Causes Of Abortion: Medical, Social And Psychological Factors

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Causes Of Abortion: Medical, Social And Psychological Factors
Causes Of Abortion: Medical, Social And Psychological Factors

Video: Causes Of Abortion: Medical, Social And Psychological Factors

Video: Causes Of Abortion: Medical, Social And Psychological Factors
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Abortion reasons

Social and medical reasons for abortion
Social and medical reasons for abortion

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy that occurs at a certain time. What reasons for abortion can exist that push women to take this serious step?

So, if a potential expectant mother, for any reason, desires, personal preferences, material circumstances, social reasons for an abortion, nevertheless decided to terminate the pregnancy, then it is advisable to contact the attending gynecologist immediately after confirming the pregnancy.

Of course, compelling reasons for an abortion are needed, and it should be done in a specialized clinic with proper observance of sanitary standards, under the guidance of an experienced specialist, which will significantly reduce the likelihood of developing various complications.

Reasons for Abortion: The Letter of the Law

According to the legislation of our country, every woman can terminate a pregnancy at will, starting from the 2nd week of the term and up to the 12th week.

Undoubtedly, the sooner a woman is determined, the better. So, at 4-7 weeks of pregnancy, it is preferable to have a medical abortion. At a later date, a vacuum abortion is possible at the request of the woman or for medical reasons.

The main medical reasons for abortion at such an early stage are various infectious diseases of the mother that can affect the development of the child (rubella, for example).

From 12 to 22 weeks of pregnancy, abortions in our country are allowed solely for medical reasons, which include:

  • Severe heart disease (angina pectoris, atherosclerosis, chronic hypertension, heart disease);
  • Violation of the structure and circulation of blood, liver;
  • Active form of tuberculosis;
  • Kidney stone, cholelithiasis, pyelonephritis;
  • Duodenal ulcer and stomach ulcer;
  • Malignant or benign tumor;
  • Various pathologies of the nervous system;
  • Diseases of the sense organs;
  • Genetically determined diseases of metabolism, blood, mental system, etc.;
  • Syphilis is contagious.

The allowed reasons for abortions at such a late date can also include the presence of disability, blindness, deafness in the mother, which will prevent her from fully raising and providing for the child.

Causes of spontaneous abortion

All abortions can be divided into spontaneous and induced. Spontaneous abortion is popularly called a miscarriage, when the termination of pregnancy occurs without the intervention of a surgeon or medications.

The most common causes of spontaneous abortion include various pathologies of the woman's body that are incompatible with pregnancy:

  • Dysfunction of the kidneys, cardiovascular system, urinary tract;
  • Various chronic diseases (syphilis, toxoplasmosis, tuberculosis, etc.);
  • Endocrine disorders, hormonal disruptions;
  • Chronic poisoning of a woman with mercury, gasoline, alcohol, nicotine, manganese, etc.;
  • Acute infections (malaria, rubella, typhus, pneumonia, flu);
  • Incompatibility of the blood of the mother and the fetus (in particular, when the mother has blood with a negative Rh factor, and the child inherits a positive Rh factor from the father);
  • Avitaminosis (in particular, a deficiency of such vital vitamins as A and E);
  • Various chromosomal abnormalities;
  • Good or malignant tumors in a woman.

A miscarriage can be recognized by aching pains in the lower abdomen and lower back. If bleeding from the vagina begins, then an ambulance must be called urgently. If appropriate measures are taken in time, then there is a real chance to stop spontaneous abortion. In this case, the patient is shown complete rest, a complex of vitamins and various hormonal preparations that support pregnancy.

Material, psychological and social causes of abortion

As you can see from everything written above, there are many medical reasons for abortion. Nevertheless, those parents who dream of a child often continue to fight for his life even at the stage of intrauterine development. And those to whom God gave a healthy and full-fledged child often simply do not want to have one and in any case will find the reason for the abortion and justify it.

It also happens that married couples, where the spouses sincerely love each other, still resort to abortion, explaining this by their unstable financial situation, the unwillingness of their potential baby to the same penniless and joyless future.

What can be the reasons for a spontaneous abortion
What can be the reasons for a spontaneous abortion

Often, women who have already given birth to one child, soon becoming pregnant, have an abortion, since they are not able to handle two children. Unfortunately, in modern realities this is not uncommon. Young mothers are eager to end breastfeeding as soon as possible and start earning money somewhere in order to help their spouse a little to feed the family.

The social reasons for abortions include the inappropriate age for childbirth, poor financial situation, the woman's intention to make a career or get an education, the absence of any relationship with the biological father of the unborn child, the presence and number of other children, emotional instability, relationships with parents, religious beliefs.

In modern times, an elementary ignorance of the rules of contraception often becomes the reason for abortion. The social causes of abortion can also include pregnancy due to rape or incest.

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