed. Vegetables are used to prepare salads and vinaigrette. Nutritionists recommend introducing white cabbage into the menu, which has a fat-burning effect. Salads can be seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, low-fat yogurt, or soy sauce to improve taste;
  • fruit day. All fruits and berries are allowed, except for grapes and bananas. It is advisable that the menu includes grapefruits with fat burning properties. You should eat 1-2 fruits every 2-3 hours, while the total weight of fruits eaten per day should be 1-3 kg. Between meals, you need to drink clean non-carbonated water;
  • protein day. Chicken fillets, lean fish, shrimp and chicken eggs are allowed. In addition, you can eat yogurt or cottage cheese;
  • combined day. The diet consists of fruits and vegetables that were present on the second and third days of the diet, as well as foods common to those who are losing weight - stewed vegetables, baked meat, vegetable soup. All meals should be slightly undersalted. Canned foods and semi-finished products are prohibited.

After completing the diet, you should return to normal nutrition gradually, introducing one new product every day. For 2-3 weeks, you need to monitor the calorie content of the menu, avoiding fatty and sweet foods. Another effective way to maintain weight is fasting days once a week.

Favorite diet is a popular nutritional system for those who want to lose weight
Favorite diet is a popular nutritional system for those who want to lose weight

Benefits of "Favorite Diet"

"Favorite diet" is an effective system of weight loss, 4-5 kg of excess weight disappears in 7 days. With the correct exit from the diet, the lost pounds will not return.

The advantage of the "Favorite diet" is the alternation of the diet every day, which makes it varied and not boring, despite significant restrictions. The presence of a drinking day in the diet makes it possible to unload the digestive system and adapt the stomach to small amounts of food.

Disadvantages and contraindications of the "Favorite diet"

Some losing weight note in the early days of the diet a decrease in performance, fatigue, mood swings, the appearance of headaches and dizziness. On drinking days, problems with the intestines are possible, sometimes there are jumps in blood pressure.

"Favorite diet" is not recommended for hypertension, heart or kidney failure, diseases of the digestive system. It is not suitable for people experiencing increased physical, intellectual or psychological stress, it is contraindicated in children, pregnant and lactating women.

What foods are allowed?

The following products are allowed:

  • vegetables, fruits, berries (except grapes and bananas);
  • chicken fillet, chicken broth, lean fish, seafood, eggs;
  • skim milk, kefir, cottage cheese, yogurt, low-fat cheese;
  • peas, buckwheat;
  • olive oil, lemon juice, soy sauce;
  • green and black tea, fresh juices.

Small amounts of salt are acceptable.

What foods are prohibited?

Prohibited foods include anything that is not on the list of permitted foods, including sugar.

Favorite diet menu

An example of the menu "Favorite diet" for 7 days:

First day

Breakfast: 200 ml of kefir, tea.

Lunch: 200 ml of chicken broth.

Afternoon snack: 150 ml of yogurt.

Dinner: 200 ml of milk.

Second day

Breakfast: 2 tomatoes.

Lunch: salad of fresh cucumbers, cabbage and herbs, seasoned with olive oil.

Afternoon snack: 2 cucumbers.

Dinner: salad of sweet peppers, cucumbers and herbs.

The third day

Breakfast: 200 ml of fruit and milk shake, tea.

Second breakfast: 200 ml of milk.

Lunch: 200 ml of chicken broth.

Afternoon snack: 200 ml of kefir.

Dinner: 200 ml of milk.

Fourth day

Breakfast: 2 oranges.

Second breakfast: grapefruit.

Lunch: assorted fruits of apples, kiwi and oranges.

Afternoon snack: pear and apple.

Dinner: 200 ml of milk.

The fifth day

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs.

Second breakfast: 200 g of boiled fish.

Lunch: 150 g of chicken fillet, 100 g of boiled peas.

Afternoon snack: 100 g of cottage cheese.

Dinner: 100 g of cheese.

Sixth day

Breakfast: 200 ml of kefir, tea.

Second breakfast: 200 ml of grapefruit juice.

Lunch: 200 ml of chicken broth.

Afternoon snack: 200 ml milkshake.

Dinner: 200 ml of milk.

Seventh day

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, tea.

Second breakfast: any fruit.

Lunch: 200 ml of light soup with buckwheat or rice.

Afternoon snack: any fruit.

Dinner: salad of fresh vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil.

Useful Tips

Tip 1: you should not change the order of the days of the diet or replace one day with another.

Tip 2: In addition to grapefruit, it is advisable to add kiwi to fruit salads, which also has fat burning properties.

Diet characteristic final grade
Duration: 7 days

4 out of 5

The name of the diet speaks for itself - it is loved by many for its effectiveness, ease of adherence and simple diet. If you follow the recommendations for the correct way out of the diet, the risk of returning the lost pounds is minimal.

Recommended frequency: once every 4 months
Weight loss rate:
Variety of products:

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