Mother And Stepmother Leaves - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews, Analogues

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Mother And Stepmother Leaves - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews, Analogues
Mother And Stepmother Leaves - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews, Analogues

Video: Mother And Stepmother Leaves - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews, Analogues

Video: Mother And Stepmother Leaves - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews, Analogues
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Mother and stepmother leaves

Mother and stepmother leaves: instructions for use and reviews

  1. 1. Release form and composition
  2. 2. Pharmacological properties
  3. 3. Indications for use
  4. 4. Contraindications
  5. 5. Method of application and dosage
  6. 6. Side effects
  7. 7. Overdose
  8. 8. Special instructions
  9. 9. Application during pregnancy and lactation
  10. 10. Use in childhood
  11. 11. Drug interactions
  12. 12. Analogs
  13. 13. Terms and conditions of storage
  14. 14. Terms of dispensing from pharmacies
  15. 15. Reviews
  16. 16. Price in pharmacies

Latin name: Farfarae folia

ATX code: R05CA

Active ingredient: mother-and-stepmother leaves (farfarae tussilaginis folia)

Producer: Krasnogorskleksredstva JSC (Russia), ZDOROVIE Firm (Russia), FITO-EM agro-industrial firm (Russia), Fito-Bot Firm (Russia), FITO-EM agro-industrial firm (Russia), etc.

Description and photo update: 2018-09-07

Prices in pharmacies: from 36 rubles.


Mother and stepmother leaves
Mother and stepmother leaves

Mother-and-stepmother leaves - an expectorant of herbal origin.

Release form and composition

Dosage form of the drug - crushed raw materials: pieces of green leaves of various shapes with purple, brownish-green or yellowish-green blotches, odorless; water extract has a bitter taste with a slimy sensation (in cardboard packs with an inner bag of 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60, 75 or 100 g of raw material).

The active substance in the composition of the preparation: mother-and-stepmother leaves - 100%.

Biologically active substances in the leaves of coltsfoot: flavonoids, bitterness, tannins, mucus, macro- and microelements, essential oils, and other substances.

Pharmacological properties


Infusion of coltsfoot leaves has an expectorant and weak anti-inflammatory properties. The saponins, organic acids and mucus contained in it improve the discharge of sputum and contribute to the liquefaction of viscous secretions in the upper respiratory tract.

Due to the high content of mucus, coltsfoot preparations have an enveloping effect on the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat and larynx, thereby protecting them from irritation.

Indications for use

According to the instructions, Mother and Stepmother leaves are used to treat the following inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract, accompanied by a cough with difficult sputum:

  • bronchopneumonia;
  • tracheitis;
  • Chronical bronchitis;
  • laryngitis.


  • age under 12;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • individual intolerance to the components contained in the preparation.

Instructions for use Mother and stepmother leaves: method and dosage

The infusion prepared from the leaves is taken orally 1 hour before meals.

The recommended dose is 2-3 tbsp. spoons 2-3 times a day.

For the preparation of infusion 2 tbsp. tablespoons of crushed raw materials (approximately 10 g) are placed in an enamel bowl, pour 0.2 l of boiling water, cover with a lid and heat in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes. The resulting liquid is cooled for 45 minutes at room temperature, then filtered, and the remaining raw material is squeezed out. The volume of the prepared infusion is brought to 0.2 l by adding boiled water.

Shake the infusion before taking it.

Side effects

During the period of therapy, allergic reactions may develop.


There are no data on overdose.

special instructions

Before taking the infusion, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Application during pregnancy and lactation

The drug is contraindicated for use during pregnancy and lactation.

Pediatric use

Leaves are contraindicated for children under the age of 12 Mother and stepmothers.

Drug interactions

There is no data.


The analogues of Mother-and-Stepmother leaves are Chest collection No. 1, Chest collection No. 2, Bronchinol, Expectorant collection, Phytopectol No. 1 (chest collection No. 1), Phytopectol No. 2 (chest collection No. 2), etc.

Terms and conditions of storage

Store in a place protected from light and moisture at temperatures up to 25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life - 3 years; the ready-made infusion is stored for 2 days (no more).

Terms of dispensing from pharmacies

Available without a prescription.

Reviews about Mother and Stepmother leaves

According to reviews, Mother and Stepmother leaves are an affordable and effective preparation with a natural composition of a wide spectrum of action. Among the disadvantages, the presence of contraindications to the use of the drug is mainly mentioned.

Price for Mother and Stepmother leaves in pharmacies

The approximate price of Mother-and-Stepmother leaves (35 g per pack) - 41-65 rubles.

Mother and stepmother leaves: prices in online pharmacies

Drug name



Mother-and-stepmother leaves raw vegetable chopped 35 g 1 pc.

RUB 36


Mother-and-stepmothers leaves raw vegetable chopped 50 g 1 pc.

RUB 66


Mother and stepmother leaves 35 g

RUB 68


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