Madder Dye Extract - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews

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Madder Dye Extract - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews
Madder Dye Extract - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews

Video: Madder Dye Extract - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews

Video: Madder Dye Extract - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews
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Madder's dye extract

Madder dye extract: instructions for use and reviews

  1. 1. Release form and composition
  2. 2. Pharmacological properties
  3. 3. Indications for use
  4. 4. Contraindications
  5. 5. Method of application and dosage
  6. 6. Side effects
  7. 7. Overdose
  8. 8. Special instructions
  9. 9. Application during pregnancy and lactation
  1. 10. Use in childhood
  2. 11. In case of impaired renal function
  3. 12. Drug interactions
  4. 13. Analogs
  5. 14. Terms and conditions of storage
  6. 15. Terms of dispensing from pharmacies
  7. 16. Reviews
  8. 17. Price in pharmacies

Latin name: Rubiae tinctorum extract

ATX code: G04BC

Active ingredient: madder dyeing rhizomes with roots extract (rubiae tinctori rhizomatum cum radicibus extract)

Producer: Pharmcenter VILAR (Russia), VIFITECH (Russia)

Description and photo update: 2018-26-10

Prices in pharmacies: from 50 rubles.


Marena tablets dye extract
Marena tablets dye extract

Madder dye extract is an antispasmodic herbal preparation with diuretic and litholytic action.

Release form and composition

The phytopreparation is produced in the form of tablets: flat-cylindrical, round, with a risk on one side and a chamfer on both sides, or biconvex, round, with a risk (depending on the manufacturer), from pale brown to dark brown, with lighter and / or darker blotches, with a possible pink or reddish tint (10 pcs. in a blister contour packaging, in a cardboard box 1, 2 or 3 packs; 30 pcs. in an orange glass jar or 20 pcs. in a blister contour packaging, in pack of cardboard 1 can or 1 package).

Composition of 1 tablet:

  • active substance: extract of rhizomes with madder roots - 250 mg;
  • additional components: potato starch, calcium stearate, lactose (milk sugar); talc or silicon dioxide colloidal (aerosil A-380) and croscarmellose sodium (depending on the manufacturer).

Pharmacological properties


Madder dye extract is an antispasmodic agent, the active ingredient of which is dry extract of madder dye obtained from the roots and rhizomes of Rubia tinctorum L. (madder dye) and its Georgian variety Rubia tinctorum L. var.iberica Fisch. Ex DC. (R.iberica Fisch. Ex DC.) Koch of the madder family - Rubiaceae.

The extract is characterized by antispasmodic and diuretic properties. The drug promotes loosening and softening of urinary calculi, which include magnesium and calcium phosphates. Their removal from the kidneys and urinary tract occurs by reducing the tone of smooth muscles, followed by an increase in its peristalsis. As a result of the effect of the herbal remedy, the urine is acidified and the severity of the pain syndrome decreases, the general condition of the patient improves with nephrourolithiasis.


According to the provisions of the International Convention (EMEAHMPWG11 / 99), a separate study of pharmacokinetic parameters is not required for clinical trials of herbal medicines.

Indications for use

According to the instructions, Marena dye extract is recommended for use against the background of urolithiasis in order to reduce spasms and facilitate the discharge of small stones and sand.

The phytopreparation is indicated for the treatment of nephrourolithiasis, if surgery is impossible or undesirable, as well as in the following cases:

  • therapy in the preoperative period;
  • prevention of relapse after surgery;
  • phosphaturia treatment.


  • stomach ulcer;
  • severe renal failure;
  • glomerulonephritis in acute and chronic form;
  • malabsorption of glucose-galactose, lactase deficiency, galactose intolerance;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • age up to 18 years;
  • hypersensitivity to the components of the product.

Instructions for the use of madder dye extract: method and dosage

The phytopreparation is taken orally. Before taking, in order to better assimilate the product, it is recommended to dissolve the tablets in 100 ml (½ cup) of warm water.

Recommended dosage: 3 times a day for 1 tablet (250 mg). If the therapeutic effect is insufficient, the dose can be increased to 2-3 tablets (500-750 mg), taken 3 times a day.

The duration of treatment can vary from 20 to 30 days; on the recommendation of a specialist, a second course is possible in 4-6 weeks.

Side effects

Allergic reactions may develop while taking Marena dye extract.

The use of the product leads to the staining of urine in a reddish color. If during therapy the urine acquires a brownish-red color, it is necessary to reduce the dose of the drug or to suspend its intake for a certain period.


In case of an overdose of drugs containing madder dyeing, pain may occur associated with the passage of calculi.

special instructions

Before starting a course of therapy, it is recommended to consult with your doctor.

Application during pregnancy and lactation

Due to the lack of information about the safety of the use of the phytopreparation during pregnancy and lactation, its use is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women.

Pediatric use

It is not recommended to take the drug for patients under 18 years of age.

With impaired renal function

In severe renal impairment and in acute and chronic glomerulonephritis, the use of the drug is contraindicated.

Drug interactions

The interaction of the drug with other drugs / agents is not described.


The analogues of Marena dye extract are Urolesan, Kanefron, Uroholesan, Blemaren, etc.

Terms and conditions of storage

Store in a place protected from moisture and out of reach of children, at a temperature not exceeding 15 ° C.

Shelf life is 2 years.

Terms of dispensing from pharmacies

Available without a prescription.

Reviews of Marena dye extract

According to numerous reviews, Marena dye extract is an effective herbal remedy used in the treatment of urolithiasis. The drug, according to the testimony of many patients who took it, loosens and helps to expel small stones and sand from the kidneys, relieves spasms in renal colic, reduces pain, improves the condition of the body as a whole.

Also, in a large number of reviews, the effectiveness of the drug in veterinary practice in the treatment of diseases of the urinary system in cats is noted.

The disadvantages include the need to take the extract 3 times a day for a long course and further repeated courses of treatment. Also, the reviews indicate that the tablets are very poorly soluble in water and have a tart and bitter taste. There are no reports of the development of undesirable phenomena.

Price for madder dye extract in pharmacies

The price of Marena dye extract in tablets 250 mg for 20 pcs. in a package can be approximately from 90 to 140 rubles.

Madder dye extract: prices in online pharmacies

Drug name



Madder dye extract 0.25 g tablets 20 pcs.

RUB 50


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