Stem Cell Treatment For Liver Cirrhosis

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Stem Cell Treatment For Liver Cirrhosis
Stem Cell Treatment For Liver Cirrhosis

Video: Stem Cell Treatment For Liver Cirrhosis

Video: Stem Cell Treatment For Liver Cirrhosis
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Stem cell treatment for liver cirrhosis

Now, people with cirrhosis of the liver have hope to contain the disease and restore liver function, all thanks to stem cells. This is a unique technique aimed at restoring organ tissue.

In most cases, such treatment is practiced abroad. Special clinics are being set up to treat liver cirrhosis with stem cells. The sooner the pathology is detected and therapy is started, the more the patient has a chance of a complete recovery.

Liver cirrhosis: stem cell treatment
Liver cirrhosis: stem cell treatment

What are stem cells

These are cells that can transform into any other cells in the human body - muscles, liver, heart, and others. If, due to injury or disease, liver tissue begins to deteriorate, stem cells are replaced. Thanks to this, the work of the liver is supported, it begins to perform its functions again.

How the therapy works

Treatment of liver cirrhosis with stem cells in Germany takes place in a hospital or outpatient setting, if the patient's health allows. They are administered intravenously using a dropper. The duration of therapy is at least 5 days, depending on the stage of the disease. For best results, the course is repeated twice. There is a break of 2 months between the course.

Stem cells can also be injected through angiography, when a catheter is inserted into the femoral artery, which is then guided to the desired site. This process is monitored by a doctor through an X-ray scan. The whole manipulation takes about 1.5 hours.


No negative reactions to the introduction of stem cells have been identified, since the patient's own material taken from the patient's bone marrow is used. As a result, rejection is excluded. If there is not enough material, they resort to the services of stem banks.

If cirrhosis is caused by viral hepatitis, antiviral agents are prescribed in conjunction with the introduction of stem cells. In this case, therapy is more effective. With a single transplant, a positive response is observed in almost 70% of cases (up to 80% in the treatment of cirrhosis at the initial stage). With decompensated cirrhosis, a positive response occurs in 40% of patients. The condition improves by about 10 days.

Thanks to this procedure, you can safely wait for a liver transplant, and in some cases, after treatment with stem cells, it is not required, since the condition of the organ is significantly improved. The likelihood of bleeding, dropsy of the abdomen, hepatic encephalopathy is reduced. There were cases (about 21%) that it was possible not only to stop the development of the disease, but also to reverse it.

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