Three-day Diets - Rice, Kefir, Apple

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Three-day Diets - Rice, Kefir, Apple
Three-day Diets - Rice, Kefir, Apple

Video: Three-day Diets - Rice, Kefir, Apple

Video: Three-day Diets - Rice, Kefir, Apple
Video: Rice diet for weight loss and for cleansing. For 3 days and 7 days 2023, May

Three-day diets

Whole brown rice is best for the 3-day rice diet
Whole brown rice is best for the 3-day rice diet

Three-day weight loss diets are considered the most effective of all types of diets. Three-day diets help to remove excess fluid from the body and activate metabolic processes. But the diet must be alternated with the next four days of the usual diet. Only with such an alternation, special metabolic processes will start in the human body, and fat cells will be split. Reviews of three-day diets say that this type of diet makes it easy to lose a few pounds, especially when combined with outdoor games and exercise.

Three-day rice diet

The 3 Day Rice Diet is a pretty tough diet. To carry out the diet, you need to boil a glass of rice (without salt and spices), then divide it into several small portions. All servings of rice should be eaten during the day. Rice can be washed down with orange or apple juice. For this type of diet, it is best to choose whole brown rice. Whole brown rice contains a significant amount of protein, iron compounds, potassium. If whole brown rice is not available, regular rice can be used. You can add dried wheat bran to regular rice in a ratio of three to one.

Rice should be soaked in water before cooking. If you soak the rice before boiling, then the component that forms mucus in the body will be washed out of it. The rice will become porous when soaked. When ingested, porous rice perfectly absorbs excess bile, mucus, cholesterol, pathogenic microorganisms.

A three-day rice diet is quite stressful for the body. It cannot be observed beyond the established time limit. It is recommended to repeat this diet no more than twice a month. The three-day diet should not be used during adolescence, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

During the period of such a three-day diet for weight loss, it is allowed to use water in unlimited quantities. Rice can be eaten at any time of the day. The day before and immediately after the three-day diet, it is necessary to add white poultry meat and a large amount of vegetables to the diet.

If such a diet for someone seems too tough, then you can limit yourself to one rice fasting day. The course is allowed no more than twice a year.

Apple Three Day Weight Loss Diet

Low-calorie apple foods can be eaten during the 3-day apple diet
Low-calorie apple foods can be eaten during the 3-day apple diet

Apples contain all mineral components, pectins and vitamins necessary for the human body. Nutritionists have developed many varieties of the apple diet. Reviews of the apple three-day diet are promising. With the help of such a diet for three days, you can get rid of four to five kilograms of excess weight. The three-day apple diet helps not only to reduce weight, but also to cleanse the body, normalize metabolism, and reduce blood pressure. That being said, this diet is not too strict.

During the diet, you can eat low-calorie foods in combination with apples. For breakfast, you need to eat about one hundred grams of low-fat cottage cheese. For lunch, you should limit yourself to rye croutons and a small apple. For lunch, you can boil about one hundred grams of fish and make a fruit salad from one orange and an apple. For an afternoon snack, you can eat one hundred grams of low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese and one apple. For dinner, it is advisable to eat several pieces of hard cheese and one apple. During the three-day apple diet, you can drink herbal decoctions, water, dried fruit compote, freshly squeezed apple juice.

Nutritionists, in reviews of the three-day diet, write that it will be useful for various diseases of the digestive tract, liver and gallbladder. But at the same time, one must take into account the variety of apples. With gastritis, sour varieties are contraindicated, and with ulcers, you should not get carried away with sweet apples. In chronic kidney disease, apples should be baked in the oven with 100-150 grams of sugar and consumed evenly throughout the day. Baked apples contain a lot of pectin. Pectin removes excess fluid from the body, helping relieve pain, swelling, and inflammation.

For a three-day apple juice diet, you should eat two glasses of freshly made sweet apple juice. In order to additionally remove sand and stones from the kidneys with such a diet, it can be slightly changed. In the first two days, you need to drink juice according to the usual scheme, and on the third day, thirty minutes after the morning juice intake, you need to drink about half a glass of olive oil, and then drink it with a glass of diluted juice. During such a three-day diet, it is allowed to drink non-carbonated water in unlimited quantities.

The apple three-day diet should not be used for individual intolerance to apples.

Kefir three-day diet

Kefir diet is the most popular diet to help you get rid of extra pounds. Kefir is a natural source of calcium. Calcium is found in kefir in a bioavailable form, which means it is completely absorbed by the human body. Kefir is a source of B vitamins. It has a beneficial effect on the body's immune system, nails, hair, skin, metabolism. Daily use of kefir helps to get rid of many potential diseases. Kefir three-day diet allows you to lose up to three kilograms of excess weight.

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