Kartalin - Reviews, Instructions, Indications

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Kartalin - Reviews, Instructions, Indications
Kartalin - Reviews, Instructions, Indications

Video: Kartalin - Reviews, Instructions, Indications

Video: Kartalin - Reviews, Instructions, Indications
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Instructions for use:

  1. 1. Pharmacological action
  2. 2. Release form
  3. 3. Indications for use
  1. 4. Method of application
  2. 5. Side effects
  3. 6. Contraindications

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Ointment Kartalin
Ointment Kartalin

Kartalin is a remedy for the treatment of psoriasis.

pharmachologic effect

Kartalin is a non-hormonal herbal topical used to treat serious skin conditions.

The product contains extracts of chamomile, string, lavender and eucalyptus oil, vitamins A, D, salicylic acid, lysozyme, solidol. It is noticed that it heals wounds well, relieves inflammation.

Positive reviews about Kartalin are explained by the fact that the drug does not contain artificial and hormonal components. Corticosteroids, used for various skin problems, are considered highly effective, but often cause side effects such as hypertrichosis, steroid acne, and cutaneous atrophy.

Kartalin, due to its natural composition, does not cause such negative complications, drug dependence.

Release form Kartalin

Produce Kartalin ointment.

Indications for use

The remedy is effective for psoriasis, eczema, some types of neurodermatitis, allergic dermatitis.

Mode of application

Kartalin is a drug used to treat psoriasis
Kartalin is a drug used to treat psoriasis

Kartalin is applied to the affected skin areas one or two p / day for 12 hours. It is not recommended to rub in the ointment.

Judging by the reviews about Kartalin, the first improvements are observed after one or two weeks. It is noted that at the first stage of therapy, psoriatic plaques completely disappear, white or dark spots remain on the skin. In order to achieve this effect, the first 10 days of therapy, the skin is smeared one r / day, and then, until it clears up, two r / day. After that, the second fixing stage of treatment begins, which on average lasts a month. During this period, the ointment is applied one r / day. In general, treatment with Kartalin lasts 2-4 months.

It is not recommended to apply bandages to treated skin.

Kartalin's instructions indicate that if extensive skin lesions are observed, treatment begins gradually, lubricating the skin on the legs, after 3 days - on the hands, after another 3 days - on the remaining affected areas.

During treatment, it should be borne in mind that Kartalin ointment stains bed linen and clothes because of the solid oil contained in it. It is recommended to use special separate underwear sets.

Side effects

Due to individual intolerance to the ointment, oily acne may appear on the skin - a manifestation of allergic dermatitis.

Judging by the reviews about Kartalin, with an increased tendency to allergies, a combination of an ointment with the intake of antihistamines, such as Cetirizine, Loratodin, Ebastin, helps.


The ointment is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance to its components.

It is necessary to take sunbaths during treatment with Kartalin with caution - in order to avoid an excess of vitamin D.

Kartalin's instructions say that it is not recommended to treat the skin on the face with ointment, only in extreme cases, with a very thin layer and avoiding the eye area. If edema, burning sensation occurs, you should stop lubricating your face, consult a doctor.

Pregnant women are advised to refrain from using the ointment until the baby is born. Due to the exclusion, the drug can be prescribed, but not earlier than the third trimester.

For nursing women, due to the lack of systemic effects of Kartalin on the body, it is possible to use the ointment, but only on some parts of the body. In this case, a doctor's consultation is necessary.

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Information about the drug is generalized, provided for informational purposes only and does not replace the official instructions. Self-medication is hazardous to health!

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