Modern Parenting

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Modern Parenting
Modern Parenting

Video: Modern Parenting

Video: Modern Parenting
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Modern parenting

Methods of raising children - Litvak, Torsunov, Kushnir
Methods of raising children - Litvak, Torsunov, Kushnir

Hardly anyone would argue that modern children are very different from the children of the 90s of the last century. The modern upbringing of children goes beyond the ordinary.

Information technology, electronic media often replace books and textbooks. Children's toys more and more resemble robots from fantastic dreams, you can play them virtually.

There is a significant break in interpersonal relations in the family. But children, just like in the last century, want to be needed and loved by their parents, and parents see the future of their children in rainbow colors.

In order for the aspirations of parents to become reality, you need to stop and think about the fact that children cannot climb alone in this difficult, incredibly fast-paced life, and take an active part in modern parenting.

Modern parenting: intergenerational relationships

In order for educational work to have a tendency to success, first of all learn to respect the child. The little "prince" or "princess" deserves the same respect as your colleagues at work. Listen to their statements, do not criticize, especially since in some issues modern children are smarter than you and me.

A new approach to raising children considers all the issues of modern society.

Try to be an example to your child. Children absorb the behavior of adults, elevating it to the status of their own. Watch what games your child is playing while sitting at the computer or with friends in the yard. Help your child learn to distinguish between good friends and casual, destructive personalities. It is especially important that, on the threshold of adolescence, the child is adapted in society and can distinguish between the main facets and nuances of modern society.

Modern upbringing of children involves instilling in a child independence and initiative. Do not take care of children too zealously from minor troubles. Give them the chance to make independent decisions and be responsible for them. Allow to show and implement your initiatives, even if sometimes they end in failure, the child will feel his own worth and learn a lesson.

You can talk a lot about the methods and principles of raising modern children. Today there are many contradictory and not always adequate methods. But there is no completely bad method. Each has its own grain of truth. In addition, each method of modern parenting is based on significant research and long-term analysis of the behavior of the younger generation.

Raising children according to Torsunov

Today, among many parents and teachers, the Torsunov method for raising children is very popular. The author believes that personality is formed from the experiences of previous lives. According to his theory, there are personality categories assigned to the child by the very fact of birth. The categories are divided into four types - scientists (inclined to study and research), managers (inclined to leadership), traders and business executives (practical and wanting to get rich), artisans (practitioners). There is a fifth type - losers. These include people who did not receive a decent upbringing in childhood, whose parents were unable to help the child show their abilities.

In the method of raising children according to Torsunov, 4 ways of influencing a child are provided.

Upbringing in the first way involves cooperation between children and parents. It is based on the development of the child's individual personality with the presence of parental authority.

The second way of raising children, according to Torsunov, is education in passion. The method is encouraging, i.e. education with a material interest.

The spoiledness of children belongs to the third way of upbringing - this is upbringing in ignorance.

Impersonal upbringing, in which complete indifference is shown to the child, belongs to the fourth type.

Vedic culture considers all these options from the standpoint of the abilities that are inherent in a person at the level of past lives. At the same time, modern upbringing of children should take these abilities into account and develop them in the appropriate direction.

Obedience and further development of personality is based on the principle of listening. Hearing penetrates the mind, and he directs the psyche and will. Therefore, parents should teach the child to listen and hear. The parents' own positive example for the child is the standard.

The new approach to raising children, in fact, has the same moral foundations, but they are determined by different dogmas and formulations.

The main focus of this method is intelligent love for your child.

Raising children according to Kushnir

Asher Kushnir, a famous Russian-speaking rabbi, conducts popular video lecture courses on modern parenting. In his lectures, Kushnir encourages parents to systematically learn this process. The majority of people raise their offspring using the methods of raising their parents. Sometimes, children grow up in families where either the established methods of upbringing reign at the level of previous generations, or the upbringing process is completely absent.

Insisting on teaching parents the methods of modern parenting, Kushnir reminds that teachers learn to raise children 5 years old in higher educational institutions. Lacking basic knowledge about raising their child, parents often face various difficulties. Problems are especially acute when their child enters adolescence.

On the issue of raising children, Kushnir insists on teaching children in schools about family communication. In addition, the author of the method draws attention to the fact that the method of unconditional subordination of children to their parents is considered obsolete at the modern level of development of society. But a replacement method has not yet been developed.

Therefore, the rabbi's advice is aimed at a reasonable approach to any modern method of education. Parents should criticize and review their concept.

Kushnir considers raising children to be one of the most important problems of our time. He urges to wisely follow traditions and take into account the knowledge of modern psychology.

Litvak on raising children

Benefits of a new parenting approach
Benefits of a new parenting approach

When raising children, different methods and different approaches, at their core, still imply friendly forms.

In raising children, Litvak uses the "sperm method" developed by him. The method is based on the principle of penetration, onslaught and the ability to maneuver. When raising a child, Litvak advises to proceed from the fact that you can teach by reverse action. Litvak considers the style of suppression unacceptable. When using his method of raising children, Litvak believes that a negative process is possible at the initial stage of his method. There is no need to stop. Go ahead and you will make significant progress in raising your children.

There are many different trends in modern society. A new approach to parenting is sometimes risky. But you can listen to each method, take the best of them and use them in raising your children.

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