Anti-cellulite Massager

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Anti-cellulite Massager
Anti-cellulite Massager

Video: Anti-cellulite Massager

Video: Anti-cellulite Massager
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Anti-cellulite massager

Anti-cellulite massager is a special portable device that allows you to do anti-cellulite massage more effectively.

How to choose an anti-cellulite massager
How to choose an anti-cellulite massager

Devices of this kind can be used both in beauty salons and at home.

Classification of anti-cellulite massagers

Today, all anti-cellulite massagers can be classified by type, based on the following principles:

  • By the way of work - manual, electric;
  • By the principle of operation - vacuum, mechanical, vibration;
  • In appearance - roller, needle.

Electrical devices, as more complex ones, often have several working attachments and combine several types of massagers, for example, a vacuum roller or vibration needle. Electric anti-cellulite massagers, according to reviews, are more effective in combating fatty deposits than manual ones. Due to the infrared radiation and the temperature difference, their effect can be compared in efficiency with sports training.

The advantage of manual massagers is their price, it is much lower than the cost of similar electric devices.

Massage with anti-cellulite vacuum massagers

Vacuum massage for cellulite has an active effect on soft tissues:

  • Effectively improves lymph drainage and microcirculation in tissues;
  • Increases collagen formation in the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Due to this, vacuum massage is the most popular and in demand in the fight against cellulite as a cosmetic defect.

Before performing vacuum massage, you need to make sure that there are no contraindications to it: severe heart, kidney, liver diseases, blood clotting disorders, oncological processes, skin lesions.

The choice of anti-cellulite vacuum massagers is very large, the models differ in the set of functions and equipment.

The anti-cellulite celluless massager acts as an effective anti-cellulite remedy, restoring the skin to its beauty and healthy appearance. Before use, the skin must be dried, apply a special anti-cellulite cream on it and move the device in smooth circular movements over the skin surface in problem areas.

According to the recommendations of cosmetologists, to achieve the effect a week, 3 sessions of vacuum massage for 30 - 45 minutes are enough. The principle of its action is that a vacuum is created with a special silicone nozzle, the massage effect of which is further enhanced by massage rollers (double and single).

Anti-cellulite massager celluless md is an improved version of the celluless massager. Thanks to intelligent technology and improved rollers, the massager acts on deep layers of subcutaneous fat, and more effectively copes with cellulite.

The anti-cellulite celluless md massager is distinguished by ease of use, small dimensions, well-controlled vacuum system that provides deep massage. The device is recharged from the mains.

Anti-cellulite massager - reviews and recommendations
Anti-cellulite massager - reviews and recommendations

The gezatone anti-cellulite massager is equipped with replaceable attachments, the rotation speed of which can be adjusted at will. With the help of this device, it is possible to carry out a deep massage of the thighs, buttocks, arms, legs, abdomen and even an independent back massage. Application of the gezatone anti-cellulite massager for 15 minutes improves metabolism in tissues, accelerates blood circulation, relieves muscle spasm, and eliminates cellulite fat deposits. With daily use of the massager, the tone and elasticity of the skin increases, and muscle performance is restored.

Multifunctional anti-cellulite massagers, according to experts, allow you to carry out both anti-cellulite and relaxing massage of the neck-collar zone, back, as well as anti-edema foot massage.

The use of special anti-cellulite vacuum massagers makes the procedure more effective and reduces the time of the massage.

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