Pregnancy After Medical Abortion

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Pregnancy After Medical Abortion
Pregnancy After Medical Abortion

Video: Pregnancy After Medical Abortion

Video: Pregnancy After Medical Abortion
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Pregnancy after medical abortion

Interruption of pregnancy at the initial stage with the help of antigestagenic drugs that suppress the effect of the main pregnancy hormone progesterone is called medical abortion.

When can you get pregnant after a medical abortion?
When can you get pregnant after a medical abortion?

Despite the fact that this method is considered the most gentle for the female body, there are certain difficulties in pregnancy after medical abortion and carrying a healthy child.

The special substance mifepristone, contained in drugs for medical abortion, promotes exfoliation of the embryonic membranes from the walls of the uterus, killing the embryo. After a certain time, drugs are taken containing prostaglandins, which enhance the work of the uterine muscles and push the ovum out of the uterine cavity. Medical abortion, according to statistics, in 95-98% ends in abortion. But after a medical abortion, you can get pregnant faster because:

  • The method does not involve surgical intervention, and the walls of the uterus are not injured;
  • Menstrual function is restored within a calendar period, or rather 28-30 days after the procedure;
  • Interruption is used in the early stages, when significant hormonal changes have not yet occurred in the woman's body.

Each female body is individual, and the rate of restoration of hormonal levels disturbed by artificial intervention affects the likelihood of becoming pregnant after medical abortion. Some women can get pregnant almost immediately, while others take a year to several years. The main thing to remember is that it is necessary to allow the body to recover and thoroughly protect itself for six months. After such rest and recovery, the likelihood of a normal course of the next pregnancy will increase significantly.

Unplanned pregnancy after medical abortion

In the event of an unplanned conception soon after a medical abortion, you should immediately contact your doctor and undergo a full medical examination. Occasionally, long-term observation in a hospital setting may be required in order to maintain the pregnancy.

Complications and risks of pregnancy within a short time after the procedure of medical abortion:

  • The occurrence of an ectopic pregnancy;
  • Risk of miscarriage;
  • Low placentation;
  • Various fetal malformations, a delay in its development;
  • Rh sensitization, if a woman has a negative Rh factor;
  • Fading of the ovum.

Such risks are associated with the fact that the mother's body is weakened, and is not able to provide everything necessary for the growth and development of the fetus. An early visit to the gynecologist in case of such a pregnancy is also necessary in order to identify an ectopic pregnancy if the ovum is fixed outside the uterine cavity.

Successful pregnancy planning after medical abortion

In order to get pregnant after a medical abortion with a minimal risk of complications for the unborn child and the mother's health, the following recommendations must be followed:

  • Within six months, use reliable methods of contraception, after this period, the woman needs to undergo a full medical examination together with the future father of the child. It is especially important to focus on the analysis of hormonal levels and the identification of urogenital infections, which are often the result of medical abortion;
  • Adhere to a healthy lifestyle and get rid of bad habits, lose weight;
  • Heal the existing foci of chronic infections, avoid bacterial and viral seasonal infections;
  • Eat rationally, providing the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, as a result of which the production of hormones that are responsible for conception, estrogen and progesterone are normalized;
  • Try to avoid overwork and stress.

By adhering to these tips, a woman greatly increases the likelihood that a pregnancy after a medical abortion will come without problems and will proceed favorably.

Planning a pregnancy after medical abortion
Planning a pregnancy after medical abortion

Pregnancy after medical abortion is not interrupted

The probability of maintaining a pregnancy after a medical abortion is small, only 4-5%, but it exists and it is necessary to know about the consequences if a woman refuses to undergo a second abortion and decides to keep the pregnancy.

With gross medical intervention during normal pregnancy at the stage of fetal formation, the hormonal background is disturbed and there is a high probability of congenital defects of the fetus. According to medical statistics, the risk of congenital abnormalities after the use of mifepristone, if the pregnancy is not terminated and the woman refuses to use other methods of termination, is less than ten cases per thousand births. But even about such a minimal chance of a teratogenic effect of the drug, all women who are going to maintain a pregnancy after a failed medical abortion should be warned. The task of the doctor is to explain to women who decide to terminate a pregnancy with the help of pills about the need for surgical cleaning after an unsuccessful medical abortion.

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