Noofen - Instructions For Use, Indications, Contraindications, Reviews

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Noofen - Instructions For Use, Indications, Contraindications, Reviews
Noofen - Instructions For Use, Indications, Contraindications, Reviews

Video: Noofen - Instructions For Use, Indications, Contraindications, Reviews

Video: Noofen - Instructions For Use, Indications, Contraindications, Reviews
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Instructions for use:

  1. 1. Pharmacological action
  2. 2. Release form
  3. 3. Indications for use
  1. 4. Contraindications
  2. 5. Instructions for use
  3. 6. Side effects

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Noofen is a drug that stimulates the nervous system.

pharmachologic effect

Noofen - stimulates mental, physical activity, improves memory.

The use of Noofen eliminates feelings of fear and anxiety, psycho-emotional stress, irritability, and helps to improve sleep.

In patients suffering from asthenia and those who are emotionally labile, from the first days of taking Noofen, an improvement is noted: initiative and interest appear, a desire to engage in vigorous activity. At the same time, it is noted that the drug does not have an exciting or sedative effect.

In addition, there are reviews about Noofen, that it removes heaviness in the head, relieves headaches.

In patients who have suffered a head injury, after the use of Noofen, an improvement in bioenergetic processes in the brain is noted.

Release form

Noofen is released in tablets.

Indications for Noofen's use

According to the instructions, Noofen is prescribed for asthenia, neurosis, to eliminate anxiety-neurotic states, treat psychopathy, sleep disorders in the elderly, pathological menopause, Meniere's disease, disorders in the functioning of the vestibular apparatus, osteochondrosis in women (in complex therapy), with traumatic brain injuries, cognitive disorders, memory impairments.

Noofen tablets
Noofen tablets

It is allowed to use Noofen for children, for the treatment of nervous disorders and associated tics, stuttering, urinary incontinence.

Good reviews about Noofen used to treat alcoholism and withdrawal symptoms.


The drug is not prescribed for acute renal failure, phenylketonuria, during pregnancy, lactation, with hypersensitivity to the drug.

Noofen is prescribed with caution for gastrointestinal pathologies - the drug has an irritating effect.

Instructions for the use of Noofen

Noofen, according to the instructions, is prescribed for adults to take 3 rubles / day at 0.25-0.5 g. The maximum allowable dosage is 0.75 g at a time, for patients after 60 liters - 0.5 g.

Noofen for children is prescribed by age: children 3-4 g are given 0.1 g two r / day; children 5-6 liters - 0.1 g two or three r / day; children 7-10l - 0.1g three or four r / day; children 11-14 years old - 0.2 g two or three r / day. Noofen can be given to children over 14 liters in the same way as adults.

The maximum permissible single dosage of Noofen for children 3-6 liters is 0.1 g; for children 7-10l - 0.2g; children 11-14 years old - 0.3 g.

When combining Noofen with other psychotropic drugs, its dosage should be reduced.

For the treatment of alcoholism, withdrawal symptoms, the drug is taken during the day at 0.25-0.3 g of the drug three times a day and another 0.75 g at night. After several days of therapy, the patient can be transferred to the standard dosage.

To relieve or reduce dizziness in Meniere's syndrome, otogenic labyrinthitis and other disorders of the vestibular apparatus, Noofen is taken at 0.75 g three times per day for a week and then switched to three pills of 0.25-0.5 g. The therapy lasts one more week, after which the drug is taken one p / day at 0.25 g for five days. If the disease is mild, you can apply the following therapeutic regimen: take 0.25 g two times per day for 7 days, after 0.25 g one time per day for 7-10 days.

In cases where vestibular pathologies are caused by trauma or vascular disorders, Noofen is prescribed to take 3p / day at 0.25g for 12 days.

Good reviews about Noofen, its use for seasickness or air sickness. To prevent their manifestations, 0.25-0.5 g of the drug should be taken one hour before the trip. It should be noted that if motion sickness or air sickness manifested itself, vomiting or profuse salivation began, the use of Noofen is ineffective.

For the treatment of osteochondrosis of the cervical or thoracic spine in women and pathological menopause, Noofen is prescribed to take in a daily dosage of 0.75 g, which are divided into three doses. The treatment lasts two weeks, after which they switch to a two-time administration of the drug –0.5 g / day. In this amount, Noofen is taken for another two weeks. If the pain syndrome is mild, the drug can be taken at 0.5 g / day in two doses.

Side effects

After using the drug, sometimes nausea, drowsiness occurs, especially at the beginning of treatment. In most cases, these symptoms go away on their own.

With prolonged use, Noofen at a dosage of 7-14g can have a hepatotoxic effect.

In case of an overdose of the drug, nausea, renal failure, hypotension, vomiting, and drowsiness are observed. When these symptoms occur, activated charcoal is prescribed, the stomach is washed.

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Information about the drug is generalized, provided for informational purposes only and does not replace the official instructions. Self-medication is hazardous to health!

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