Actovegin: Drug Safety And Contraindications To Its Use

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Actovegin: Drug Safety And Contraindications To Its Use
Actovegin: Drug Safety And Contraindications To Its Use

Video: Actovegin: Drug Safety And Contraindications To Its Use

Video: Actovegin: Drug Safety And Contraindications To Its Use
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Actovegin: drug safety and contraindications to its use

Actovegin is a unique drug that promotes nutrition and tissue regeneration. It improves metabolism, stimulates blood circulation and promotes the flow of nutrients to damaged areas.

Actovegin: indications, efficacy and safety
Actovegin: indications, efficacy and safety

The drug stimulates the production of oxygen and glucose, promotes the concentration of vital amino acids, thereby accelerating the recovery processes. Actovegin, the effectiveness of which has been proven by numerous scientific studies, demonstrates excellent results in the treatment of such dangerous diseases as diabetic polyneuropathy, peripheral arterial and venous circulation, vascular pathologies of the brain including strokes, traumatic brain injuries, severe skin lesions.

The evidence base of Actovegin is represented by a large number of domestic and foreign studies, including clinical studies with a high level of reliability.

The report of D. Donahue, an expert from the University of Liverpool, who studied the effectiveness of "Actovegin" in ischemic strokes, dementia and diabetic neuropathy, showed that the response to treatment was pronounced, there was a significant improvement in the condition of patients

The patients who took part in the study were divided into groups, one of them was prescribed a placebo, and the other - "Actovegin" in injections or tablets. The effectiveness of "Actovegin" was undeniable and far exceeded placebo. From this we can conclude that Actovegin is not a placebo, but a really effective drug.

Safety of Actovegin

Actovegin is a hemoderivat obtained from the blood of calves by purifying it from animal proteins, prions, pyrogens, antigens using ultrafiltration

At the same time, the degree of processing is so high that the probability of transmission of viral infections and pathogens of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies is reduced to zero.

In the entire history of the use of Actovegin, only 106 confirmed reports of adverse events have been recorded. In the vast majority they were associated with individual drug intolerance and were expressed in the form of allergic reactions.

What are the forms of release of the drug

Actovegin is produced in Russia, and just recently another plant was opened in Yaroslavl. The drug is available in tablets and solution for injection. It is necessary to cancel that injections can be performed both intramuscularly and intravenously. They are usually prescribed for severe disease. In milder cases, taking a tablet preparation is sufficient.

For some violations, regimens are prescribed that combine taking pills and injections. The duration of the course of treatment is from several weeks to several months. The exact period is determined depending on the nature of the development of the disease and the body's response to the drug.

The drug "Actovegin": indications for use

The effectiveness of "Actovegin" is high for all types of vascular disorders.

In case of vascular dementia, which occurs due to damage to the vessels of the brain, the drug prevents a decrease in mental abilities and helps to improve memory, attention, perception.

  • After strokes, the drug helps to quickly restore damaged blood vessels, stimulates the nutritional processes of brain cells, improves oxygen supply to them, which makes it possible to restore cognitive abilities in the shortest possible time.
  • With diabetic polyneuropathy. In addition to the regenerating action of Actovegin, an insulin-like effect was noted, due to which the serious problem of insulin resistance in diabetics is solved. The drug eliminates many symptoms of polyneuropathy: burning, itching, loss of sensitivity. Along with this, it helps prevent such dangerous complications of diabetes as "diabetic foot" and diabetic encephalopathy.
  • The drug is used for peripheral obliterating diseases of the arteries of the lower extremities, increasing the distance of painless walking in such patients. Actovegin also reduces the manifestations of chronic venous insufficiency such as swelling, pain, feeling of heaviness in the legs. The wound healing effects of the drug find its application in the development of ulcerative defects in these diseases.

In what cases is Actovegin prohibited?

"Actovegin is prohibited" only in one case - when it is used not for indications for use. Therefore, it is very important to consult a specialist before starting treatment.

Simultaneous reception of "Actovegin" with other drugs is also not prohibited, however, this issue (in order for the treatment to be as effective as possible) must be resolved together with the doctor

Remember: "Actovegin" is not a placebo, but a serious medical preparation that allows you to fight serious diseases and their complications. Thanks to him, it is possible to avoid the disability of patients, improve the quality of life of the elderly, and shorten the recovery period after strokes and injuries. The main thing is to start treatment on time, adhere to the instructions, and then the success of the therapy will be guaranteed.

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