Slimming Patch - Principle Of Work, Types, Specificity Of Application

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Slimming Patch - Principle Of Work, Types, Specificity Of Application
Slimming Patch - Principle Of Work, Types, Specificity Of Application

Video: Slimming Patch - Principle Of Work, Types, Specificity Of Application

Video: Slimming Patch - Principle Of Work, Types, Specificity Of Application
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Slimming patch

The result of using a slimming patch
The result of using a slimming patch

As a result of recent pharmacological developments, transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS) have begun to appear on the drug market, which are patches or films that release drugs. They are glued to the skin, through the upper layers of which (dermis), the drug is absorbed into the blood. The main advantage of TTS is the ability to use lipophilic and hydrophilic substances as drugs.

Thanks to TTS, for those who want to lose weight without effort, a wide selection of slimming patches is offered, a controversial but widely advertised technique. Manufacturers guarantee an incomparable effect from the use of transdermal patches, in the fight against excess fat accumulation, without the simultaneous use of other methods of weight loss.

How the slimming patch works

The sticky part of the transdermal patch contains biologically active substances, which, when penetrated into the body through the skin, burn fat deposits and activate the regenerating capabilities of the epidermis. Special preparations improve lymph flow, stabilize metabolic processes in the body, improving the removal of toxins and toxins, and as a result, eliminate cellulite.

The advantages of using a slimming patch in the fight against excess weight and for body shaping:

  • Convenience and ease of use. The main condition for the successful use of a slimming patch is its timely change within the time frame specified by the manufacturer. Changes in diet and calorie intake are not required, and physical activity is a desirable condition, but not mandatory;
  • The usual routine and way of life are preserved. According to reviews, a slimming plaster on the body is practically invisible, you can work with it, play sports, take a shower or a bath, visit the pool, put on tight-fitting underwear;
  • Possibility of targeted application. The range includes plasters for local use, with which you can carry out body shaping, reducing the volume in problem areas. You just need to stick the patch on the problem area and change it in a timely manner;
  • High and fast efficiency guaranteed by manufacturers. According to them, the first results will be visible within 10 days, the skin in problem areas will become smoother, and the cellulite tuberosity will noticeably decrease;
  • Strict dosage of the active substance. The manufacture of a slimming patch using TTS ensures that the substance will be delivered only in the concentration necessary to break down excess body fat. If the instructions are followed, an overdose is excluded.

According to reviews, the slimming patch should be used continuously, for at least 20 days (the exact period is indicated in the instructions), only then there will be a tangible effect from using such a technique to combat fat accumulation. To consolidate the achieved results, the course of treatment should be repeated two to three times a year.

Chinese Slimming Patches

The principle of action of all patches is the same, active substances penetrating into the skin help to remove excess fluid and trigger the mechanism of fat burning. Different manufacturers use different ingredients to achieve this effect.

Consider the brief characteristics of the most famous Chinese slimming patches:

  • Soso Slimming Patch - Main ingredients: Pennsylvania sedge and violet root. The patch is designed to dehydrate the fat layer, resulting in a decrease in the size of the hips and waist. Recommended as a means for the cosmetic reduction of cellulite accumulations, as well as for increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Soso slimming plaster should be glued to the previously cleaned dry skin in the navel area, but not lower than 5 cm from it;
  • Slim patch - main ingredients: tree resin extract, sesame seeds, cassia seeds, hawthorn fruit, natural essential oils. It is used to activate metabolic processes in tissues, breakdown of fat cells, dehydration of the subcutaneous fat layer, helps to reduce appetite. Restores elasticity and firmness of the skin, improving its appearance, due to the absorption of active components by the epidermis. The slim patch should be used every day, glued before going to bed on the thoroughly cleansed skin of the abdomen in the navel area or on the thighs, the use time is 3 hours. Side effects when using the patch - mild abdominal pain, mild itching or mild general weakness - are considered normal and do not threaten the general state of health;
  • Slimming patch flat tummy, manufacturer Lusero - main components: finger-dissected kelp, Chinese camellia, hydrogel. A plaster has been developed for targeted dehydration and removal of excess fat deposits from the most problematic area - the abdomen. The plaster components accelerate metabolic processes, remove fat, extract extracellular fluid accumulating in the deep layers of the epidermis, and reduce weight. A slimming patch for a flat tummy should be glued daily in the abdomen, 1-2 patches on clean, dry skin, the exposure time of the patch is 2 hours. Do not exceed the recommended duration of the course of treatment - one month.

The specifics of using slimming patches

The skin at the places where the patches are applied must be healthy, intact, without allergic rashes. You should not glue the patches on the mucous membranes, in the chest area, and in areas of abundant hair.

A minor allergic reaction is considered a normal side effect, but if the manifestations of the allergy cause significant discomfort, it is better to contact a medical institution and be sure to provide instructions for the patch used.

Can You Trust Chinese Slimming Patches
Can You Trust Chinese Slimming Patches

General contraindications for the use of all slimming patches:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Lactation period;
  • Kidney disease;
  • Diabetes;
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland;
  • Rehabilitation after chemotherapy;
  • Allergy tendency;
  • Children under 12 years old.

Excess body fat can be roughly divided into external and internal fats. The outer ones are deposited under the skin, while the inner ones envelop the liver, kidneys, intestines, and heart. Slimming patches are not able to remove deep fat deposits.

In the composition of all patches for weight loss, in addition to the advertised components, there are various chemicals, mainly antiseptics and preservatives, which are often used in the cosmetic industry. Unfortunately, not all of them are completely safe.

According to reviews, the slimming patch is effective with excess weight of no more than 5-10 kg, an active lifestyle will be a mandatory additional condition for successfully getting rid of excess fat. If, at the same time, you adhere to the rules of a balanced diet, the effect of using a slimming patch is guaranteed.

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