8 Weeks Pregnant - Pain, Abdomen, Fetal Size

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8 Weeks Pregnant - Pain, Abdomen, Fetal Size
8 Weeks Pregnant - Pain, Abdomen, Fetal Size

Video: 8 Weeks Pregnant - Pain, Abdomen, Fetal Size

Video: 8 Weeks Pregnant - Pain, Abdomen, Fetal Size
Video: Baby’s Development at 8th Week of Pregnancy – (Part 1) 2023, April

8 weeks pregnant

8 weeks gestation corresponds to the 6 weeks of age of the fetus
8 weeks gestation corresponds to the 6 weeks of age of the fetus

The age of the fetus at 8 weeks of gestation is 6 weeks, and the delay in the next menstruation is 4 weeks. This period is one of the critical periods, since by 8 weeks of pregnancy the placenta must finally form and take over all the life support functions of the new organism. At the same time, the embryo becomes a fetus.

Fetal changes

All the main organs and systems of the growing organism have already been established and continue to mature and differentiate. The body of the fetus acquires a characteristic embryonic position, which it will retain until the very birth. The size of the fetus at 8 weeks of gestation is about 14 - 19 mm, and the weight is 1 g.

Muscle, bone and cartilage tissues develop intensively, and the fetus develops muscle tone. The movements of the unborn baby's arms and legs are becoming more and more intense, they are clearly visible on ultrasound at 8 weeks of pregnancy, but the unborn baby is still so small that the mother does not feel his movements. The hands in their development are ahead of the legs, they are larger and more differentiated - the boundaries of the shoulder and forearm can be clearly distinguished, the phalanges of the fingers begin to appear, the fingers themselves are already separated from each other, there are no membranes between them. On the feet, the toes are still fused.

The fetus at the 8th week of gestation has little resemblance to an animal embryo, it acquires an increasingly "human" appearance. Eyelashes appear on the eyelids, the upper lip, ears and nose already protrude well. The neck stands out more clearly. In the respiratory system, the bronchial tree and the main respiratory muscle, the diaphragm, begin to appear.

The stomach of the fetus begins to produce small amounts of gastric juice, and the kidneys - urine. All the senses develop intensively:

  • Taste papillae form on the tongue;
  • The first olfactory receptors are laid in the nasal mucosa;
  • Nerve fibers form the optic nerve;
  • The skin - the organ of touch of the fetus - is still very thin and almost transparent, but the first sensitive receptors appear in it, and the sebaceous and sweat glands are also laid.

The external genitals are not formed - there is still only a tubercle in place of the perineum, and it is impossible to determine the sex of the unborn child by ultrasound at 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Changes in a woman's body at 8 weeks of gestation

The changes associated with pregnancy are becoming more and more noticeable. The uterus continues to grow at a rapid pace, although the belly at 8 weeks gestation is still not visible from under the clothes.

An increase in the uterus at 8 weeks of gestation can be noticed by an obstetrician-gynecologist with an internal examination - with bimanual palpation. When examining the cervix in the mirrors, the doctor may also notice a change in the color of the vaginal mucosa from light pink to dark pink.

The changes also concern the mental mood of a pregnant woman - she often becomes more sentimental, whiny and capricious, changes in taste preferences and appetite are characteristic. They can be exactly the opposite - increased appetite, a tendency to unusual types of food, or constant nausea and vomiting.

Fetal size at 8 weeks gestation - 14-19 mm
Fetal size at 8 weeks gestation - 14-19 mm

The breasts of a pregnant woman may become sore, and the nipples are sensitive to touch. Superficial veins can show through on the surface of the breast skin.

What to do at 8 weeks pregnant

If a woman at 8 weeks pregnant is not yet registered for pregnancy, it is worth doing it now. It is advisable to choose a doctor who will observe the entire pregnancy from start to finish. For the expectant mother, especially if this is the first birth, the obstetrician can recommend courses for pregnant women and classes on psycho-preventive preparation for the upcoming birth.

Do not delay visiting specialists and prescribed tests. In case of any health problems, they will need to be solved, given the presence of pregnancy. Certain examinations and treatments at 8 weeks of gestation can adversely affect the condition of the fetus. This is X-ray, anesthesia and anesthesia during dental treatment, etc. It is better to ask your doctor about all possible contraindications.

The uterus grows in size all the time and presses on the surrounding organs, this can provoke pain at 8 weeks of gestation. The causes of pain can be different - tension of the round ligaments of the uterus, irritation of the sciatic nerve, urinary tract infections, which are quite common during pregnancy.

Urination becomes more frequent due to the proximity of the uterus, but normally there should be no pain at 8 weeks of gestation. Symptoms of dysuria are a dangerous sign of pyelonephritis or cystitis during pregnancy.

Allocation of even a small amount of blood from the genital tract at the 8th week of pregnancy indicates a miscarriage that has begun, such a situation requires an urgent visit to a doctor.

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