How Dangerous Is Facial Numbness

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How Dangerous Is Facial Numbness
How Dangerous Is Facial Numbness

Video: How Dangerous Is Facial Numbness

Video: How Dangerous Is Facial Numbness
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How dangerous is facial numbness

Numbness of part of the face, tongue, and lips
Numbness of part of the face, tongue, and lips

Numbness of the face and head in a person is manifested by unpleasant tingling, sensations of "goose bumps" on the skin and, sometimes, decreased sensitivity. Symptoms such as swelling, burning, and loss of control of the facial muscles may also appear. The severity of the syndrome can vary from mild to complete paralysis of the facial area, therefore, if the face is numb for a long time, a thorough examination is required.

Causes of facial numbness

Numbness of the skin of the face can be a manifestation of diseases of the nerves or blood vessels passing in this area. If this condition spreads to other parts of the body, it is most likely due to diseases of the central nervous system. The most common causes of facial numbness are:

  • Facial nerve palsy (Bella palsy) - this disease develops as a result of a viral infection (meningitis, herpes and others), which causes inflammation of the nerve and the appearance of symptoms of numbness of the face, tongue and lips;
  • Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease in which cells in the body attack and damage nerves, resulting in destruction of the protective sheath of nerve fibers (myelin). As a result, the patient's limbs, face, neck become numb;
  • Trigeminal neuralgia - occurs due to compression or irritation of the trigeminal nerve inside or outside the skull as a result of swelling, adhesions after trauma, expansion of the cerebellar veins or arteries, inflammation in the sinuses or oral cavity. With this disease, in addition to the symptoms of facial numbness, the patient experiences severe pain around the nose, eyes and ears;
  • Stroke - during the rupture and blockage of blood vessels, the flow of oxygen to the brain slows down, so a person with a stroke has a tingling sensation in the face and his numbness;
  • Nerve entrapment - irritation or damage to the optic, maxillary, or mandibular nerves can also cause facial numbness.
  • Shingles - this disease, in addition to tingling and loss of sensitivity, is indicated by the appearance of a rash and itching in the face, chills, fever and headache.

Numbness of a part of the face can also be caused by a deficiency of B vitamins, potassium, calcium and sodium, depression or severe stress. It is also one of the side effects of certain medications and a symptom of a transient ischemic attack. Sometimes the facial skin becomes numb before migraine attacks, panic attacks, hyperventilation, or simply as a result of an uncomfortable head position for a long time, for example, while sleeping.


Symptoms of facial numbness are an indication for careful examination. At the same time, the condition of the trigeminal nerve is assessed, an X-ray of the base of the skull, nasopharynx and the internal auditory opening, CT or MRI of the posterior cranial fossa, ultrasound examination of the vessels are performed. As additional studies, they may also prescribe serological tests for syphilis and labial puncture to detect an increase in the level of protein and IgG or cytosis in the cerebrospinal fluid. To establish whether there is damage to the optic and facial nerves, conduct a study of stem reflexes using EMG.

In case of an unclear diagnosis, the patient is referred for a consultation with an otolaryngologist to examine the posterior parts of the nasal cavity. If, as a result of the studies, pathologies are not identified, the diagnosis of idiopathic neuropathy of the trigeminal nerve is made by exclusion. The complete cure of the patient may take several months or even years, while the therapy is under the supervision of a doctor.

How to get rid of facial numbness

If numbness of a part of the face has occurred due to a prolonged stay of the body in an uncomfortable position, treatment is not required. After changing the position, this state goes away on its own; to speed up the process, you can rub the skin in this area with light movements.

Urgent medical attention is required if, in addition to the face, the limbs become numb so that a person cannot move his fingers, and also if this condition is accompanied by weakness or dizziness. Among the alarming symptoms, in addition, involuntary emptying of the bladder or intestines, loss of the ability to speak and move. If numbness is the result of back, neck or head injury, immediate medical attention is needed.

Sometimes this condition appears after dental procedures, and if it does not disappear after a while on its own, you should contact your dentist. If numbness of the face is caused by vitamin deficiency, treatment is prescribed to replenish the vitamin deficiency. In this case, the doctor should determine the regimen for taking drugs.

Why is face numbness
Why is face numbness

In situations where the feeling of numbness is caused by severe multiple sclerosis, the patient is prescribed a course of corticosteroids and B vitamins. Sometimes this manifestation is associated with certain external conditions, such as air temperature. In this case, you should, if possible, avoid exposure to adverse factors. Massage, acupuncture, yoga or meditation can have some effect.

With neuralgia of the facial nerve, unpleasant symptoms are relieved with the help of pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs, while the treatment is prescribed individually. Usually, treatment of neuralgia of the facial nerves is carried out using prednisolone, and a course of special gymnastics for the face is also prescribed. In some cases, you can relieve pain and numbness of the face by rubbing the skin on the affected area with an alcohol solution.

Prevention of this condition consists in a careful attitude to health: it is necessary to avoid drafts and hypothermia, timely treat chronic diseases, and regularly take vitamin and mineral complexes.

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