Slim For Weight Loss - Types Of Products, Their Benefits And Applications

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Slim For Weight Loss - Types Of Products, Their Benefits And Applications
Slim For Weight Loss - Types Of Products, Their Benefits And Applications

Video: Slim For Weight Loss - Types Of Products, Their Benefits And Applications

Video: Slim For Weight Loss - Types Of Products, Their Benefits And Applications
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Slim for weight loss

Slim - translated from English means graceful, thin, slender.

The mechanism of action of the slim complex for weight loss
The mechanism of action of the slim complex for weight loss

That is why this word is often found in the names of many manufacturers of products for weight loss and body modeling, as well as in the names of the drugs themselves.

Only with a cursory glance at the products and services for weight loss, the name of which uses "Slim", it turns out that there are:

  • Slim Slippers
  • Slimming underwear SLIM;
  • Green coffee for weight loss slim coffee;
  • Slim Patch Slimming Patch
  • Body Slim complex for weight loss;
  • Thai massage for slimming Slim body;
  • System Bios Life Slim weight loss without diets;
  • A-Slim for weight loss, capsules;
  • Various teas for weight loss Slim Tea;
  • Orsoten Slim for weight loss in capsules;
  • "Doctor Slim" instant slimming dishes;
  • Solstic slim energy drink for weight loss;
  • Doppelgerz Beauty Slim complex for weight loss.

The problem of overweight in the civilized world is gaining the scale of a pandemic, this is mainly due to the regime and quality of nutrition, a massive sedentary lifestyle, and an increase in the general level of stress disorders in society.

Therefore, naturally, there is a great demand for services and drugs, especially those that guarantee getting rid of fat accumulations without much effort. And since, according to the laws of economics, it is the supply that determines the demand, a certain market of goods and services has formed in the world that help in the fight against obesity. Research institutes and laboratories equipped with the latest equipment are working on filling it all over the world. New drugs are being developed and ancient manuscripts are being deciphered, new active chemical compounds are synthesized and the properties of long-known natural materials are being studied. In huge industrial complexes and small handicraft factories, manufacturers of products recommended for solving problems with excess weight work. At the same time, products are especially popular, therefore, in demand,in the instructions to which it is reported that no additional efforts on the part of the client are required for effective weight loss.

The main task of a particular end consumer is to understand all this diversity and try to choose the most suitable product for themselves, taking into account the state of health, the amount of excess weight, household, social and financial capabilities. Let's take a look at some of the proposed weight loss drugs that use the definition Slim in their name to guarantee slimness and elegance.

Body Slim complex for weight loss

Biologically active additive (BAA), according to the manufacturer, developed exclusively on the basis of natural ingredients, acting as follows:

  • Contributing to the enhanced splitting of fat accumulations, with their subsequent removal from the body;
  • Prevent the deposition of lipids in the subcutaneous fat layer;
  • Activating the removal of waste from the body of vital processes - slags and toxins;
  • They have not only a mild laxative effect, but also a weak diuretic effect.

According to the instructions, the intake of the Body Slim complex for weight loss further improves mental activity and increases physical endurance due to the general healing effect on the body. All this is due to the presence in the composition of the drug:

  • L-carnitine, which promotes rapid weight loss;
  • Gotu kola herb extract, which accelerates the breakdown of fats and reduces appetite;
  • Extract of brown seaweed fucus, which stabilizes metabolic processes, normalizes the water-salt balance and increases the volume of food entering the stomach, without increasing calorie content, due to the high content of alginates, an analogue of microcrystalline cellulose;
  • Indian creeper anthem, which reduces the absorption capacity of the gastrointestinal tract, especially in relation to high-calorie carbohydrates.

Contraindication to the use of this dietary supplement is an individual intolerance to the components of the drug, pregnancy and lactation.

Slim Patch for weight loss

The American company Beauty Style Inc, well-known in the market for health products, has developed a special Slim Patch for weight loss using new technologies of transdermal penetration to lose weight.

The patch manufacturers claim that its use does not require any patient participation, except for sticking the patch according to the instructions and observing the recommended time of its use. In this case, you can not change the usual way of life and nutrition. Without special diets and training, without taking additional dietary supplements and other means for losing weight, sticking this miraculous patch on the problem area once a day and keeping it for 30 to 40 minutes, according to the instructions, in a week it is guaranteed to get real results.

In the development of a cosmetic patch for weight loss, American scientists have used the latest transdermal penetration technologies and strong active ingredients that have passed numerous tests to confirm their effectiveness. The uniqueness of the action of the patch lies in the high (up to 90%) assimilation of active substances by subcutaneous fat and skin tissue.

The main active components of Slim Patch for weight loss are ginseng, cassia seeds, natural mineral powder, safflower, aloe, lotus leaves, porium mushroom, radish seeds. The presence of such a complex of components, according to the manufacturers, guarantees:

  • Reducing the volume of body fat;
  • Effective elimination of cellulite;
  • Increased skin tone;
  • Elimination of toxins and toxins from the body;
  • Decrease in body volume;
  • Elimination of edema;
  • Decreased appetite.

In the course of clinical studies conducted by American scientists, it was found that weight loss when using the Slim Patch can reach 5 kg per week.

According to reviews, Slim patch for weight loss works more effectively in combination with increased physical activity and balanced nutrition.

It should also be noted that along with the Slim Patch plaster from a well-known American manufacturer, you can find on the market a plaster of the same name, but produced in China, the composition of the active ingredients of which is completely different. Perhaps that is why, according to reviews, the Slim Patch made in China is less effective when applied than the American original.

The use of any Slim's drugs and techniques for weight loss is an emergency measure, akin to calling an ambulance for a patient. It is quite possible that the results will appear, but in any case they require consolidation, and for this you should adhere to a healthy lifestyle, eat rationally and get moderate physical activity every day.

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